Timelapse Video Of Busy Supercharger Site

DEC 23 2017 BY MARK KANE 29

It’s busy, busy, busy.

Norway is one of the most Supercharger-rich countries in Europe, home to more than 40 stations –  and to some of the largest ones (including a 42-stall giant under construction).

Tesla Supercharger in Nebbenes, Norway (source: Bjørn Nyland)

Bjørn Nyland recently recorded the 20-stall station in Nebbenes (there are three 20-stall stations in Norway) during a Sunday afternoon.

The site was quite busy with >15 cars at peak.

There was also a mysterious Tesla Model X with a trailer that visited several stalls (guess who that was?).

In the background you can see a set of multi-standard fast chargers (CHAdeMO, CCS Combo and AC Type 2) for other models.

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29 Comments on "Timelapse Video Of Busy Supercharger Site"

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Why does the guy with the trailer keep moving to different stalls? He tried at least three.

I was gonna say, he seems like a pain in the a$$..

Is the trailer guy washing windows?

From youtube comments, it’s to squeeze out more power. Sharing means less power for you as well as A vs B.

The guy with the trailer is actually Bjorn Nyland himself.

Secondly, I think he keeps moving so he doesn’t block any cars passage and doesn’t block more than one car stall …. quite courteous actually.

Epic, some cars just sitting there obviously not charging.

Well charging does take some time. Now take the camera to a gas station and compare and contrast.

How can you tell? Charging can take 30 min to one hour or more, depending on temperature etc. The video shows only 30 min. There is a restaurant on the side, behind the camera. If you order some food it will take at least 30 min from you arrive till you have gotten the food and eaten it.

Well Viking, I would guess it’s the cameraman himself with the trailer…

Lord of the interwebs

He needs a trailer to fit his camera…or his ego?

No, he needs the trailer to fit the enormity, that seems to be your ARSEssment!

Thank You, for another Excellent Video, Mr. Nyland!

So why park in so many stalls? Charge the car and then move the rig off to the side somewhere. There looks to be plenty of room.

So you can only buy Black Teslas is Norway?

With all the dirt of melting snow and rain I think black will be the best choice

Wouldn’t be the silver or gray be better than black?

Black is the worst color in a dirty environment. White is what you use. Sounds backward until you live in such a place

Incorrect. Silver is the best choice for hiding dirt. White is almost as bad as black.

Silver/grey hides dirt because dirt has the colour of grey. Even a clean grey car looks dirty. Grey is the colour of dirt, remember..
I find much more joy in washing a car with a nice colour. At least it looks nice when clean.

“At least it looks nice when clean”

That’s why grey is the best color for a car. It looks great clean or dirty, because you can’t tell them apart.

Agreed, black is the worst color to have in northern climates. It shows everything. I love the way black cars look when clean and polished, but it’s my last color of choice.

Black cars are actually best for cold climates if you want to maximize range. A dark car will be warmer than a light car, and require less energy to heat. Mythbusters did an episode comparing a white car to a black car and I recall that the black car averaged 10 degrees warmer in the interior.

Well, just imagine few hundreds of thousands of Model 3 hordes coming to market in the next couple years.

Good thing Tesla is still building new Supercharger locations. They are up over 60% this year.

I think it wont be an issue in Norway with their abundance of hydro as long as Tesla keeps adding chargers…..

How should I feel? As a Chevy Bolt owner, I see the CCS charger is both available (good!), and ignored (bad?).

Not bad. They are just in abundance. Plenty of them.

Why not disconnect the trailer and leave it by the sheds while you charge? And why does he have to jump around to different chargers? That makes no sense.

He jumps between different chargers for 2 reasons, first is because he did not remove the trailer so he moves to avoid blocking charger access to other people.
Second is that chargers are installed in pairs so 145kW is divided between 2 chargers so if 2 cars are on the same pair then each car gets a maximum of 72.5kW, but if each car is on a different pair, the maximum power is the full 145kW. So by switching to a different pair each time a car leaves, he can maximize charge power.

The video is like Kinda like watching cement dry. There’s gotta be a faster to charge batteries.