Top 10 Autopilot Do’s And Dont’s Presented By DragTimes – Video


Don't Use Autopilot Here

Don’t Use Autopilot Here

Tesla’s Autopilot system has been the focus of intense scrutiny of late due to several crashes where the the Tesla drivers have claimed the system failed to do its job properly.

In all fairness, most of the time, the system was used incorrectly, so the resulting crashes aren’t really Autopilot’s fault.

The folks over at DragTimes decided to put together a rather comprehensive video on the Top 10 do’s and don’t of Autopilot. Consider it a primer n proper Autopilot usage.

Video description:

“We demonstrate when we decide TO use and NOT use the Tesla autopilot system in a Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous during an early morning commute in Miami, Florida.”

Source: DragTimes

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What do you mean with ‘most of the time’ ?

LOL, he’s using standard Tesla Apologist boilerplate.

You would think, after the crashes, that they could admit Autopilot was a bad idea and move on. It’s not like anyone has to use autopilot unless they want to. Tesla’s are still amazing cars if you don’t mind the constant repairs.

Heh, I guess since I’m a GM person due to having family employed by them, I’m rather accustomed to admitting a company’s faults. But I just drive GM cars, it’s not like I’m a fanboy…

What repairs are you talking about?? I drove my Tesla 50K miles now on my second 7K miles no one repair only tires changed. How. Tesla reliability compare with the car you drive if you don’t mind to share with us.

Hope you don’t have one of those GM vehicles with the defective ignition switch. The ones GM knew were defective, but didn’t replace until they started getting sued for deaths (plural).

Autopilot, when used according to the directions on the screen (yeah, we have to read) is safer than a human driver. Tell me how you could have stopped when a truck driver blows through a stop sign and crosses the highway perpendicular to your vehicle. You, too, would be a convertible, just like the Tesla driver. It happens all the time, but it’s not news-worthy. I’ve seen it in real life and it ain’t fun.

Jacked — Off the wall comments like yours simply fail to address the actual facts of the record of Autopilot.

You would think, after seeing videos of the crashes that Autopilot has avoided, that folks like you could admit Autopilot is a great idea that can only get better with wireless updates, and move on.

You would think, after the crashes drivers get into without Autopilot, that they could admit that driving a car without some form of Autopilot was a bad idea and move on.

You guys keep implying that Autopilot has never prevented an accident, which is false. You guys also keep implying that any system that fails to prevent 100% of accidents should not be used. That is also absurdly false.

Oh, well if there are videos of Autopilot avoiding “crashes” then it must be ready for mass deployment!

European point of view

The only one to pretend to be an “Autopilot” is the Teslie one .
BTW M.Musk failed to deliver his “SECRET MASTER PLAN 2” (sic) last week .

It’s top secret and we don’t need to know 😉

He’s been admittedly “procrastinating” with SpaceX stuff, CRS-9, point window, night launch and landing, spectacular stuff!

This stuff:


I heard all about the details of Tesla’s Secret Master Plan 2. It must just be “European point of view” that they aren’t telling….


Autopilot does exactly what it says it does.. I mean, if you’re flying an airplane and you turn on autopilot, what does it do? It just keeps you going in one direction. It doesn’t land the plane or do course corrections. (Well, maybe some of the more modern planes do, but historically, you know what I mean)


Even if autopilot does land the plane, at least one pilot needs to be in control of the aircraft at all times. They can’t go out back and flirt with the flight attendants, and then blame the plane when it crashes.

So if it’s exactly like the one on a plane, what does the driver do when the automatic pilot deflates? Take his eyes off the road to blow it?

I don’t know. Do you look away from the skies when you blow your autopilot in your plane?

Airplane (the movie) reference spotted !

David Murray said:

“…if you’re flying an airplane and you turn on autopilot… It doesn’t land the plane or do course corrections.”

Sure, but facts and logic never stopped anyone from ranting about something they know nothing about on the Internet.

In this case, neither did it stop Consumer Reports from getting out over their skis and publishing an article based on the fallacy that they understand how Autopilot/AutoSteer works better than Tesla does.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“Sure, but facts and logic never stopped anyone from ranting about something they know nothing about on the Internet.”

That’s really ironic coming from you, the man who rants that Tesla is a profitable company after every quarterly earnings report showing a net loss. Face palm.


You’re not kidding anybody.

Pushmi-Pullyu makes some of the best contributions to these discussions. He is fair-minded, well informed, and enthusiastic about the EV revolution.

Pushmi’s comments are often more interesting and insightful than the articles themselves. They’re well-written, too.

es, unlike sven whose usual carpet-bombing Tesla negativity exposes his agenda here.


Actually, at appropriately-equipped airports, autopilot can land a plane without further human input. It requires additional hardware on the ground (probably for accurate location, speed and direction determinations).

He told me about Master Plan 2, but I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.

It was a secret Reveal. If he told you, he’d have to kill you.

Autopilot is impossible to use correctly all of the time, as the subconscious brain is constantly fighting to preserve power by turning off unnecessary topics for attention. Thus, many people will eventually pay less attention to the road while on Autopilot, even if they consciously try to avoid this outcome. The airline industry, as well as Google’s own autonomous testing, has shown this.

It’s funny that, when a crash is imminent and the user takes control of the car, the resulting crash is not a fault of Autopilot because it had just been disabled. However, if the driver doesn’t take control, they are blamed for not properly supervising Autopilot.

How true. If the Florida Tesla driver who t-boned the 18-wheeler had seen the truck at the last second and slammed on the brakes one second before impact, Elon would have tweeted that Autopilot was off at the time of the crash, the driver had control of the car, and for statistical purposes the death should not be counted as a death while using Autopilot when computing the safety of Autopilot per miles driven.

Four Electrics posted more FUD:

“It’s funny that, when a crash is imminent and the user takes control of the car, the resulting crash is not a fault of Autopilot because it had just been disabled.”

What a sterling example of the FUD that Tesla haters make up. Sometimes they’re quite creative! Did you make that up yourself, “Four Electrics”, or did you read it on Seeking Alpha?

And hey, Mr. Tesla Hater, if you think that Autopilot is really capable enough to actually be able to detect when “a crash is imminent”, then you have awesomely over-estimated the current capability of Autopilot!

But of course, you don’t honestly believe that, do you? Your short-seller FUD isn’t about your honest opinions; it’s just about what you think you can get away with stating or suggesting that at least some casual readers might actually swallow.

Four Electrics-

In any case, I expect the driver to be fully responsible for controlling the vehicle at all times.

Well said, but I fear the armor of belief worn by Tesla Fanboys is impervious to your logical arguements.

I paraphrased some of the rules out of the FAA handbook on using Autopilot for airplanes. I think they pretty much cover everything you need to keep in mind when using Autopilot in a car too: 1) While the autopilot relieves you from manually manipulating the [driving] controls, you must maintain vigilance over the system to ensure that it performs the intended functions 2) Be ready to [drive the car] manually 3) As with all automated systems, you must remain aware of the overall situation. Never assume that [Autopilot] cues are following a route or course that is free from error 4) The first priority for a [Driver] always is to [drive the car] 5) Verification of the autopilot mode and engagement status of the autopilot is a necessary technique for maintaining awareness 6) While it is easy to be complacent and let down your guard, you must continuously monitor and stay aware of automated systems status and function 7) In addition to learning how to use the Autopilot, you must also learn WHEN to use it [and know the rules of when Autopilot] should or should not be used 8) The competent [driver] is ready and prepared to make… Read more »
Nix, the issues of distraction while driving have been around since kids, wife’s, and radio have been in cars! Lately, cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers, gave seem to be additional elements to blame! Many people will say if you use autopilot, the Brain will ultimately relax, loose focus, or even ignore safety matters! For those reasons, they say, Autopilot in the Tesla is Dangerous, because it is no better than a driver. I say, if you let your Teenager drive your car, while you are with them, and you go to sleep while the are driving, if they loose control, and they crash, you crash too! Autopilot is still like a Teen Driver, and needs to be watched, and if they get in trouble, you need to assist or take over, but the Teen in this case, does not occupy the drivers seat, you do! So, taking over should be far easier! Also, the cost of installing an aircraft autopilot system starts above $7,000, and moves up to $20,000+ for little airplanes, and none of them will avoid a mid-air collision, avoid crashing into a mountain, keep the plane flying if you run out of fuel, automatically land the… Read more »

When I hear the argument that Autopilot will relax the driver, and allow the driver to become inattentive, I keep thinking about light rock radio stations.

It could definitely be argued that light rock (or smooth jazz) can relax some drivers, and allow them to become inattentive.

That’s why I advocate that radio stations only be allowed to broadcast nothing but straight up hard-core gangsta rap. Preferably above 130 beats per minute. Also, all radios should come with the volume knob turned up to 11 at the factory, and then have to assembly line worker rip the knob off.

That will keep drivers from nodding off.


Seriously though, I agree that people have some basic misunderstandings of how autopilot works in planes. When they misapply their misunderstandings about autopilot in planes to the Tesla Autopilot system, they get it wrong.

Heck, autopilot in planes won’t even automatically prevent stalling when the plane is climbing!

Like all new technology, there will have to be quite a bit of education to go around. Sure Tesla will have to do a better job at leading drivers to that water, but ultimately it is up to the driver to decide to drink. And some drivers simply shouldn’t be behind the wheel regardless of whether the car has Autopilot or not. Nothing will change that.

Excellent comment, Robert.

Nice video. Something similar should be provided by TESLA to all owners before enabling autopilot on their car.

Agreed. Should have to watch it on the screen, while the car is stopped, before you can engage it for the first time.

And then be required to watch it once every year or two, like all the “compliance” videos I have to watch at work…..

That’s a great video! Very informative! We will see where the tech is by the time my Model 3 reservation comes up…

Maybe an educational video should be produced by Tesla and require all Tesla owners to log on and watch before allowed to use the system would help the few minorities from screwing it up.

I have never ever needed a video to understand how to operate any vehicle. Yes, I have had instruction. Just not a video. Being shown how to do something with immediate feedback is better than a non-interactive video. For example, a video game would probably be more instructional.

How about an interactive video (while in park) using the actual controls?

That would be cool, until some idiot disengages the training program during a scenario, flew across the driveway and killed somebody… /sarc.