Top Gear Lists BMW i8 Among Its Top Picks For 2014


BMW i8 At The Tokyo Auto Show In 2013

BMW i8 At The Tokyo Auto Show In 2013

Out of its 30 top picks for 2014, only one plug-in vehicle made the list.



Top Gear selected the BMW i8 as one of its 30 most-anticipated vehicles of 2014.

Design wise, the i8 is already a hit with most of the motoring press.  We suspect that once initial test drives of the production version are conducted, the i8 will wow there too.

Here’s what Top Gear says of the i8’s 2014 launch:

“Should I be interested? Emphatically, yes. The i8 looks fantastic, drives brilliantly (we’ve driven a prototype) and, despite those rapid performance figures, has a range of 310 miles with 113mpg economy and 59g/km of CO2. Which kind of changes the face of what we expect from a sports car and stuffs up any arguments about irresponsible fast cars – it’s more efficient than the Prius. The best bit is that the i8 is a complete package: this is all the good stuff – new tech, interesting ‘layered’ exterior and interior design and a decent driving experience.”

BMW i8 (photo via  Julian Schroeder)

BMW i8 (photo via Julian Schroeder)

The only problem we see with the i8 is its starting price tag of $135,925 in the US.

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Well, at least one plug in made it in. I would have guessed none made it.

Not that I really care what Top Gear thinks, but I am shocked they didn’t recognize the McLaren P1.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Is the P1 new for 2014? That’s usually a requirement for lists of this kind..

I guess it won their 2013 car of the year just recently. So that answers my question. Thanks for pointing that out.

Holly smokes! Do you see the panel gap between the hood and the left fender in that picture.

That from a $136k car?!

You are right!

The image in question that was promptly censored by the BMW fanbois at InsideEV:

Nothing so nefarious vdiv. Actually the opposite of that, lol

After the article went up, we had a little discussion about the pic and I recalled that it had been taken by a individual photographer and didn’t feel comfortable about putting it out uncredited, so we took it down until we could figure out who shot it.

…but we figured it out and its back now in the article (photo props to Julian Schroeder)

Thanks. I found the “news-worthiness” of that picture alone intriguing.

Now I am disappointed that there may not be BMW fanbois at InsideEVs 😉

Oh, there still might be one or two – I have my eye on a couple people, (;

I love top gear facts, almost always just ever so slightly wrong and almost always designed to upset people and get them talking about top gear. BMW i8 59 g/CO2/km, PiP 49g/CO2/km. I wonder it Toyota are going to make a high profile complaint?

It makes a very good point though, if you are paying over $100k for a sports car why shouldn’t it drive amazing, handle perfectly and do 100+ mpg? I remember when Clarkson bought a GT40 and had to fill it up twice a day because of the silly small fuel tank and the awful mileage, no talk of range “anxiety” then. The i8 really does make that particular car look like a heap of junk now.

Top Gear, LOL. They make fun of the American Tesla, but now that BMW has a plug-in, EV’s are great!