Time-Lapse Video Of Tesla Powerpack Installation


Time-lapse video has been released from a recent Tesla Powerpack install in Glen Innues outside of Auckland, New Zealand.

This particular setup features 24 Powerpacks for an up to 2.3 MWh system.

We should note that these are original ~100 kWh Powerpack 1 units; Tesla has recently launched a Powerpack 2.0 product with 200 kWh of storage and internal Gigafactory built inverters (more details on Powerpack 2.0 here).

Vector, one of New Zealand’s electric utilities, is behind this energy storage system. According to Vector, this is the “first grid-scale Tesla Powerpack installation in Asia-Pacific.”
Check out the installation process in the video below:

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Old ones. The new are double the capacity. They also have a built in 50 kW inverter.

Holy smokes! That will run a 40kW standalone DC charger all by itself!!!