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JUL 6 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Plug-in electric car sales in the US are approaching 350,000 units. At the end of June the number was over 345,000.

Year 2015 is the worst ever in terms of growth. In June, the sales drop hit a record high of 16% over 2014.

The overall market shrank by over 3% in the first half of the year. New models on the market and a rush of Tesla Model S sales (up over 50%) didn’t make up for the drop of LEAF, Volt and Plug-In Prius.

The second half of the year has the potential to rebuild, but that all depends on the 2016 Volt rollout, Model X and and an improved offering from Nissan.

As of today, average market share of electric cars is at about 0.64%.

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2015

U.S. Plug-In Car Sales – June 2015

There are over 20 pure electric or plug-in hybrid cars on the market.

Here are Top 10 models (in terms of total sales), since December 2010:

TOP 10 U.S. Plug-In Cars

TOP 10 U.S. Plug-In Cars

Some of the EVs, available from the beginning, have had a clear advantage in the above graphs over the newcomers. Let’s now check which models are selling the best so far this year:

TOP 10 U.S. Plug-In Cars (2015 only)

TOP 10 U.S. Plug-In Cars (2015 only)

All data based on InsideEVs’ Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

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In June in Norway, the Mitsu Outlander sold 421 copies. The VW Golf GTE another 355 cars. And the Renault Zoe sold 431.

These three models sold 1217 copies in Norway in just one month.

None of these models is offered in the U.S.

In Europe as a whole (through May), some 22,558 Outlander Phev, VW GTE and Zoe have been sold.

Maybe we’re just not selling the “hot” EVs here in the good ole U.S. (Happy Birthday, by the way)

Lots of theories for the drop in U.S plug-in sales including the idea that perhaps Leaf and Volt waited too long to redesign.

Looks like all the ‘hot’ plug-ins are for sale in Europe.

The ZOE might be a little small for the US market but the Outlander PHEV would certainly sell great and the GTE should OK.

Getting those cars to market would help sales here.

And there is also lots of Osborne effect going on now. The 30KWH LEAF on the way supposedly. The newly redesigned 2016 Volt coming soon. The Bolt is getting press and the Model X coming in a couple months. The Model 3 getting a lot of press . . . all those not-quite-here yet cars are probably slowing sales of the current ~80 mile range EVs.

And damn it Fiat . . . add SAE-CCS do you damn Fiat 500e.

I’d also like to suggest the possibility that the market is running out of early adopters who don’t already have one, and is still in the process of transitioning to the mainstream market. That’s why I think that the new Volt looking like a Civic is arguably a good thing.

With EV sales continuing to exceed 10,000 per month, there doesn’t appear to be a shortage of new purchasers. With a number of new EV models about to be released in the next few months (in US), a few buyers are likely delaying a purchase.

We’ll have to wait and see how new Volt, Model X, LEAF and other PEV updates effect EV sales this fall.

We shouldn’t even look at numbers frim before 2011. Those small numbers dont show actual demand only the amount of cars produced to sell in a handfull of states. I drove a Mini E in 2009-2010, ordered a Leaf the very first day you could in April 2010 but didn’t receive it until Jan 2012. I was so tired of waiting, i would have bought another EV but none where available yet. Even today, many EVs i would consider are not available in NJ and its too much of a hassle to get one from another state. We can only truly judge the demand for EVs when they are available in all 50 states. Does Ford only sell Mustangs in certain states? Or Chevy not sell Corvettes in certain areas? Damn CARB compliance credits!

Kudos to Tesla Motors, the Model S is third best selling PEV ever, and the top selling PEV for the first half of 2015!

I think the USA EV and PHEV market will break the 1% barrier of total sales later this year and there will be no looking back from there.

Plug-in EV sales might well break the 1% barrier in month-to-month sales this Fall, but I rather doubt one quarter of good sales, after three seasons of mediocre sales, will be sufficient to bring the annual average up to 1% of all automobile sales.

In the second half of 2015 the sales numbers will increase. Total sales in 2015 will be at least 125,000.

Wow! Tesla is the highest priced vehicle at twice the price of every other car listed and it is still the highest selling plug-in car in the US. An incredible accomplishment for this being their first car they have manufactured.

I do not think we need more European cars there are enough cars out there. I think the EVs here are enough. There really is not that big of demand for EVs. As long as gas is cheap EVs are not going to sell much. I also do not see the wisdom of buying a plug in prius that gets 9 miles of EV driving or trying to upgrade an older prius to plugin. Leave the hybrids alone. If you want an EV buy an EV or a Volt. In these cities you at least need 40 miles of EV driving to get away from gas. 20 miles or less does not make it. Also the prius does not go fast in EV the Volt does. If new battery technology comes out all EVs may be upgraded but not hybrids. Hybrid electric motors are too small.