Top Gear: BMW i8 & BMW M3 – Video

JAN 26 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson struggling with charging

Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson struggling with charging

Top Gear released on its channel an older episode about a glorified Toyota Prius BMW i8 with Jeremy Clarkson when he was still working there.

If you missed the previous opportunity to watch the show, now you can see how to professionally struggle with a charging connection.

BMW i8 tests come after the first two and half minutes of BMW M3 presentation.

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He really seemed to enjoy ruining the tires on that M3. He’s an idiot.

It’s tax payer money paying for that, btw.

The car is most likely a loaner from BMW so it’s probably BMW that pays for the tires.

Wouldn’t surprise me if the reason David Cameron/Parliament is cutting the BBC’s budget is because the BBC sacked Clarkson.

Clearly Clarkson is an idiot but he makes some good points in his review.

1 – there are too many charging standards
2 – If you don’t charge a plugin hybrid it gets about the same mileage as a regular hybrid
3 – the BMW i8 is better than an M3 in most respects and is overall a great car.

I think the fully charged video review of the i8 (or was it the outlander?) where Robert L. struggles to fill the car with petrol because he has parked the car with the petrol cap on the wrong side is a pretty good rebuttal to Clarkson F’in around with a charging station.

Clarkson is great, because he proves everyone is smarter than his buffon act.

And he doesn’t even mention the most basic structural flaw with the car– which is the non-ergonomic and quite awkward ingress and egress from the cabin.

You might have missed an obvious fact: they’re both sport cars, not a comfy family sedans. Ergonomy and comfort are one of the last things in this class. They aren’t made for comfortable family guys. They are made for men who like to seek the limits.

To be honest, a shame and good riddance. Jeremy was just stupid and annoying in this. I remember watching and hating this episode just for the inclusion of the i8.

I enjoyed James May’s review of the (red) Mercedes AMG-GT far better! By a factor of a hundred. I actually recommend all of you to see it rather that… this.

This whole season was a clear example of how good shows go bad. This was a unique, creative and awesome show that was just withered down so much by expectation that it was dependent on stupid, tongue-in-cheek controversy.

What an ugly end for such a reputation.

i think the conclusion of the i8 episode was really positive. I enjoyed the thought provoking analogy Clarkson made of the i8 vs M3 akin to the Laptop/computer taking over from the typewriter. So very true.

The best part of it, but he did make that faux bull-… shirt in saying how hybrids and plug-ins are environmentally counterproductive for their batteries, motors and inverters. Goes on saying how the i8 has more resources and materials, but no word of recycling.

Would you put a petrol hose into the filler and walk away saying “it’s connected so it must be filling”? If you don’t fill the tank it will have a limited range.