Top 10 Reasons To Do Everything You Can To Buy A Tesla Model 3: Video


Yet another Tesla Model 3 owner that’s beyond enamored with his purchase.

Yes, there are a grand slew of Tesla haters and short sellers that will continue to push their narrative and try to convince us and others that the Model 3 is a bad car. Sure, it’s wrought with a plethora of early issues and it just plain sucks for sure. C’mon, Tesla builds this junk in a tent, so it must be a lemon, right? Um … no, not at all. Yes, some early copies may have been a wee bit sketchy (as is true of nearly every first-year model), but now, everything points to this being a first-rate automobile in every sense of the definition.

As the truth continues to come out, we’re of the opinion that you should really buy a Model 3 if you can find a way to afford it. And, we’re far from alone on that opinion. Yes, Tesla vehicles are not cheap. Most people couldn’t afford one if they tried (myself included). But, if there’s any way you can make it work, push forth. As far as we’re concerned, you won’t be disappointed, and this recent review supports that opinion.

Check out the video above and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via model3man on YouTube:

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Tesla Model 3

This video has been a long time in the making! The more I use my Model 3, the clearer my understanding has become of what makes Tesla cars so great! Unfortunately, aside from my top 10, there were two additional reasons I just could NOT leave out. So, actually, it’s my top ten – PLUS 2 bonus reasons 🙂

Folks, this list IS of course subjective. It’s MY take on why buying a Model 3 is almost a no-brainer. If you have additional reasons for loving your Model 3, please throw them into the comments section below. I did kind of wonder what @elonmusk would choose as HIS 10 top reasons – and perhaps we’ll never know that – but each person will have their own special likes and dislikes. This video is all about MY LIKES.

Yes – it is 30 minutes in length – but it could have been an hour. Or two! I cut it down as much as I could, but it is REALLY easy viewing, so stay with it and you’ll consider it time well spent!

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Top 2 reasons NOT to buy one:
1. The rear view mirror is atrocious – tiny, grey, and not very reflective.

2. The view is obstructed by a huge blind spot. Corners of the back windows block almost your entire rear view.

That’s not the top reason to not buy a Model 3… The number one reason is because Tesla is going to come out with cheaper vehicles.

That depends on tax credit. I suspect the Tesla 3 MR post tax credit and subsidy is probably the cheapest Tesla 3.

Are you referring to the MR before 12/31/18?
$46000 – 7500 = 38500.
Right now MR costs…
$44000 – 3750 = 40250.

$35000 SR model 3 would cost …
$35000 if it comes out after 6/30/19.
It will be still cheaper without any tax credit.

*$1000 delivery fee applies to all models.

If those are the top two reasons, then you need to buy a convertible, never put up the top and have a custom mirror installed. If you’re going to b*tch about the rearview mirror and the existence of a blind spot, then driving altogether is not for you. All others on the road would be thankful for that.

If these ate the top 2 then the car is solid. I’m sure owners can come up with something better.

Model 3 visibility is great. Those are just minor inconveniences you don’t know how to deal with.

If you adjust your side view mirrors correctly, there are no blind spots. The rear view mirror is tiny though, they could have at least made it 1-2″ wider.

Those are funny reasons. 1. The rear view mirror is actually the same size as most cars. It’s frameless which makes the whole assembly smaller, and the glass looks smaller, but it’s not. It’s plenty reflective. You must have never used an auto-dimming mirror. 2. There is no blind spot at all if you adjust your side mirrors properly. You missed the only actual visual obstruction: the high trunk in back, but that is easily overcome with the rear camera displaying on the massive screen. Try again?


I actually like the rear view mirror a lot.

I could not get over how cool it was when I first drove the car

In this video Mr loveday makes the best case I have seen, not only for buying a Tesla Model 3 but for buying an electric vehicle in general.
Great job.

The man in the video is named peter

The Model 3 has so many problems:

1) Putting all button functionality onto the central screen is a big mistake for safety reasons.

2) The fit and finish is terrible.

3) Most people think the interior is ugly but fanboys have been sold on the ‘minimalist’ shtick.

4) Full autopilot wont be ready for at least another 10 years. How could they even consider it without a 5g network?

5) USB music streaming still does not work.

6) Center console screen frequently goes blank for half of all model 3 owners requiring constant reboots.

7) Customer service and repair quality are unsatisfactory.

8) They would rather divert resources to frivilous endevours such as farting turn signals instead of fixing real problems.

9) Rear doors have no manual release in the event of an electrical failure.

10) Constantly over promising and under delivering.

Would you like some Cheese with that?

No thanks. How about some chili fries?

Reason 11: Wasting money on stupid video games embedded in the Model 3.

Reason 12: Lack of spare parts availability and no willingness by independent repair shops to work on Teslas.

Reason 13: Some reviewers cite problems with excessive road and wind noise.

Wasting money on the video games? You realize that costs virtually nothing, right?

He doesn’t care how untrue it is. He’s only here for the Tesla bashing.

It cost “virtually nothing” if you ignore the cost of developing the feature (i.e., the SW development is non-recurring). The OP’s comment is that Tesla should be better having their SW engineers fixing existing problems rather than spending their time on features that are less useful, which I think is a valid point.

You’ve never heard of interns?

Or giving engineers some “blow off” time for skunk-works projects to play with code they think is fun between more serious coding tasks?

Pretty sure that you don’t own this vehicle or you have not used it for an extended period of time 1. There are 2 buttons which takes on any function that is relevant, so most often, I don’t have issues at all while driving to control my car 2. fit and finish were a lit bit of trouble in the early models but not anymore 3. looks are subjective, for me, I initially disliked it, but over a period of time I have started wondering why other manufacturers couldn’t do the same and in fact when I go back to my old car, I feel kind of lost as there are far too many interfaces and they are all spread out 4. Other manufacturers don’t even have the basic auto pilot and Tesla is developing this technology, so it takes time. Computers didn’t become powerful and small until at least 3 decades after their invention 5. No comments on this, as I don’t have any necessity for this, I either use Slacker or cellphone 6. For the last 4 months of usage, not once did my center console go blank and I haven’t rebooted it till now 7. My experience… Read more »

I agree will basically everything Deepack wrote after 1 month and 4,000 km in my Model 3, except one thing. They have to fix the interface for the wipers – that is a safety issue for sure and could be easily rectified. (When you push the button on the end of the stalk to get a single wipe, it brings up the “Wiper Card”, which you currently have to take your eyes off the road and adjust it to the right speed – this could be solved simply by allowing the right scroll button to toggle between speeds etc, starting with turning it on, all the way through the speeds to Auto. Auto by the way does not work in snowy or wet road conditions, only sometimes in proper rain.)

I don’t find the wiper interface bad, but the auto mode sucks. They need to fix this or do what you say. its a pretty quick glance at a stop or during autopilot to change wiper speed, but auto if it worked right I would never need to switch it.

Sorry, I don’t buy that the fit and finish are no longer a problem when new owners are on TMC every day talking about them. Paint defects, panel misalignment, scratches on the glass.

All the other stuff I disagree with. I think the interior and the interface are great. I was originally against the “iPad on a stick” but after giving it a chance I absolutely see the brilliance of the setup. If it had CarPlay, the whole console would be a slam dunk IMHO.

Lol….i say from now on we stop listening to owners and their great reviews and give more importance to trolls because they read something somewhere and saw a TM3 on the streets last week.

All the classic trolls have gone away. Now it’s just pale imitations who fight below their weight and could not punch their way out of a paper bag. Mini-trolls, like mini-donuts, just a few will make you sick.

1. Hasn’t been an issue for me.
2. Not even close. Mine is an early 14,xxx build and it compares favorably with my previous BMW.
3. Subjective. Everyone who has seen the interior of mine in person loves it.
4. If full AP not being ready is a reason not to buy the 3, then that applies to all cars on sale today. Autopilot in its current form is amazing!
5. True. Don’t need it since all music is on my phone.
6. That has never happened to me in over 14K miles. “Half” is a huge overstatement.
7. Somewhat true. They are having growing pains servicing the rapid growth of the fleet. Mine has needed 0 service.
8. TRUE!
9. True. It would be easy to climb between the front seats to exit.
10. Not once has this happened for me. It has happened for those waiting for full self driving, but otherwise that’s totally false.

I’m sure the professional investors leading the anti-Tesla “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” pack, such as Jim Chanos, Mark B. Spiegel, and Edward Niedermeyer, appreciate you parroting their pravduh B.S. You’re quite the useful idiot, unless you’re a paid shill. 🙄

Phenomenal video!

I agree, absolutely phenomenal video of a phenomenal EV, great job by Steven.

Can’t help but notice that such a ringing endorsement of the Model 3 is immediately attacked here by multiple troll usernames spouting anti-Tesla FUD.

Gee, I wonder why that is?

Gosh, it’s almost like some Tesla short-sellers have Google alerts set up to alert them whenever an article appears online praising Tesla cars…

For me it comes down to a want vs a need. I want one, but I don’t need one. I could afford it, but then It would be an expense that I don’t necessarily want to incur. I could wait too for something less expensive.

Went thro’ that same discussion in my head for more than 3 months and I drove my family to their limits also. Finally I decided to go and buy it instead of fighting with myself
Don’t regret that decision at all.
Am an audiophile and man the audio from TM3 is superb without comparison and this alone convinced me half the way.
If you haven’t test driven this vehicle, will suggest you do it as lots of things gets cleared

I had my neurons in a civil war for like a month but in the end my personal situation did not justify buying one. I was going to be after all credits at $650 a month (purchase) for 6 years vs what i have now, the Clarity phev, at $228 lease for 3 years. Not the same car but big price difference still. Too bad they didn’t have a lease available when the credit was still in full.

“…we’re of the opinion that you should really buy a Model 3 if you can find a way to afford it.”

I’m an enthusiastic Tesla fan, but even I would not try to suggest to anyone that they “should” buy a Tesla car. I hope everyone will consider it, but ultimately buying a car is an individual choice, based on needs, wants, and how much one can afford.

In my opinion, InsideEVs is stepping over the line here between journalism and promotion. I know that IEVs does not accept compensation from any auto maker including Tesla, but this seems to be blurring the line about not doing promotions.

Hey it works for car charging equipment. Until commenters start poking friendly fun at the product. Then the advertisers (who provide no money for the article) start having steam blowing from their ears because the WORST thing you can do is to in jest poke fun at someone’s product.

I agree. I used to enjoy InsideEVs as something more than just a Tesla fanboy site, but as time’s gone on, it seems to have degenerated to just another…

Plus most of my considered comments get deleted – If I throw a one liner in, those are usually kept… But that is the attention span apparently desired here.

Having most of your comments deleted is a sure sign you are doing it wrong.

As time has gone on, what has changed is that Tesla has attracted more buyers and greatly outsold other EV’s in the US.

So of course there is more written about the head-and-shoulder’s massive sales leader than the companies who’s sales have actually degenerated, and who have slashed plug-in offerings (like GM). InsideEVs didn’t invent that. It is simple reality.

Complaining about it is like complaining about your favorite football team that didn’t even make it into the playoffs not getting as much press coverage as the team that wins the Superbowl.

Have you even considered that Tesla is simply playing better, like a Superbowl winner, with better EV’s, and that’s why they are winning and getting more positive stories written about them? And not just that “fanboys” post alot?

Throw some money in my direction and I will agree that Model 3 is the car I order with clicks of my mouse right now. No kidding!
At $45000, No car is worth the price.
Anything above the best selling compact car like Civic or Corolla is luxury afforded by your disposable income level.
If you cannot afford a new Corolla, you are just on the poor side.

The kool-aid got a little too strong for my taste in the last few minutes of this video. I’m glad to see a new American car company doing so well regardless of the cult-like followers of Elon Musk but I do think it is hazardous to not maintain a critical eye on the actual products. Videos like this surely “rally the base” as they say but are likely turn off a lot of people who are shall we say “still undecided.” The average person is going to be watching this video, liking the car, right up to the Elon-gasm at the end where it becomes very hard to relate for the non-indoctrinated.

Right they are: To do everything I can to buy this car in the video – please crowdfund me around $50,000 (to take care of pesky things like $2,500 paint option (they DID show the red one after all)), delivery, and sales taxes.

That’s almost everything I think I can do to try to buy this vehicle with someone else’s money. Heck it works for politicians.

I don’t know what went horribly wrong in your life where you went from a braggard wanna-be baller talking about your expensive Cadillac ELR, to begging for money to buy a TM3 and whining about paint costs. But it really has nothing to do with the Model 3.