Over The Top BMW i8 Launch Event In India – Video


BMW i8 Launch Event In India

BMW i8 Launch Event In India

Despite a sale target of just 7 to 8 units in India for all of 2015, this BMW i8 launch event is extravagant and way over the top.

“Sportingly individual, powerfully attractive, sustainably pioneering, the BMW i8 was launched in India on February 18, 2015, at NSIC, Mumbai. The most progressive sports car of its time was launched at an exclusive event in Mumbai. #iamtheFuture #BMWi8”

From the video, we’d conclude that BMW expects the i8 to be a huge sales hit in India, but that’s not the case, as even the automaker admits that sales of the i8 in India are expected to be in the single digits this year and likely below 100 every year thereafter.

But watch the video and you’ll likely conclude that the amount of money spent by BMW on this spectacle  would make one think the i8 will sell in the thousands annually in India.  That’s not the case.

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OK…WOW! Is this just a PR fluke for BMW or is BMW really that dedicated & tuned into marketing electric cars?

Doesn’t matter how many i8 or i3 BMW sells in India. The showcasing of high tech BMW i8 in these events establishes BMW’s brand image. Brand image is very important in Asian countries. If some movie/sports star uses something, it becomes famous instantly.

For people from the non-cricket playing countries, the guy speaking is the famous cricketer from past, opening batsman Sachin Tendulkar. And what timing! Right now the 2015 cricket world cup is ongoing in Australia & New Zealand.

@Sett Through,

My comment not to be snarky; I truly think BMW hit it out of the park (in a good way) with this i8 India event.

As you point out, BMW Marketing Dept was very dialed-in on this event.

Does i8 have “Moist Frunk Syndrome”, too?

Waiting for Tesla or Nissan Leaf launch.

Also there was a viral pic of BMW i8 stuck behind a state Bus 🙂