Top Gear Reviews Tesla Model X P90DL (w/video)


JUN 20 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Fan remix of Top Gear’s Tesla Model X review footage from Critters on Vimeo

BBC's Top Gear Reviews Tesla Model X P90DL

BBC’s Top Gear Reviews Tesla Model X P90DL

After a somewhat controversial Tesla Roadster review (by former host Jeremy Clarkson) and the lack of any Tesla Model S reviews which the show was being re-tolled, BBC’s Top Gear is back with a new presenter – Rory Reid and new approach, this time picking up Tesla’s progress with the Model X.

Rory Reid tested the Tesla Model X in New York covering some 200 miles (including a drag race).

The show is available in UK through BBC iplayer, while US citizens can watch tonight on BBC America.

If you missed it/can’t watch the show live:  the review may be online a day after the broadcast, when we see it – we will add that video into this piece.

Update:  Watch in the UK/Euro here now, while US can view here (at some point when BBC Amercia uploads it) released decent summary of the episode, which is quite positive.

“It’s an electric car that might just do to petrol and diesel what the Ford Model T did to the horse.”

We noted few highlights:

  • spacious, luxurious, six seat SUV
  • highest crash test score
  • no need to change gears
  • low center of gravity overcome high weight of the battery
  • silent drive
  • instant torque
  • Falcon Wing doors – cool AND practical too
  • won a drag race with  6.2 L supercharged V8 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
  • done nearly 200 miles, including drag race, and still got 21 miles of range


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You can watch it soon on Netflx, season 23, episode 4. It not up there yet.

So glad they sacked Clarkson…

Don’t get comfortable with this version of the show, it won’t be around long….

“spacious, luxurious, six seat SUV”

That’s a good way to buy it since it opens it up a bit more. It’s pretty tight with the seating set up for 7 people.

That would be my choice too, if I were going to buy one.

“Here I am in a spacious, luxurious six seat SUV that aced every single crash test it’s ever been in.”

I regard the X as very safe, but AFAIK no government agency has yet crash tested it.

his only uninformed comment was “superchargers, if you can find one”. Considering the car directs you to the closest supercharger and the north east is crawling in the things.
But overall he was pretty darned complementary.

That’s the main thing I don’t like in the new show (other is than the main presenter who I find annoying). No one says anything critical on the show so the whole thing gets boring after 10 minutes. This is not to say I miss racist and xenophobic jokes of the previous lot but some changes to the rhythm would be welcome. Strangely, I found the episode “extra” more interesting as at least they interleaved the “feel-good” content with behind the scenes trivia. At least it wasn’t as monotonous as the main part.

I really struggle to get excited about the model X. I remember seeing the first images of the roadster and being totally wowed, then the model S came and it was great and now the model X is… well a bit of a nothing car for me.

If you want a sporty, fast car go for the S if you want a green car why go for an SUV? I know there will be others that completely disagree and I know it is important for Tesla to offer a wide range of vehicles but really for me this is just a tick box exercise.

Once again the same mistake a 90D with 20 inch wheels is FAR MORE SUITABLE for both NYC pot holes and NY State road trip than the P90DL with 22 inch wheels.
Substance not black wheels matters more !

I always fear to worst to see a review from Rory Reid. He was, in the past, basically one of those YouTube fanboys who prayed to Clarkson like a god. We know the type.

He was one of those guys who lived the word that a VW Polo Bluemotion was better than a Prius and that a purchase of a Prius was to be ridiculed.

But I think he may have changed opinion after a carpool/fullycharged episode with Llewellyn.

Anyway, saw the review. It was good, far far better than the i8 review that May was better suited for. Though, this one just lacks a charm. I had been better entertained watching car reviews from Car Keys UK. In this Ep, they were trying to work the old and past-it technique. There’s still that worrisome jab that’s meant to confirm the audience’s prejudices. There’s really, honestly no point to say that you have ”to find” a charger, unless a Google search is considered exhaustive enough to consider as ‘finding’.

It is fair to say to a mass market that Superchargers are not ubiquitous, as gasoline stations are.

His comment isn’t far off the mark.

That doesn’t mean that EV people don’t think it’s totally awesome, but that “normal folk” may have to go significantly out of their way to find one.

He could have possibly mentioned that the car CAN charge just about any place that there is electricity.