Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Spotted In BMW i8 – Video

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“Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson in petrol station reviving engine of Bmw Hybrid i8 Electric Car.”

States the video description…reviving…hmm…we’re not so sure that’s the right word.

It seems as though Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson was more or less entering the BMW i8, then he umm…revved it…we suppose.

Editor’s Note:  If Jeremy didn’t look all that graceful to you getting into the front seat of the BMW i8, then you should check out InsideEVs contributor Tom Moloughney making an attempt at getting in (and out of) the back seat earlier this year!

Clarkson Gets Ready To Rev It

Clarkson Gets Ready To Rev It

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18 responses to "Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Spotted In BMW i8 – Video"

  1. Mike says:

    Get ready for a Right Wing SMEAR.
    It’s the only thing they do well.

    1. DaveMart says:

      They like PHEVs as long as they have good performance, which is really pretty typical for a petrol heads perspective.

      1. Mike says:

        I missed that, which PHEV did they like?

        1. DaveMart says:

          I can’t remember, but it might have been a Porsche or Mclaren.

          In any case, apparently they liked this fully electric car:

          If it goes fast enough, they will end up liking it.
          The Tesla was early days for them, so they got into the no-range idea.

          1. Rob says:

            It’s the torque vectoring that they liked on the Merc.

        2. Rob says:

          It was the McLaren. He liked the fact that fro a handful of miles you could cruise along making ‘the greens’ happy, and then the thunderous engine kicks in…
          Oh, and that it was Congestion Charge free to!

    2. offib says:

      On the i8? No. On the i3, most likely, definitely because James May owns one.

      1. Rob says:

        Erm, I’d have thought the very fact that ‘one of them’ owns anything that is reason enough for the other two to hate it.

  2. Mike says:

    Who are they sponsored by? Shell?

    1. offib says:

      Yes, they sponsor Top Gear, especially for their live events. What’s worrying here is that he went to an Esso or Exxon station! Gasp!

  3. kdawg says:

    He’s at a gas station, LOL. How fitting for the i8.

  4. Anon says:

    Would he just spontaneously combust if he sat in a Model S?

  5. Robster says:

    I tried to get into one, which was a nightmare. You need special skills to do that gracefully. And I’m rather young and slender build (6ft3 though)

    1. DaveMart says:

      You were obviously wearing the wrong skirt.

      1. DaveMart says:

        As Clarkon says in his review linked below:

        ‘ All you need is to leave your short skirt at home, because climbing under the swan-wing doors and over the wide sill is a manoeuvre in which much dignity can be lost.’


      2. Robster says:

        +1, i’ll remember that for my next try

    2. Rob says:

      Ever tried getting into a Lotus Elise with the hood up when it pissing down?
      Nearly as ungraceful as getting out of the back of a Plus 2 Elan.