Top Gear Series 22: Episode 4 Features BMW i8 – Trailer Video


“If last Sunday’s episode was all about the ambulances, this Sunday’s effort – the fourth of the new series, no less – is all about, well, the cars.

As you’ll see from this official trailer, Episode 4 features such luminaries as BMW’s i8 super-hybrid, the Merc-AMG GT, the new M3 and, of course, an old Land Rover on the side of a very steep dam.”

Above is the video trailer for the upcoming Top Gear episode in which the BMW i8 will be featured.

Here are some additional details on Season: 22 | Episode: 4 of Top Gear.

Season: 22 | Episode: 4 | Original Air Date: 16 February, 2015

Jeremy Clarkson tests the new BMW M4 at the track before switching to another BMW, the space-age, hybrid powered i8, for a revealing trip up to town of Whitby on the Yorkshire coast.

When he gets there, Clarkson must decide which of the two he would rather take for the drive home. Richard Hammond pays tribute to a 4×4 that has been in production for 66 years with a heart-stopping attempt to drive one straight up the side of a dam.

Meanwhile, James May makes a rare trip to the Top Gear track to test the brand new, 500 horsepower Mercedes-AMG GT. On top of all that, the stars in the Reasonably Priced Car are actress Margot Robbie (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Hollywood superstar Will Smith.

BMW i8 Featured On Top Gear

BMW i8 Featured On Top Gear

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When are they going to review the Tesla S P85D? 😉

That will never happen since they made up their story on the roadster. They are entertainment only. No substance. CNET on cars does a way better segment on car tech and review

These guys have fun with cars. If truly impressed, they’ll show it. I don’t imagine they will pick the i8, over the M4, but it does look like they plan to keep them both on the street. Chris Harris did the same thing with his i8 review.

I think cheering on tech, and autonomy, gets a little too thick, sometimes. If some of these cars suck, at being engaging, than maybe that’s because they’ve earned it.

Or maybe it’s because Shell Oil is a major paying sponsor for the show, and EV’s get the shaft on purpose? 😉

See what I did there, Brian? Metaphor…

TG is one of my favorite shows, but none of the presenters have the slightest interest in BEVs.
The fact that James has an i3 will just make Hammond and Clarkson even worse.
So the chances of a decent review of any Tesla is none existent. They are an entertainment show, nothing more.
They happily remind viewers to ignore everything they say and never, ever listen to them for car buying advice 🙂
Just enjoy the show for what it is!

However, it would be interesting to see the P85D go round the track with the Stig…….

Top Gear hosts are all global warming deniers.

I can’t stand Top Gear
(that is all)

I own a ROadster and I thought their review of it was perfectly fair.

A little British Snobbery is to be expected.

Their “review” was MADE UP to propagate a negative view on EVs (for entertainment we’re told). Clarkson did it again with the i8. How is that fair?