Today Is “Be Electrific Day” – Let’s Celebrate By Dancing On The Carpet


Chev Volt Celebrates Be Electrific Day

Chev Volt Celebrates Be Electrific Day

Apparently, today marks a day worthy of celebration: Be Electrific Day.

Be Electrific Today

Be Electrific Today

That’s right.  February 11 is officially Be Electrific Day.

So, what are we supposed to be celebrating on this electrific day?

“A day to honor the birth of Thomas Alva Edison and recognize his electrical inventions, including the lightbulb. It is also the day to discover our own “body electricity.”

Alrighty then.  In honor of that, we’ll go along with Chevrolet in “celebrating the innovators and the ingenuity that changes the world.”

If ever there was a day that you we’re going to be electrific, today’s apparently the day.

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We will celebrate by doing our usual Tuesday drive-arounds: school-volunteering (by my one and only) and kid-picking-up-from-climbing-team (by yours truly), both in our 2012 Leaf, totaling around 25-30 miles which is above our daily average.

In other words: the future is the new normal.

Edison was a d*ck. Would much rather celebrate Tesla. 😉

Reminds me of a utility sponsored education campaign I saw when I was a kid in the 70’s that’s stuck with me ever since. “Me – lectricity” I can still hum the melody, so this stuff does stick…..

What are you supposed to do for Edison day? Electrocute some house pets?
(Look it up, Edison really did this.)

there were frogs… he resarched nerves and found they were controlled by electricity, so what? You do the same things in biology today.

Uh, no. Not just frogs. Elephants. There are videos on YouTube. He was a sadistic f–k.

I wonder if Hallmark has created a card for this yet.