Top Gear: Tesla Model X Drives 200 Miles, Wins Drag Race, Still Has Range To Spare – Video


Rory from Top Gear has a little fun in a Tesla Model X. The video is pretty informative overall, especially for those without electric car knowledge, or someone who has been misinformed.

Rory From Top Gear Driving A Tesla Model X

Rory From Top Gear Driving A Tesla Model X

He opens the video making viewers aware that electric cars are not going away, and that the vehicles that Tesla is making are not simply compliance cars.

Video Description via Top Gear:

In the first of a set of exclusive films from series 23, Rory Reid tests out the Tesla in NYC.

Does the new Tesla Model X represent the future? Rory finds out by taking the falcon-doored SUV to the States..and races it against a Dodge Challenger SRT® hellcat.

Obviously, of note is the car’s silence, huge range, instantaneous torque, and bio-weapon defense mode. Rory shows off the falcon wing doors and goes into some depth on Tesla’s Autopilot.

To further drive all of his points home, Rory goes to the drag strip to meet with the “petrol heads” and race a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. He pulls a 3.2 second zero to 60 sprint and blows away the Hellcat.

The most fascinating part is that the race followed his nearly 200 mile tour of New York State. He faced city traffic, and freeway driving, and some mixed elevations on country roads. After the race, and over 200 miles in, this mammoth SUV still has 21 miles of range to spare.

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So much fun!
It seems the EV performance envelope is growing faster than quickest factory ICE offerings. Once they clock below a 10.5 sec qTR mile, only the hyperexotics will be quicker. Although my friends stock turbo GTR runs 10.3 at 138mph! (Injectors, software, E85). Too bad you can’t just modify the Tesla and get cheap HP like the GTR. Of course the GTR isn’t too shabby on a road course either.

Maybe the GTR is still better. But the fact of the matter is, electric drivetrains are now just passing from adolescence into adulthood. The ICE is an old man who has given it all his best, and is heading for retirement…

The nurse was holding a pair of channel-lock pliers during surgery. LOL!

I thank God. Every. Day– for British Humor. 🙂

Ain’t that the usual tool in surgery?

Maybe oral surgery.

The Model X sits in a very sweet spot: safe and sure footed, but without the rollover risk, poor handling, and pudgy performance of other SUVs.

Great review. Wouldn’t expect less from Rory! Just wish people would stop using the “displaced polution” argument! It’s flawed. Lemme explain through an analogy : “Buidling schools in uneducated parts of the world is no use!” ??? It’s true! JUST building the actual school building does noone any good. Because for a school to succeed in it’s mission, it needs to be part of a system. You need to train and supply teachers. The kids need good books and desks. There needs to be a good educational curriculum and financial government or community support. There needs to be a restaurant delivering healthy and tasty food. There needs to be a culture of care, fairness and mutual respect, and the list goes on and on and on. Just like almost any other solution to a complex problem, the EV is an (essential!!) part of an entirely new transportation system, that can and will succeed by approaching the transportation and emmisions issue holisticaly. Just like the school building it forms the backbone of an entire support system. If for every ev being sold, we would ad the equivalent renewable power generation, the EV would offer an entirely emmisions free solution. We already… Read more »

Fred said:

“Just wish people would stop using the ‘displaced polution’ argument!”

Well, at least he didn’t use the “long tailpipe” argument, the EV bashers’ false claim that all an EV does is displace the same amount of pollution from the car’s tailpipe to the electric power plant.

What the narrator said is “It’s only as green as the energy you put into it.” And like it or not, that’s perfectly true.

You can power a BEV with 100% renewable energy. Or, at the dirtiest end of the spectrum, you can also power it by charging it up with a diesel generator. The important point is that with a BEV, you have a choice: You can use mostly or entirely clean energy if you live in the right region, or if you’re willing to invest in home solar power. With a gasmobile, you don’t have that choice; it’s gonna be polluting and dirty, period.

Unfortunately he said “you can’t claim the moral high ground”, when in reality you can. We have the data for all the states, and driving an EV is better in every one now. Besides that, it moves the pollution away from city centers/streets.

Come on, context is everything, he said: If you are generating the electricity buy burning rain forests and puppies then you can’t claim the moral high ground. Implied: if you aren’t, then you can.

The USA is adding renewables at a rate that supports the EVs being sold. So far we are seeing EVs only hitting nearly 1% market penetration, but already renewables are the largest source of US electricity and growing fast. I would argue that renewables are leading EVs and we need to buy more to capitalize on the renewable generation infrastructure being built today.

Renewables not the largest source yet but they are the fastest growing so I guess eventually they will be.

That should be: the largest source of new capacity. Not total capacity.

The best of this Top Gear video is that it is one long commercial for the Model X. That it turns the typical gas guzzling SUV on its head is secondary in the video. It presents the vehicle as exciting, luxurious, desired. That is what is needed to begin to sell it in droves, and so replace the gas guzzlers.

This must be some sort of karma recovery after the earlier Top Gear coverage of the roadster.


But the new Top Gear show is such a lame show now…

Nicely balanced review.