To Increase Tourism, Nevada Will Install More Charging Stations


Here’s a reason for installing charging stations that hadn’t crossed our minds before: to drive up tourism.

The Amount of Energy it Takes to Light That All Up Could Probably Power Thousands of EVs for Decades

The Amount of Energy it Takes to Light That All Up Could Probably Power Thousands of EVs for Decades

Nevada is not home to loads of plug-in vehicles, but nearby California sure is.

Nevada is now thinking that by installing perhaps hundreds of charging stations in cities such as Las Vegas and Reno, as well as near its border with California, will entice Californias vast plug-in population to cross the border for a few nights stay.

The logic seems sound and the process is already underway.

The cities of Reno, Carson City and Las Vegas have a decent amount of charging stations and more are being installed as each month passes by.  Ceasars Entertainment added 16 chargers last month, including several in the Lake Tahoe area (Nevada side).  There are chargers at some of Nevada’s RV parks and there’s even one is a city called Stateline (wanna guess where that’s located?).

Be it to drive up tourism or for some other reason entirely, as long as chargers continue to pop up across the US, we could care less why they’re being put in the ground.

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While I applaud more chargers getting installed, no casinos on the strip have added public chargers in years. There is one near Mandalay Bay, one in the Palazzo, and one in the Venetian. That’s it. All the new chargers are being installed behind valet, and the casinos will only charge if you’re staying at the resort. It’s good they’re being placed behind valet – it makes more efficient use of the installed equipment. If someone drives into Vegas in their Model S on a Friday afternoon you don’t want them hogging a charger until they leave on Sunday. But for Vegas residents like me, it doesn’t do us much good. The downside with the chargers off the strip is that they’re not being installed where people will actually use them. A bicycle shop recently installed one, but you aren’t going to park your car there while you shop for hours for a bike. A lot of businesses have installed them in private lots for their employees, so the Plug Share notes indicate that you have to check with a few people before you can use them. Only one place in Vegas has chargers where you’ll stay for more than an… Read more »

Eric, why would you want to care less??? 😛

I hope that at least a few of these chargers will be DC fast chargers. Then my Leaf can visit Nevada!