Tomorrow, InsideEVs Will Look New – Here’s Some Of What To Expect


Out with the old. In with the new.

In the overnight hours, will undergo a redesign. A fresh, new look will appear before you by morning, both on desktop and mobile.

But fear not, as functionally the site will remain very close to the same.

At the top of the new site, you’ll still find the ever-so important tabs, including our hugely popular scorecard.

Top Of New Site Navigation – Including Compare EVs And Sales Scorecard

We’ll now have a lead article that appears first and looks like this:

A bit further down the page InsideEVs has a new feature article area with a “More” tab capable of displaying eight of our hottest posts.

Note The “More” Functionality – Click It To See Additional Hot Articles Starting Tomorrow

Click the three bars (not active now) seen at the right of this image:

  And you’ll see this:

Lastly, Categories and Tags can be found at the bottom of each article and are linked like this:

And here’s a preview of what it will look like on mobile. Note there are 5 lead stories that can be selected by touching the dots in the bottom right.

Other than all of that, InsideEVs will continue on with business as usual, as we’ve done for almost six years now.

*As with all transitions, we expect to encounter some bugs, which we’ll fix as they surface.

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Will article comments be pushed into the forums, or remain close beneath the articles?

Same as now. No changes at this point.

Can we at least *block* certain userids and their comments. Please.

We have many blocked or moderated and we add to it almost daily. There’s over 1,000 comments every day and I read each one. It requires much editing, and deleting, etc. However, we want people to be able to share their opinions, feelings, stance, frustrations freely without being moderated/stifled to a reasonable extent. It’s a fine line that we walk every day.

But you are still more than welcome to come to the Forum and discuss articles.

Come to the Forum side we have cookies an edit button. 🙂


How exciting! Looking forward to the new design.

Also, as a graphic designer in a marketing department, I’d like to emphasize that the new logo is MUCH better. 😉


The re-design looks great, that,together with insideEV’s easy to read and succinct articles will keep me coming back.

As an amateur graphic designer, I agree the new logo is MUCH better. Congratulations to InsideEVs for the facelift!

Here’s hoping the functionality remains as good (fingers crossed!).

I hope it will still be easy to browse older articles, and not just 8 “featured” articles.

Never ending waterfall on front page. Well, it ends, but I’ve never gotten that far.

As far as what I’ve seen till now (screenshots), I prefer the old design. I kind of like this “old school” layout.

Instead of a “more” button, it would be nice to have a right arrow button to scroll through the other stories.

Then again, what happens when you click more?

Same as what you’re suggesting. It scrolls right.

Will the mobile version change?


It will look new, like the redesigned desktop site, but work mostly the same as the current site.

Any comment section updates? Disqus implementation?

My only beef with the site …

Not at this point. We are very happy with our seamless, simple comment setup and our community. Many competing sites have turned comments off, which we never plan to do. There are too many issues at this point to move to Disqus. After the redesign, we will always remain open to other options, but for now, it’s not part of the redesign. The redesign is a facelift, not an interface change.

I prefer the comment section as it is. While an edit button would be preferable it’s not a huge issue


Every site I’ve seen with Disqus seemed to require a bunch of JavaScript to be enabled unnecessarily.

Looking forward to the refresh.
Any chance we you will be making mods to your advertising widgets? The current ones constantly spam my phone with “Congrats XYZ Phone user, you are a winner.” Or, “Warning XYZ user our systems have detected you have a virus.”

I have to go into incognito mode to read the current mobile site with being barraged by these less scruplpous advertisers.

I have had this happen as well, but it is not specific to Inside EVs.

These ads will usually first pop up on unrelated, less reputable sites and will. Then it will store cookie data on your phone and follow you around the web if you accidentally click on them.

I read that clearing your browsing history or blocking all cookies makes them go away. I wasn’t willing to block ALL cookies but whenever I see one of these I clear my browser history. It seems to work! And now I see them very rarely. (Maybe once a month instead of several times a week)

Hopefully the redesign will also include a favicon.ico in the site root as well. Let’s see that logo in the browser tabs!


Considering the number of times Bj0rn Nyland shows up here, you might want to validate those extra characters will render with the new font; the accented O is blank in your sample.

I’m guessing the “Apple | Aston Martin | … | VW” topic menu is going to disappear from the top, as part of what appears to me to be aiming for (and, from these previews, succeeding at) making the site look more professional?

Well, I’ve been asking for the “Faraday” link there to disappear, but I wasn’t expecting that to happen at the expense of the entire topic menu disappearing! 😯

Will there be a way to access the topic menu with the new page design? Perhaps at least a “Topic Menu” link at the bottom of the page?

The “topic”/ category menu won’t be there at launch. However, it’s important to us, too. So, as we get used to the refreshed site and read comments and work out the bugs, it’s one of our priorities (among other things) to find a home for that. Perhaps a drop-down menu of sorts or a link to it. We shall see! It will be a bit of a work in progress in the initial days.

Horrible update. Have only tried the mobile version so far but the userfriendlyness is a lot worse than before.

Why? Why? Why?

Why break something that were great?

They just finished. We have only begun to assure there are no bugs. It’s not instantaneous.

The bugs are not the problem. The design is the problem.

And now I have tried the normal non-mobile site too and it also sucks compared to the last design.

Why the fu** do you have to make good things worse? What is the fixation with redesigning for the sake of redesigning while make the user experience worse?

+1 for fixing/updating the comments section. Maybe just a direct link “discuss in forums” and no comments section.

DISQUS is not perfect, but what are your issues with it? Works reasonably.

I’m not a fan of the new layout. The lead article image and the “featured” strip occupy the height of a fullHD screen in its entirety, meaning they are all I see when I visit the site… and I have zero interest in using either of them. I am interested in the chronological list of articles further down. From a usability/user experience standpoint, I consider the new design a step backwards.

That said, the visual design is quite pleasant, especially while inside an article. The reading area is less squashed, the text is more readable, and the site as a whole is less busy.

Overall, it’s okay. I’ll have to scroll more, but I guess I’ll just have to learn to deal with it.

I second that.

Visually easy on the eye, but worse for usability.

Our goal was visual appeal and updated look. Usability will increase as we are already addressing a list of issues related to that!

“The lead article image and the “featured” strip occupy the height of a fullHD screen in its entirety, meaning they are all I see when I visit the site… and I have zero interest in using either of them. I am interested in the chronological list of articles further down. ”

You can blame WordPress for that general trend in website design. All of their top “themes” are based upon a big photo landing page with content below that you have to scroll to. It is all the rage on the internet these days, with text-heavy and menu-heavy landing pages common since the 1990s falling out of favor.

The redesign is a facelift, not an interface change.

Wow, this is terrible. All the pictures a stretched sideways and a lot of wasted white space between every article. Havent looked on my computer but on my S3, it’s horrible…..

Please please go back to original layout, inside ev title is tiny why, I think I’m in the plug in sales scorecard website! I love reading your articles, it was pleasantly set out, and you could easily take in all the information, the pages are now just distracting especially those stupid colours at the bottom ☹️

I like the charging battery icon indicating more content loading. Cute!

The reading experience from a laptop is very good! Much better than before. Bottomless story scrolling is nice, and multiple open stories are taking up less computer resources, and ads seem less intrusive on resources.

Scrolling even seems smoother (might be a side effect of less intrusive resource consumption?)

Two thumbs up.

Thanks so much. I fully agree with all of the above.

Awful! Too spread out. It was nice and compact before. Typical American business: Once they have a good thing going — they change it.

There was no need for this. Go back to the old look. Cozy, neat, easy to navigate. (Fat chance of that of course…) Ultimately, sad.