Top Automotive Groups Ranked By Plug-In Electric Car Sales

SEP 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 42

Top Automotive Groups Ranked By Plug-In Electric Car Sales (data source: EV Sales Blog)

Top Automotive Groups Ranked By Plug-In Electric Car Sales (data source: EV Sales Blog)

The invaluable EV Sales Blog extended its scope on plug-in electric car sales (by end of July this year) to automotive groups, instead of just brands.

Main insights are that Renault-Nissan is quickly loosing market share from 27% (total in 5 years) to some 18% in the first 7 month of this year.

Volkswagen (with Audi and Porsche) is eating up those lost shares, moving from 4% (total) to 12% this year. Similar progress was made by BYD – from 5% to 11%.

Tesla is growing slowly – increasing sales from 9% to 10%.

Mitsubishi also sits stable at 10% (after 11% total).

BMW moved from 3% total to 6% this year.

Ford is falling back from 7% to 5%, and finally GM is loosing a lot of ground – from 10% to 4%.

Countries are ranked too:

  • China 25%
  • Japan 24%
  • Germany 21%
  • USA 19%
  • France 6%
  • others 5%

Source: EV Sales Blog

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One line is missing. Norway sold in Jan-July 19600 plugins, whereas France sold 14200.

Norway? Norway produce oil, fish, artificial fjords, walking sticks and lusekofter. Cars not so much….
(and the ones that have been produced in Norway would all need big brown paperbags of shame anyway.)

They did produce the Think City. Also the Buddy Electric car.

Big Brown paperbags, yes as he stated 😉

It would be interesting to see the all time rank of each Automotive Group.

Just click on the source link 😛

Sales ’15 % Total Sales %

Renault-Nissan 44,003 18 265,205 27

VW (VAG) 28,480 12 42,743 4

BYD 25,592 11 51,338 5

Tesla 24,867 10 83,587 9

Mitsubishi 24.117 10 108,883 11

BMW 15,469 6 31,822 3

Ford 11,548 5 65,696 7

GM 11,617 4 100,818 10

It is misleading. To build a car capable of driving 20 Miles electric is not the same as producing a 100% electric vehicle.

Yes and producing a Renault car is different from producing a Tesla. Cars are different. What is your point?

A PHEV is not a plug in electric car, an EV IS. A Volt is not, a Fusion Energi is NOT.

You mean a Plug In Electric Vehicle (PHEV) is not a Plug In electric Car???? Realy? Please explain the difference between the plugs and the electricity they are using.

An electric car is an ALL electric car.

Purist attitudes like this only HURT the cause of electrification. Many cannot or will not transition to a pure EV, so PHEVs help provide them options.

Any car with a plug is worth talking about on sites such as IEVs.

Hybrids are and have always been a way to delay all electrics, not a bridge to it.

Hybrids with a plug should not be counted as electric cars. They are hybrids. Are they counted as ICE cars? No so why make believe they are all electrics?

PHEVs count both as EVs and as gasmobiles. In the real world, it’s possible for something to be two things at once. For example, it’s possible for the platypus to be both a mammal and an egg-layer.

The real world often doesn’t all fit into nice neat pigeonhole categories. Personally, I think that makes it a lot more interesting.

Volt drivers drive more EV miles than Leaf drivers. So are they more EV than Leafs? (rhetorical)

No way. There are two vehicles in my driveway, since my wife and I each commute and need to not be completely interdependent on a single vehicle. Yet we often travel out of town (~250 miles in a single direction, about once a month). This is what allows us to have even one BEV (we cannot imagine even stretching to afford a Tesla). Yet we cannot be exclusively BEV. So we have two electric vehicles – one is a BEV and the other is a plug-in hybrid (by definition, the combination of two things – an EV and a ICEV). So yes, a PHEV allows us to do a lot more of our driving as an EV. There are countless others who only have one vehicle, or need both vehicles to take them long distances. The Voltec, Energi, and eTron drivetrains are wonderful solutions to this dilemna today.

I never doubt you can rank many miles on electricity only, but the car is an hybrid. It is a scientific fact. Putting PHEVs in a separate category won’t hurt you and will only clarify the picture.

Come on rexie, my dad drives a Volt and hasn’t gone to the gas station since mid-march…he really is a big polluter working for big oil, isn’t he?

What a stupid ad hominem attack comment!

By that logic, I guess they aren’t gasoline cars, either.

I consider “true” gasoline cars to be those that only run on gasoline for fuel. If it has a plug, it’s not a gas car.

The above reasoning would, of course, be considered ridiculous by most on here as applied to gas cars. It’s similarly ridiculous to apply it to EVs. There is a distinction, obviously, but taking a hard line here is a hindrance to progress, IMO. People will decide much of this with their hard earned money, and, I suspect, you won’t like the results. PHEVs are a positive, and not a negative.

It’s a positive right now because car companies didn’t give us many choices, very few indeed…
Historically, it’s a negative because those same companies use them to NOT provide good ranged BEVs instead.

Are they gas cars then? They have batteries and electric motors, so if they aren’t electric cars because they have gas, then they also aren’t gas cars because they have electricity.

I’m sure if we had gas purists, they would be making that argument.

Make it simple:

EV. (leaf, i3, model s)
HEV. (prius, cmax hybrid, etc)
PHEV. (cmax energi, i3-rex, volt, etc)
GAS. (civic, fusion, impreza)

No confusion, we can all agree on the category, and it will provide meaningful information when we are able to segregate the data.

The way I think of PHEV’s is that you have sold one more very short range BEV.

Where the power station is located and what the power station is, is not irrelevant but it is a bit difficult to capture in a graph.

What I can’t help but feel when ever I see these stories is that GM has really lost ground. Yes, the market has grown and you could argue that Nissan has lost a similar chunk but 5 years ago GM was a head of everyone including Nissan and Tesla. Now they are in 9th place (shown as 10th above clearly for greater impact). VW, BYD, BMW are all easily a head.

IMO the Volt 2.0 will make little difference especially since it is only going to be a US offering. Maybe the Bolt will turn things around but they don’t seem to be suggesting that they are going to make that in any great numbers.

I also wish that Nissan-Renault would actually start working together and selling their full range of vehicles across the globe, come on, stick a Nissan badge on the front of a Zoe, add a chademo and call it the twig! lets get moving on this. Same goes with the Fluence which could be re-branded the log. As for the pathfinder hybrid? where’s the f’in plug! It’s even got a lithium ion battery in it, muppets.

When did Nissan and Renault merge into one company called Renault-Nissan?

I hope you are joking. The Renault-Nissan alliance is headed by Carlos Ghosn and was formed in 1999.

I wouldn’t bad math the Fords two bad. I have 3/4th of my 30k in my fussion energi being all electric. Sure it could be better, but that’s a lot of electric miles.

Yeah, Ford has a decent formula with the Energi. It’s not as electric as a Volt, but it can still provide well over half of own’s miles on electricity.

typing too fast. Yes its mouth and too.

I prefer the original, I feel that we all to often “bad math” cars on this web page

There should be two categories and two charts.
Please show us sales of pure BEVS, and separated sales of plug-in hybrids.

Another for non plug-in hybrids will be real cool.
I’m sure the picture would be quite different.

To Mark Kane
The same bar graph with different colors for the proportions of BEVs, plug-in hybrids, and added non plug-in hybrids. What do you think?

And what about an interactive clever chart like this one

Take a look at the second graph, as you click on a different source, the ranks of the state’s are all changing. Pretty neet IMO.


All good suggestions, but realistically, that’s a 50 hour job…and this is story #10 on a Sunday.

We have nowhere near the manpower/resources for that sort of thing at this point although we would love to (ie-its 11:30pm and I’m still just trying to edit/work out tomorrow’s schedule)…maybe when EV market penetration is 5%-7% we can have someone full-time who makes that kind of graphic hotness, (=

I know it must a lot to work on, sorry I don’t have the skill to do this kind of artistic work.
Maybe a volunteer in the audience…?

As SJC noticed it would be nice to see the numbers on just the 100% electric, then Plugin hybrids and hybrids.
As other articles point out we will hit 1 Million electrics (including part EV) in Sept. Just wait until Tesla and others ramp up their new vehicles that have lowered a few numbers like the Volt as they tool up to the new models. The Bolt is also due in Oct 2016. It just gets better and better.

If GM is higher than Ford, why is it ranked lower than them to the right?

And Renault-Nissan does it almost exclusively with BEVs

SJC said:

“A PHEV is not a plug in electric car, an EV IS. A Volt is not, a Fusion Energi is NOT.”

Seriously, this cabbage again?

The “EV” in PHEV doesn’t mean Entirely Vacuous, it means Electric Vehicle.

Your attempt to redefine “EV” to mean only one type of EV — a BEV — is not going to persuade anyone, no matter how many times you repeat it.

The P means Plug-in and the H stands for Hybrid. Rechargeable hybrid that is, a good step forward, but not really an EV.

I think the position of Tesla is remarkable comparing to other auto makers because Tesla is only fighting with one single model although the others are fighting with various models. Renault-Nissan have at least 6, VW group have at least 8, and BYD at least 5, and most of them are far more cheaper than the Tesla Model S (apart Porsche ones). So with the début of the Model X, the game can only become more interesting.

I cannot believe Tesla is just on the 4th rank. I believe it should be on the utmost. But well, they dont have to prove anything since they have showed very great job already in the industry. Applause for all of them.