Top Gear USA Style Covers EVs In A Big Way – Full Episode Video


In season 4, the fellows at Top Gear USA caught on to the fact that there are a lot of plug-in cars on the road today, and that there is a lot of people want to know more about them.  Now that full video is available to watch online.

Will The 55 MPH Land Speed Record For Reverse Be Broken?

Will The 55 MPH Land Speed Record For Reverse Be Broken?

In this episode, the US version of the popular UK show took a look at what the EV scene has to offer, with a special focus on the:

  • Fiat 500e
  • Nissan LEAF
  • Ford Focus Electric
  • and a trio of customized EVs doing the 1/4 mile
  • top speed of some EVs in reverse
  • etc., etc., etc.

The three fellows drive the EVs, with the winner of an impromptu series of challenges getting to drive the Tesla Model S.

Having first aired in 2014, we should note that some of the pricing information is a touch dated, and some of the specs/details are a little off (did you know Tesla had a pick-up truck coming soon?), and much of the commentary is Top Gear-esque – but it is still an interesting watch nonetheless.

Hat tip to Paul R!

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Why is it always pussy’s who review these cars.
Always terrified about range.

Missing engine noise? Turn on the fing radio, play your favorite rock.

You’d actually think it was hard to own an EV, what with never needing gas, and being able to plug in EVERY NIGHT in your garage.

Yes, and it is old. 2013 Tesla.

Even Model S is included right? That’s great because Top Gear Clarkson & pals seems to make a point of ignoring Model S ever since they got sued by Elon Musk for misrepresenting the facts.

Guess it’s understandable as having to stick to the facts would cramp their style, Top Gear not being a serious car show but a clown show with cars in it.

I wonder if being ignored rather than misrepresented works for or against Tesla though.

Top Gear USA is different from Top Gear the original show.

The episode where Jeremy is chased through a shopping mall by “baddies in a Corvette” and then hits beach with the Royal Marines is brilliant! Not serious car talk, but it was hilarious. The beach assault starts at 4:44.
“Look at that! The smoke grenades fit perfectly in the cup holders!”

LMAO!!! That was great!

“The windscreen is heated…but not bullet proof!”

I must confess…

I have a strange desire to see Clarkson sucking on a Tesla Model S P85D Key Fob.

This is old news.

A full 47 minute onslaught of ignorance and offensive behavior. My first and last Top Gear viewing.

You seem to be over-reacting, or you don’t understand their usual shtick. In their little competitions, they always do stupid things and make fun of each other and whatever cars they’re driving. Hating the show for that shtick is kind of like hating Don Rickles for being insulting.

On the plus side, they emphasized the gut-wrenching instant-power that EVs can deliver, they acknowledge that EVs are the future, and they pretty much loved the Tesla, which has improved tremendously since when this was filmed.

Probably an over-reaction on my part. Clearly I did not like it. To me, I saw their humor mixed with a double deviant message. This is the point where kdawg would say “Mark, have a Snickers”. I am usually “the glass is half full” guy. I guess every body gets to be dark every now and again.