Top 10 Features Of The Tesla Model 3, Plus 1 Huge Problem: Video


We especially like the little-known point about the backup camera.

There’s a lot to like about the Tesla Model 3. For one thing — and this is, of course, our top item — it’s electric. This means it doesn’t pollute the air it drives through and the electricity used to power it is created by increasingly cleaner methods. While those of us who have driven the car probably all have a few more items we could readily rattle off, this video (above) discusses a list of ten especially great features.

Appearing on the extremely popular Vehicle Virgins YouTube channel, the clip brings up a number of points many might not have thought of mentioning. The first item, for example, talks about the standard 18-inch wheels the car is fitted with from the factory. Actually, our host focuses mostly on the wheel cover. Echoing the supposed words of an engineering executive from the automaker, he says the aerodynamic covers can increase efficiency by up to 10 percent. This is a claim that many have challenged and the evidence appears to indicate the change is somewhat less. He also points out that if you don’t like the look of the plastic cover, they are easily removable and the wheel beneath is actually quite nice.

What’s The Huge Problem?

As you can tell from our title here, he did find a flaw with the car. Covered in a separate video (below) this deals with the attractiveness of the Model 3 to thieves. They aren’t stealing the entire car, usually. What they are doing, especially in San Francisco, is breaking into them and stealing items left in the trunk. Check out the video for more detail, but this is a valid point, and one that Tesla could and should address.

Overlooked Feature

Interestingly, one of the top 10 features was not the over-the-air (OTA) updates. To our mind, this is an often overlooked bonus. Typically when you buy a car, you weigh the value of what you get against the price tag. In the case of vehicles from California automaker, however, the features and abilities of the vehicle are not a static thing. An update can dramatically improve your car’s Autopilot abilities, for instance. Probably the most famous example of OTA improvement occurred after complaints were made about uneven stopping distances. An OTA apparently fixed the problem, resulting in more consistent and shorter stopping distances.

Check out the videos and let us know in Comments if there are any impressive features you feel were missed.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dem Aero wheels be dern sexy.

I removed mine at the service center during my delivery. I brought my center caps and lug nut covers with me.
They covers made the drive home in the trunk 🙂

They don’t bother me as much.

The aero wheel covers are a stroke of genius.

1st, you get a very lightweight (only 21 pounds each) and efficient alloy mag wheels as standard equipment to use as your daily driver.

2nd, you also get the easily removable and range increasing aero covers to put on when doing long-range road trips.

It’s a win, win.

wow. that is a stroke of genius on YOUR part.
That is like I do not keep the spare tire in my Highlander and before that, by Prelude, UNLESS I am going on a long trip (or offroad). The reason is that the likelihood of a fast flat (i.e. blow-out) is slim. So, I will simply call for help if needed, which is more likely for the engine having issues over the tire.
No sense carrying extra weight.

By all accounts, those hubcaps increase the range by 10 miles

Unbelievable, isn’t it?

He sounds/talks like he is auditioning for Motorweek. I keep expecting him to cut to Pat Goss.


I sincerely hope he doesn’t get the job. Motorweek is too good!

White looks the best, IMO.

White with the 18’s and no wheel covers, or Blue with the 19’s and silver wheels look very stunning in person. The paint color contrasts vs. the wheel color makes a big difference.

But that problem happens in EVERY car.

“Hired more people, fired more people” Same people? This guy is not very bright IMO.

1 Huge Problem —

Same window layout, same folding seats — a Honda Civic sedan (and a Ford Fusion Sedan, and I’m sure plenty of others) ‘would’ have the same huge problem — except they don’t. … Maybe check to see how the ‘legacies’ handled it, .. hmmmmm?

/they put the seatback latch IN the trunk
//maybe ol’ Sandy Munro would have known this one ahead of time..


1. Sure, the wheels are cool but this car is amazingly prone to curb rash. The hubs stick out more than the tires do, so instead of scuffing the tires, you get rims with curb rash.

2. The phone entry is a disaster. I have to buy a new $1000 phone just to make this work??? You have to be kidding. The key FOB should have been free to FIX THIS BOTCH, but instead costs $150 and does not even do proximity entry (like every other frigging new car on the planet).

3. It has autopilot on entry level??? No it does not. That’s $5000 extra.

No money left over for the phone, huh?
Can’t you do a car cash out refinancing or something? Second mortgage?

The second video has given me some ideas. I, too, just had the “San Francisco treatment” done to my rear window. They didn’t attempt to fold the back seat down, I suspect because the employees at the restaurant we were at interrupted them.

1. Lock the back seats place. I rarely use that feature, and a simple padlock with a wire should do it.

2. I actually cut a plastic replacement window for the rear smashed one. I had to, the replacement window has a long lead time from Tesla (I wonder why). The plastic is break resistant. The old window was glued into place. Now I am thinking that perhaps I will just clean up the old mount (has broken glass glued to it), and glue the plastic window into place. Thus saving the repair cost and making the window breakproof at the same time.

Why not use laminated glass for these small windows, then it would be a lot harder to break them.

I wish that Tesla would consider bringing the CAN fully to the 2 side mirrors and then make it easy for the mirrors to be replaced by small cameras. Supposedly, they are quite a hit in terms of aerodynamics. While Tesla can not sell them with Cameras, we CAN replace the mirrors.