Tips For Drag Racing Your Tesla Model S P85D – Video


“This is a video just giving you a few tips on how to drag race your Tesla Model S P85D for maximum performance. Also how to get a good race because most will not want to possibly get beat by an electric car, especially if Go-pro’s are already attached.” -Video’s description. 

Hang on!!!

Hang on!!!

The video above discusses what you should and should not do when racing your Tesla Model S P85D.

This video is similar to the 7 rules when racing your Dodge Challenger or Charger SRT Hellcat.

The gist: Put the Model S in “Insane” mode, and when the light turns green, mash the accelerator pedal… Thank you Nick Howe!

The P85D is up against a turbocharged S197 Mustang GT from the 2005-09 timeframe. Being familiar with the Mustang community, we’re still not sure what was actually under the hood of that Mustang… You’d be surprised how crazy (in a good way) some of these Mustang-ers are!

Regardless, the Mustang was no match for the 691 horsepower, 5,000 LBS Model S P85D.

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What the heck is a “Go-pro”? Ah, it means camcorder. Thank you, Mr. Google.

What the heck is a camcorder?


To be fair, you’d need to race a Mustang that dropped $100,000 into a $20,000 shell. And he may have done just that.

It’s nice to see swishhhhh beat the noise of a V8.

The Mustang GT starts at $33K and the P85D starts at $105K so the Mustang only gets a $70K allowance. That Mustang in the video did put some money in but not nearly that much.

Also what was that comment in the video that the racing officials wouldn’t let the Tesla run in Insane Mode?

Tracks have rules for what safety devices you have to have installed on your car based upon how fast it is.

Go too fast, and they won’t let you race unless you start installing stuff like roll cages, battery cutoffs, transmission covers, driveshaft loops, special fireproof clothing, even parachutes and an NHRA drag license if you go really fast. The faster you go, the more safety measures you have to have.

So insane mode is considered by those officials as being to fast but a supercharger on the Mustang isn’t? Is it that they approximately know what speeds the Mustang will achieve so they allow it? Or did the Mustang have some of the required safety features the Tesla did not?

Just curious because I really don’t know the details on amateur racing.

Well, the Tesla was faster, and the rules are based upon ET and MPH. So the faster car would face safety requirements that the slower car wouldn’t.

And we don’t know what safety features the Mustang had installed. It definitely isn’t stock.

The NHRA has rules, and then local tracks can have their own rules too, based upon their own local track conditions and track configuration.

“It’s nice to see swishhhhh beat the noise of a V8.”

Instead of wasting massive amounts of energy as heat and noise, the Tesla instead puts that energy to the wheels.

I suspect that seasoned drag racers don’t like Tesla’s because they are taking all the fun out of the sport. It takes no skill to race one. You see a Tesla and you know exactly how fast it is going to be, so what is the point? No drama, no surprise. Maybe one day people will mod them, and race them against each other, and that will be more interesting.

It really shows just how antiquated the ICE powered cars are.

Exactly. In the comments after a lot of these videos of Tesla’s beating an ICE you will see people complaining about how the ICE driver didn’t operate the ‘launch control’ system properly and thus got a bad start.

Well yeah . . . isn’t that part of the point? The ICE is a kludgey system that requires drivers to operate a sophisticated mechanism just to get a decent start?

I think that you are the one missing the point. People don;t engage in sports because it’s easy. There needs to be some level of personal challenge and uncertainty about the outcome, otherwise it’s boring.

Tesla and drag racing… It’s like bringing a gun to a knife fight.