Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Reviews BMW i8 – “Green as a Prius, Desirable as a Ferrari”

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BMW i8 - Jeremy Clarkson approved.

BMW i8 – Jeremy Clarkson approved.

“It feels — and I have spent several minutes thinking about this — magnificent.”

BMW i8 - Rear view.

BMW i8 – Rear view.

States Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson as he reviews the BMW i8.

Clarkson talks a bit more about oil dependency and hydrogen cars, but we are going to focus on his review of the i8.

Like many reviews out there, he really seems to truly enjoy the vehicle, but even he found a few things to dislike in the i8.

Despite his objection, Clarkson But further add that its innovations, power and handling make it a marvelous vehicle, especially when one consider that a vehicle like the i8 has never been done before.

As Clarkson mentions, he and others have the mindset that hybrids are boring, not fun, etc. We could agree to disagree there, but the i8 certainly debunks that stereotype.

You turn it on, and you go, likely not hearing an engine until needed or desired (like most all plug-in hybrids).

It is fast, it handles very well and hangs right there in Porsche 911 territory. The real shocker is its fuel efficiency, as Clarkson was delighted with. Unlike a Porsche 911, the i8 gets around 25 miles of range (NEDC) on pure electric, and rating of 135 miles per gallon (UK)… No, that is not a typo.

An interesting comment from Clarkson:

“I encountered an immaculate Ferrari 275 GTS and we drove side by side for a while. My favourite Ferrari of them all and this bright new dawn, and I was wondering, “Hmmm. Which would I prefer?” The BMW is that good.”

The price is a bit higher than average, sure. About $136,000 USD.  But it seems worth it to us.  How ’bout you?

(Click here to take a look at the full report which includes a few specs)

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15 responses to "Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson Reviews BMW i8 – “Green as a Prius, Desirable as a Ferrari”"

  1. Rob Stark says:

    BMW i8 Gets EPA Rating: 15 Miles Electric Range , 76 MPGe, 28 MPG

    1. Anderlan says:

      Thank you for the real numbers, instead of the randomly generated bs we usually get with PHEVs, even from supposedly ‘inside’ wonky rags like insideevs.

      1. staff says:

        The reason the range is stated as 25 miles in the article is that as the originator of the review (Jeremy Clarkson) is doing so from the prospective as a person in the UK.

        The figures therefore used are also from the UK rating system of measurements and scale (as noted in the story).

        1. Ski says:

          Why not just use the real world numbers generated instead of the U.S. or European listed ones?

          1. Jay Cole says:

            Wouldn’t it be great if there was one standard? We’d be happy to assign universal ratings ourselves on what we feel each car can actually achieve, but doubt that would be adopted outside of our virtual 4 walls, (=

            Generally, we go with the US EPA ratings as we feel they are probably the ‘closest’ thing to measuring reality…but sometimes when there is a high-profile review using another system its problematic to quote one set of numbers when the source of the article is using another. Catch-22.

            As InsideEVs hits a global audience, it would also be a big help if the US would adopt the metric system like the rest of the world so EPA numbers were easier to digest.

            /won’t hold our breath on that one

  2. Rob Stark says:

    Plug-in Prius

    11 Miles Electric Range, 95 MPGe, 50 MPG

    1. ELROY says:

      Of course the i8 has more than double the HP of the Prius.

      1. Rob Stark says:

        The headline contradicts the obvious.

        1. ModernMarvelFan says:

          Prius is NOT same as Prius Plugin…

          i8 is AWD, Prius is NOT.

          i8’s EV mode is more than sufficient for EPA testing cycle and Prius Plugin is barely enough to “game” the EPA cycle.

  3. Stephen says:

    In UK MPG on EU cycle:
    BMW i8 135 MPG
    Prius 72 MPG
    Plug-in Prius 135 MPG
    Leaf 169 MPGe
    Volt 235 MPG
    i3 REX 471 MPG

    Interestingly EVs get an equivalent MPG, while PHEVs have a gas only rating, ignoring the electricity used.

  4. Anon says:

    It still burns petrol, so of course he likes it. :p Gotta keep his sponsor, Shell Oil, happy.

  5. EV says:

    a prius is barely green lol

  6. Bernard Gibson says:

    1.Got Plug-in PRIUS, 200+mp(UK)g(mainly local runs).FREE electricity from PV&CHP,which we’re PAID to generate(UK) 2.When are TESLA ‘S’&superchargers more available UK?3.When do we ALL get a SALT WATER FUELLED VEHICLE LIKE THE ‘Q?????’
    whatever it’s called?FROM THE OCTOGENARIANS!