Today is National Battery Day (w/video)


Today, February 18, is National Battery Day.  This is the day when we’re to celebrate the creation of the battery.

As National Day Calendar says of today:

“Get a charge out of today, it is National Battery Day! Celebrated each year on February 18th, this day recognizes and acknowledges a great invention that would be hard to live without. Batteries are used in many things in our everyday lives.”

In 1748, Benjamin Franklin coined the term battery.

Boy we’ve come a long way since then.

As Smart states:

“Today is National Battery Day (yes, this is a real day)! So to celebrate, instead of putting some batteries in the freezer (by the way, that doesn’t actually make them last longer), take a look at this video about the amazing battery that powers the smart electric drive. It’s worth the 53 seconds. Trust us.”

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Brought to you by Ray-O-Vac, Ever Ready, Energizer, Duracell… And the letter “B”. 😉

Lol. Hmm. I wonder if he got the idea from the military battery, as in a battery of artillery, withe all the cannons lined up in a row like plates in a battery.

Actually he did. He had a half a dozen Leyden jar type of cells lined up on a table and joked that it was his “battery” as the rounded cells reminded him of cannon lined up for battle.

Ah, thanks.