Top 5 Quickest SUVs In The World


JAN 14 2018 BY STAFF 14

Electric is #1.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 quickest SUVs in the world. Not surprisingly, a pure electric took top honors.

5. Brabus GLE Coupe 850 – 3.8 seconds

Sometimes the old ways are the best…at least Brabus certainly thinks so – and that’s why its take on the Merc GLE uses the old 6.0-liter V8 instead of AMG’s latest units. This Brabus is no longer a spring chicken, but its performance is still impressive.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

4. Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio – 3.8 seconds

It might be the fastest SUV of the group around the Nürburgring, but that’s not enough to take top spot here. Following on from the Giulia, the Stelvio SUV has received the Quadrifoglio treatment. That means a 505 hp (377 kW) 2.9-liter biturbo V6 lives under the bonnet.

3. Lamborghini Urus – 3.6 seconds

Should Lamborghini even make an SUV? Turn back the pages of history and you’ll find that the new Urus wasn’t the brand’s first. Its power output of 641 hp (478 kW) is actually more than you’ll find one of Lamborghini’s Huracan models.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – 3.4 seconds

Not only will this SUV’s 6.2-liter V8 engine produce 707 hp (527 kW), but it will also get it to a top speed of 180 mph (290 kph). This is a full-size battle bus that has the ability to shame a McLaren 540C in a 0-62 mph (0-100 kph) sprint.

1. Tesla Model X – 2.9 seconds

The fastest SUV out there doesn’t have six turbos or a 43-liter engine — but rather it’s an electric vehicle. Tick the Ludicrous Mode box and silently embarrass a few supercars with your Tesla Model X. It even comes with a set of supercar-aping gullwing doors.

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Holy crap… a Jeep Cherokee can go 180mph? I think that would be terrifying, I can’t imagine it would be stable or be able to brake hard at those speeds.

I’m thinking the front end is floating up so much that the front tires barely touch the road! ??

I personally know the team that did the aero. Plenty of downforce front and back.

Roy is right. I’d much rather be in a safe stable Tesla X that any of those top heavy very unstable SUV’s.

I’d take the Grand Cherokee cause one can do the 0-62 mph 3.4 more than 2 times in a row

Good call James. Get that 2nd run in for the mere cost of all those premium gasoline fill-ups, oil changes, timing belts, spark plugs, gaskets, transmission flushes, clutch replacements, fuel pump replacement, water pump replacement, smog checks, etc.

Oh, and you also get the ‘great’ maintenance track record of Jeep Cherokees… (ask me how I know)

Has jeep FINALLY figured out how to do transfer cases?
Never knew a jeep with 100-150K miles and that did not have at least 1 new transfer case.

You won’t want to flog it more than a handful of times though or it’ll end up in the shop.

With the Model X though you can do it time after time after time year after year and no worries.

Also Model X100D performance version can do 60 in 3.6 seconds very reliably in standard non-ludicrous mode. In the real world even in standard mode it would likely beat the Jeep on a regular basis being that EVs are much easier to launch consistently than the launch control of the Jeep.

You do realize Jeep is made by FCA. Sure, it may run few times, but it’s almost a guarantee that something will go wrong.

Oh, even before FCA bought Chrysler/Jeep, both were prone to very expensive maintenance.
In particular, nearly ALL of the jeeps end up with a new transfer case by 100-150K miles.

Would be interesting to know the price tag on these cars ?

So “quickest” is judged by a single metric, (presumably) the 0-60mph time?

I’d have liked to see a point system, that also takes into consideration 0-30, 30-60, 50-80 (passing maneuvers… Rather important) as well as braking distances & times.

I know petrol heads love the sound of their V8’s, but there is something magical about how effortlessly the EV delivers it’s power. No noise, doesn’t sound like it is trying to rip itself apart, just an effortless blast to maximum speed.