Top 5 Selling Plug-In Electric Cars – U.S. August 2018 Edition


Here at InsideEVs, we’ve come to realize that not everyone shares our passion for an overload of sales figures, like you’ll see in our monthly report card and scorecard.

Admittedly, both can be a bit overwhelming from a numbers overload perspective.

Sales Overload Here – August 2018 Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales Report Card

So, in addition to presenting sales in our typical fashion, we’ll assemble this monthly Top 5 list, which highlights the five best selling plug-in electric cars in the U.S. for any given month.

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For this list, we’re focused on the Top 5 best-selling plug-in electric cars in the U.S. for August 2018.

Heres goes…

Chevrolet Volt

5. Chevrolet Volt

Chevy Volt sales checked in at 1,825 units in the U.S. in August 2018. That brings the Volt’s YTD total to 11,114 units, placing it in 5th overall for YTD sales too.


4. Toyota Prius Prime

For August 2018, Toyota Prius Prime sales checked in at a healthy 2,071 units. YTD sales for the Prius Prime now stand at 18,310 units, good for second place.



3. Tesla Model S

Our tally shows Model S sales hit an estimated 2,625 units in August 2018, putting it in third place for the month. The YTD tally stands at an estimated 14,645 units, which places it in third in YTD sales.

Tesla Model X

2. Tesla Model X

The Model X sold an estimated 2,750 units in the U.S. in August 2018, landing it solidly in second place for the month. YTD, Model X sales stand at an estimated 13,600 units, which places it in 4th from the YTD perspective.


Blue Tesla Model 3

1.Tesla Model 3

The Model 3 had a breakout month in August 2018 by selling a whopping, estimated 17,800 units. The Model 3 had a commanding sales lead over every other plug-in vehicle in August. Even more impressive is that the Model 3 is easily number 1 in YTD figures too at 55,882 units, which puts it so far in the lead that it can’t be caught.


Variety is the spice of life. Automotive sales should be no exception.

If you’re seeking a simple Top 5 sales list, you’ve found it here. If you’re after a super detailed write up with more numbers/figures than you could ever imagine, well that’s right here in our scorecard.

And for those wondering, August 2018 marked a record for U.S. sales of plug-in electric cars with an estimated grand total of 36,380 sold.

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Wait a second. If the Bolt was in fifth place why did the Volt get a place instead?


Because the Bolt wasn’t in fifth.


Picky, picky.


The Bolt is in 5th place for the year, but this month the Volt slightly outsold the Bolt.




Good to see that GM managed to get in the USA Top 5.


Impressive that all three current Tesla production EVs place in the Top 5… will be interesting to see if the upcoming Model Y will make Tesla 4 of 5.

The Above article photo of the Model X with Jeremy Clarkson… the way he is looking at the Model X… his being conflicted with feelings of both contempt and admiration for the car… priceless.


Oddly enough I experience similar feelings when I look at Jeremy Clarkson, but only one of the ones you mentioned, and it’s not admiration.


AKA … Liar Scum Bag..

Richard Giddens

Hybrids dont count.


Maybe not, but plug-in hybrids do. Especially until the supply of batteries is adequate for more full BEV’s. Also depends on the user. Even a car like my Volvo XC60 rated at only 17mi covers 90% of my day to day driving on pure electricity. And now that we have a Bolt as a 2nd car, the only time we’ll use gas is on road trips.


2,100 miles with a little over 1/3 of the tank left in my Prius. Commutes are all 100% electric on all but the coldest days of winter in Minnesota. That approach (plug-in hybrid with a small’ish pack) is undeniably the path to electrification for the masses.


“Variety is the spice of life. Automotive sales should be no exception.”

Yes, this^^

And even more important, the cars that are the most popular might not be the best choice for YOUR personal needs, because with plug-ins, your personal driving habits need to match the EV you buy. Buy what works, not what is popular.

With that said, the top 5 cars all have one thing in common. They all do a very good job at eliminating the need to worry so much about charging for many people.


The big problem with two of those “Plug in Electric” cars is that they have a stinking gas burner in them.
Is there enough BEV’s to start doing a real electric car sales chart yet?


PHEVs are great but you should break that list into PHEV and BEV:

March Top 5 PHEV:
1 Prius Prime 2,922
2 Chevy Volt 1,782
3 Honda Clarity 1,061
4 Ford Fusion Energy 782

March Top 5 BEV:
1 Tesla Model 3 3,820
2 Tesla Model S 3,375
3 Tesla Model X 2,825
4 Chevy Bolt 1,1774
5 Nissan Leaf 1,500


oops. Bolt 1,774.

gabriel var

nice. easy to ready.


Prius does not count. Those prius buyers are most likely previous owners that do not understand how these cars are designed. Take the gas engine out of the prius no movement. Take the gas engine out of the Volt you get a total EV. I think in the near future there will total electric Volts. As for Tesla filling their model 3 orders will keep them above all other EV makers. Will be interesting when Tesla does not have a big waiting list


Poorly informed or intentional greenwash? That’s the question to ask when reading a post which spreads such false information.

The plug-in model of Prius is just like Volt, an EV with a gas-engine available for when the plug-supplied electricity is depleted. The notable differences are that Volt offers a larger capacity battery and more power motor while Prius delivers both more efficient EV & HV drives and more efficient electric-heating.


Should really break this out as top 5 PHEV and top 5 BEV.

August Top 5 PHEV:
1 Prius Prime 2,071
2 Chevy Volt 1,825
3 Honda Clarity 1,425
4 BMW 530e 749
5 Chrysler Pacifica 654

August Top 5 BEV:
1 Tesla Model 3 17,800
2 Tesla Model X 2,750
3 Tesla Model S 2,625
4 Nissan Leaf 1,350
5 Chevy Bolt 1,225


The top 3 has to really eat at a few of the haters who camp here regularly.

Get Real

Yes, and it shows.


The Model X is outselling the Model S? Wow. Kinda surprised by that. Then again, perhaps the Model 3 cannibalized a fair number of Model S sales.


It’s remarkable that the Top 3 best-selling EV’s are also the 3 most expensive EV’s on the US market.

Compare this to the situation in the ICE car + SUV/CUV market, where the Top 3 sellers are the modestly priced RAV4, CRV and Camry.

Robert Saunders

Right. InsideEVs are missing probably the more important list even though it is trivial to infer at the moment: top 5 by gross value.