Top 5 Best Selling Electric Cars In U.S. In 2014 – Video


17,300 Sold Seems Accurate To Us.  The number sure does look familiar.

17,300 Sold Seems Accurate To Us. The number sure does look familiar.

Our scorecard makes it simple to see the top selling electric cars in the U.S. last year.

But if you’d rather view those rankings in video form (along with some commentary), then this CNET video works well too.

“Brian Cooley ranks the top five best selling electric vehicles in the U.S. for 2014.”

We’re pleased to see CNET make use of our sales figures (17,300) for the Tesla Model S.  It’s an estimate that involves much work and we’re thrilled to have gotten that number right.

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This kind of press should add to the bottom line 🙂

1.5% is 1.5%, a simply massive year for ev’s….. In the us

That’s not a bad thing, I just wish we were all there or better, this is great news.

Funny how they made sure to tell the MPG-E on each car, which is a fairly useless thing to know. But didn’t bother to mention things like fast-charge ability, or other things that make the Leaf #1 as compared to things like the Focus Electric.

People like Cooley, who don’t drive an EV can’t understand electric cars. The best examples come from the dealership salesmen that understand, like, and want to sell ICE cars.

But Cooley does mention that the Model X will be “more affordable” than the MS as if he knows what he is talking about. He doesn’t. EV drivers don’t care about MPG-E. Give me usable battery kWh.

Yes, highly unlikely the Model X will cost less than the S. Tesla always said the X is going to cost more than an equivalent Model S.

No, they always said it will cost the same.

Wrong, the Model X will likely cost more (up to 10% more) according to previous interviews with Tesla execs.

MPGe might not be something that EV driver care much about, but in the end, it’s what any given kWh will ultimately be turn into range.
So, I guess, It does matter.

Leaf is advertised on the front page of Honolulu papers. Hmmm, thinking that helped why I am seeing more than I can count. So far, 4 Volt, I3, MS. Leaf utterly dominates some markets. Ads matter.

When it comes to LEAF sales vs the rest it is subsidized leases matter more.

Based on the number of LEAFs in Silicon Valley, the benefit of driving in the HOV lanes in EVs even outweighs subsidized leases.

I am sorry but Leaf is a joke, it’s a first nice try, but a car with very little impact. With all subsidies which make it almost free to lease, its sales are still extremely low. Currently it’s either Teslas (battery size + charging infrastructure) or decent plug-ins (Outlander plus some other SUV that are on its way) that make sense and can take us somewhere. It won’t be the the silly looking Volt either, only for enthusiasts.

Boris, The Fusion is for you! Sweet looks and enough range to cover your city driving but you can still go on a trip.

Yes, I like the Fusion much better, but it’s also not ideal. For me the way to go is either

1. 45kwh+ battery pure electric car with Tesla like infrastructure

2. 15-35kwh battery + REX

There is a reason why Energi C+Max and Energi Fusion (together) sell almost as well as Leaf without practically being given out to customers. I think this will be visible when the Outlander PHEV gets to the US. I was actually thinking of buying it here in Europe, but I really didn’t like the interior and exterior, but overall it’s a good value proposition, maybe if they paid attention to details in/out and made it a 7 seater I would be driving it right now.

Only an uninformed opinionated lurker would have posted your dribble

When I said Volt, I meant the Bolt actually (apologies) and what is wrong with what I said? Please prove me wrong.

You’re right it is a joke. It only sells better because is is the least bad EV, there is NO OTHER CHOICE of an affordable pure EV.


Companies knows that for long. They did produce ~120 miles cars 15 years ago…
The cartel makes two jokes, the not-really-an-EV Volt, and the EV-but-range-sucks Leaf. Both with no much advertisement, salesmen who don’t want to sell them, rare to find and too-expensive.
Toyota has also made a joke out of the ridiculously priced ans ranged Plugin Prius.

But with the coming of Tesla, they stopped laughing for a while and now all announce better EVs for … minimum two years from now only? Are they joking again with the 200 miles range? We will see…

Nissan Leaf = Butt Ugly Dork Mobile = Low Sales.

leaf is good enough to be best seller world wide. Nissan/Renault lost a lot of money to get it there 😉

Gen II can make the looks better and range longer. Battery costs are going down, but tesla has the model III, chevy the bolt, and ford even has a bev in the works, so nissan needs to do a very good gen II.

Tesla wins in $sales. The question is how good will the model III be?

The volt’s gen II looks like a great drive train. They need to put it in a different body though to really get sales up.

Prius phv, as the video said, “meh”.

Fussion and c-max energi, sell well for very little work on ford’s part. It needs to figure out how to package that battery better though, and maybe make it a little bigger (energy and power).

The best selling EV would have sold 10 times more with a better range. Sales of all EVs is nothing compared to other ICE cars.

The leaf is the least worse seller because people WANT BEVs, pure electrics! and we want them so bad that we buy this least worse EV waiting for better.

You keep saying that “EVs would have sold more with better design” but you never offer any evidence to back up this wishful thinking.

Tesla seems to be the only automaker that makes an EV you find acceptable, yet their cars are far out of the reach of the average buyer. This is not a coincidence.

That is b/c Lustuccc is the least stupid EV fans among all dumb EV fans.

Same logic.

If only Lustuccc would actually writes something with reason and facts, we wouldn’t have to be dealing with his stupid rants all the time.

So how come the LEAF is the best-selling EV worldwide?

In the end, the numbers matter – and th LEAF 2 will have a more conventional design.