Timeline For Availability Of Parts For Fisker Karma Owners Still Unknown – Karma Relaunch Set For 2015?


A "New" Day is Upon Us - Says Fisker's New Website

A “New” Day is Upon Us – Says Fisker’s New Website

Fisker Logo

Fisker Logo

We don’t often cover Fisker at InsideEVs these days.  Why? Well, there’s been no real developments.  Sure, there’s been a mention here or there of some lofty future plans, but nothing concrete has surfaced in some time now.

Since there’s little in the way of real news to report, we figured we’d highlight some of the “developments” in recent months at Fisker.

Back in late August, Green Car Reports posted the following in an article titled “Fisker Karma Owners Can Soon Buy Spare Parts, Wanxiang Says” –

“Owners of the 2012 Fisker Karma range-extended electric luxury car got some good news last week: The company that now owns the carmaker has promised that supplies of spare parts will soon become available.”

The news came via Linyun Frank Qi, Wanxiang’s Fisker coordinator, who stated the following on the Fisker Owners Club on Facebook:

“…is settling and still negotiating with over 300 suppliers, most of them are good to go now which means we will soon have access to all the parts and also means you will soon have access to them too.”

That may have been real news were it not for Fisker’s president, Roger Brown, denying the truthfulness of Qi’s post:

“Roger Brown, the new Fisker president, said in an email to The News Journal that a Wanxiang employee had made the posting “on his own” and declined to comment on it, other than to confirm that Fisker now has 80 employees. Called for comment, Qi authenticated the message but deferred comment to Brown.”

More recently, the latest Fisker development is that production of Karma will begin next year, but that the re-introduced Karma will basically be identical to the now-outdated 2012 model:

The “new” Karma that California-based Fisker, acquired by Wanxiang earlier this year, is rushing to finish is based largely on the 2012 model, said the people, who asked not to be identified. Wanxiang’s top U.S. executive said in February the Karma would be reintroduced within a year.

“It will have to be nearly identical to the 2012 model, or it would need to go through (safety) testing and certification again,” a person close to Fisker’s suppliers said. “I don’t think they want to put a lot of engineering into it either, as well as probably use up some of the old parts that are in inventory.”

“Fisker does not plan to simply reintroduce the 2012 Karma, a source close to Fisker said. “Not 100 percent identical,” the person said. “The new Karma will be different in many key areas. It will have noticeable upgrades.” He declined to provide details.”

So, we’ll get a new, old plug-in vehicle sometime next year.  Maybe…but there’s seems to be a problem behind the scenes too.  Several of the key Karma suppliers are either angry with Fisker over lost money, out of business or have removed all tooling from their facilities.

It seems there’s still much work that needs to be done before the Karma re-enters production.  We’re hopeful that the days comes when Karmas roll down the line again, but until there’s concrete news confirming that Fisker is moving forward, we remain somewhat doubtful.

Sources: Delaware Online & Green Car Reports & Automotive News

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Hopefully they at least solve the problems with the user interface if nothing else. That thing (from what I heard, not owning one) was a horrible nightmare

Well, it should still has the battery. Maybe it needs an engine upgrade. I am NOT sure if GM would continue to sell Fisker the same engine…

It certainly should use some major revamp in the interior to create more space…

Maybe lighter materials and more powerful motor/battery would help too…

Fiskers just look like some sort of squashed Pontiac Grand Prix to me.

Besides, Bieber already ruined this image of this car for everyone.

It’s looking like a common story: Chinese company buys a western brand on the cheap without looking under the hood, so to speak.

After they piss away some millions, it will die a natural death and the brand name will show up as a label on some domestic Chinese car to save face.

+1. Same thing with Saab.

The Karma wasn’t good when Fisker was in business. Why do these dreamers think a different captain can turn around a sunken ship?

Maybe Fisker should drop the gas motor with the 20 mile battery range and build a 200 mile range EV instead. In that by dropping the gas motor you would be dropping a level of complexity.

There is also another possibility if Firsker did this. Maybe they could subcontract with Tesla to have supper charger access on their Firkser’s and have the people who buy them pay the $2000 fee for Tesla super charger access. That way Firsker can surf off of the Tesla super charger system.

It sounds simple, but it would actually require a ground-up redesign. Not worth it.

They are better off spending that money getting the Atlantic into production.