Top Automotive Blunders Of 2016 Include Some EV Moments – Videos

DEC 27 2016 BY JAY COLE 7

With 2016 now pretty much complete, Automotive News is putting out its special year end reports and “top” moment recaps.

...and off he goes - with the LeEco LeSEE

…and off he goes – with the LeEco LeSEE

As part of those highlights (or lowlights), the magazine is also listing what it feels was the “top blunders” of 2016.

All the major happenings are listed – such as the Dieselgate scandal, but also some minor ones in connection to plug-in vehicles, including:

Video (below): Check out the LeEco LeeSee live launch party (without the car) from the 1:20:05 mark, complete with no EV, a running CEO and an awkward transition from announcer to founder Jia Yueting

Hat tip to sven!

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When they both said “awkward”.. it was awkward.

With all due respect to Automotive News, I think they missed one of the biggest automotive blunders of 2016 in their list. How can anyone forget that last January at CES 2016 Faraday Future unveiled the FFZero1, their concept supercar/batmobile.

The huge blunder of the last five years is Nissan not improving the range of their Leaf to any extent and not offering updated batteries for their older models.

It’s certainly hard to top Faraday Future’s reveal of their “batmobile” fake, non-functional concept car as far as public relations goes.

But for substantive automotive blunders, for things that actually affect our world, I doubt we’ll ever see worse than “dieselgate”, especially since it’s been revealed that fraud extends far beyond just Volkswagen.

Right behind that, though, has to be the various “fool cell” cars being put into production. It’s been more than a year since the Toyota Mirai went on sale, but the Honda Clarity recently went on sale in California. That certainly deserves the #2 spot here!

Yeah, dieselgate is probably one of the biggest blunders of the decade.

I guess the Takata airbags, GM bankruptcy, GM ignition switch were also pretty big.

But dieselgate towers over all the others in my view because it was so criminal and intentional. They actually programmed cars to detect tests and then CHEAT on tests.

I HATE sites that auto start videos.