Top 5 Markets For All-Electric Cars In Europe

JUL 28 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Norway is not the biggest European country, in fact it’s one of the smallest in terms of population, but still manages to stay on top the all-electric car market in Europe.

The rolling 12-month total sales for the top five markets, provided by EagleAID, shows that Germany is consistently growing for a strong second after Norway, while France and the UK seem stuck for some time. The Netherlands is on the rise, too/

According to the graph (below), pace of growth slowed down – maybe mostly because of supply constraints for new models.

Western Europe Top 5 markets (past 12-months total):

  • Norway – 38,600
  • Germany – 33,600
  • France – 26,700
  • UK – 14,500
  • Netherlands – 12,700

The total sales for the period amounted roughly 126,000.

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7 Comments on "Top 5 Markets For All-Electric Cars In Europe"

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I think a more interesting measure is per capita number:

Norway, pop. 5.23, pc 0.007380
Netherlands, pop. 17.02, pc 0.000746
Germany, pop. 82.67, pc 0.000406
France, pop. 66.91, pc 0.000399
UK, pop. 65.64, pc 0.000221

Norway is on top by a wide margin, but the Netherlands has almost 2 times more electric cars per capita than Germany.

Yeah, to reach Norway’s EV level – Germany’s number should be about 600.000 EVs.

None of the cars i would buy are available yet… it‘s not a good time to buy an electric car in europe right now.

…and in most of the world, availability and price are still the biggest obstacle for evs.

Surprisingly low for the UK where the Leaf is built. Spain got almost same number of BEVs with much less population

It is BEVs only stat. Once phevs were included UK would fare better.

Serious lack of offerings sadly. But second half of the year should be great. Kona / I Pace / Tesla S and X will push the Dutch market to great new heights.