Top Gear Tests Acceleration Of Tesla Model S P90DL


Tesla Model S (via Top Gear)

Tesla Model S (via Top Gear)

Test Time!

Test Time!

The Tesla Model S P90D is “super fast,” according to Top Gear, who strapped a data logger on the S and performed some acceleration runs. we surmised a while ago when we tested it.

With ‘Ludicrous’ mode engaged, here’s how the Model S performed:

Acceleration times

  • 0-10mph: 0.6
  • 0-20mph: 1.0
  • 0-30mph: 1.5
  • 0-40mph: 2.0
  • 0-50mph: 2.6
  • 0-60mph: 3.2
  • 0-70mph: 4.1
  • 0-80mph: 5.3
  • 0-90mph: 6.8
  • 0-100mph: 8.3
  • 1/4 mile: 12.1secs @ 115.2mph
  • Peak accel G: 1.39g
  • 30-70: 2.6

You’ll find video of the tests at the source link below.

Source: Top Gear

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Seems slow to me, slow for the originally posted claim by Tesla that the Ludicrous P90D would be “sub 11” seconds in the quarter and slow because two of us with upgraded P85D Ludicrous mode cars turned at and under 11.366-11.34.

“Slow” is not how I would phrase it.

Local conditions like temperature, barometric pressure, track conditions, wind, etc. all affect acceleration.

It’s semantics. It was not on a track for one thing. The top picture is off a p85D on the test track. The bottom picture is on a normal road and is the p90D with ludicrous. Note the different license plates.


Only Motor Trend claims to have eclipsed Tesla’s advertised 10.9 quarter. Others 11.2-11.3. That’s a lot closer than our shifty Top Gear guys, at 12.1. Something’s amiss.

George P., are you getting Luda? Last I heard, there’s been a delay and rumor that the process to do it to P85D is being refined, for lower labor time.

Got Ludicrous about 10 days ago. Ran 11.366 at around 87% charge.

Deleting the 200 lbs Panoramic roof saves about .2 seconds to 60.

A 140 lbs driver vs a 280 lbs driver probably shaves a tenth(s) as well.

They probably drained the battery first. Top Gear does not have a history of accurately portraying Tesla vehicle.


Look out for parachutes, 1000 lbs of gravel in the frunk and speed run attempts on sand instead of concrete.

Brought to you by Top Gear! Petrol forever!

Jeez, they should be able to get 11.7 on a bad day!

Why is it that I expected that Top Gear would get the worst numbers compared to other testers, before I even clicked on the story?

Sadly predictable.

This time of year, I would expect low road surface temps along with the ever-present moisture everywhere in the UK to reduce available traction. Then again, they might have done their runs with a low battery charge.

We are seeing how at the very limits of traction and acceleration, small factors make a lot of difference.

Many of these same factors also impact gas cars. Enough that some magazines publish adjusted performance numbers (especially for altitude) to try and remove external factors.

I never listen to anything that Top Gear says.

After the phony rigging of the Leaf and the earlier Tesla, they cannot be trusted to do anything professional, ever.

Jeremy Clarkson was an auto “entertainer” not a serious auto journalist.