TIME: At $137,000, BMW i8 Is A Bargain – Video


"The new BMW i8 is an amazing gas-electric hybrid will stop traffic — then leave it in the dust." -TIME

The new BMW i8 is an amazing gas-electric hybrid will stop traffic — then leave it in the dust.” -TIME

TIME checks out the BMW i8 and offers up its opinion on this futuristic Plug-In.

TIME concludes that the i8 is worth its starting price of ~ $137,000.

Really? How can it be worth that price?  TIME says it’s incredible looks, quickness, handling, etc., coupled with its low fuel consumption, put the i8 in a league of its own, thus making it worth its high price simply because there’s nothing else out there like it.

Additional BMW i8 specs here

Do you think that the i8 is a bargain at ~ $137,000?  Can we consider any car a bargain with a price over $100,000?

We should point out that getting an i8 for that ~ $137,000 price is not easy.  You’ll likely find mark ups like this and even this insane premium at over $230,000.  Oh, wait times are approaching forever too.

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You’d get 2 Teslas for that money. That can carry 10 lives.

Or one nicely optioned P85D and some pocket change to spend on coffee while Supercharging your Model S.

The premium package I8 is 145k, a P85D with every option checked is 130k. I would pick the Tesla every time b/c you have a better 0-60, more cargo, more passengers, and better acceleration and better handling b/c the I8 has really skinny OEM tires.

Comfort! You don’t have to be an acrobat to get in or out.

“better handling b/c the I8 has really skinny OEM tires.”

You are confusing i8 with i3…

i8 would handle better than the Model S due to significantly lower weight.

You can also buy 2 LEAF for the price of base Model S?

What is your stupid point?

2 $70K S60 cost over $140K and doesn’t even come with super charging. It doesn’t even come with leather.

In addtion, i8 has AWD and base S60 doesn’t even have AWD and it is also slower.

P85D is about the only worthy comparison…

If you look at the factors, it IS a bargain.

P1, 918, sensational, record breaking hybrid sports cars. Gas engines competing with cars with double the engine displacement. Small batteries and EV range, but you can drive a few miles if needed. Cars are exclusive, with very low slung exotic sports car designs. Problem: $1,000,000 cars.

The i8: Strong design statement, exclusivity, great performance from a 1.5L 3 cylinder engine. And even though it does 0-60 in the 3 second range, instead of 2 second range. Very respectable. At $137,000, a great deal!

Beautiful car… sure… but has anyone else noticed the correlation between ad sales and promotion in magazines and tv… pretty direct these days.

Tesla doesn’t advertise… so far they haven’t needed to. True innovation spreads like wildfire versus an exotic looking hybrid sports car.

A Resla model S coupe with a better nose design will beat the I8


If you want a hybrid electric sports car get the i8. If you want all an all electric roomy sedan with tons of storage space get a Model S.

One can purchase a used Tesla Roadster for between $50-$70K these days. I’d argue that’s a much better bargain – and you don’t have to buy gas. I bought one for $70K 2 years ago. I’m sure there are better deals out there right now.

I do like that i8 though. It’s a very sexy car.

Well, then they must think the Tesla P85D is an incredible bargain then considering it has an even faster 0 to 60, can comfortably carry 5 people, and comes with free fuel for the life of the car.

The I8 is an overpriced ripoff. End of Story.

The Tesla Model S is better in every way.

The I8 is not even ‘that’ good looking after seeing it in person at CES-2015. Its ‘edgy’ body style will age fast, wait and see.

Lastly, entry and exit into an I8 is horrible contortionist experience. Don’t get me started on the back seat.

All the naysayers here simply don’t get it.
The to the casual observer, the P85d looks like a Base Tesla S. The Hellcat looks like a 6 cylinder Challenger. The Z06 looks like a base Stingray.

The i8 is a unique car, based on no other chassis in the BMW lineup.

Unique, low production sports cars are very expensive manufacturing propositions. Exclusivity is worth a lot of money in today’s automotive world when its a desirable car to begin with.

Thus..the i8 is priced where its at, and is a relative bargain compared to other similar cars. You have to drive one, experience it, and not look at it with the mentality of someone cross shoping a Prius, Volt, LEAF, etc.

Better to compare this with the Fisker Karma. Low production, high cost. For all of its technical innovation though, the i8 blows away the Fisker. Remember, technical innovation when it comes to this segment of the market is not just having a big battery and big motor.

The i8 is a much more technically detailed vehicle:

Small 3 cylinder engine
Front Drive motor with 2 speeds.
Rear torque fill electric motor
CFRP Construction.
Low slung exotic design

It is in a class by itself, and a bargain compared to the cars that are closest in design to it.

You just have to avoid making the mistake of thinking the biggest car, with the biggest battery and motor, is the most advanced car for the money.

Yeah, a self-imposed production limit is certainly one way to create a higher valued product. But excuse me if I am not in the least bit impressed by that technique.

The parts are expensive, so it will be exclusive. Compared to a ferarri or lambourgini this thing might be a car that actually is driven instead of just collected.

Think tesla roadster. It isn’t the same as the model S, and won’t compete. You won’t take your model S to the track, and you won’t take your kids to disneyland in a i8.

I agree with time. It is much less expensive than the porsche 918. I’d like the 918 more, but hell this is great for its price. Still a 4 banger would have been better than a 3, but bmw likes it’s ice’s in multiples of 3.

That has to be one of the Most “expensive” Of The UGLIEST & NON PRACTICAL of cars on the Road Today.Hey….but Its An Over Hyped bmw!!!.It Resembles An 0LD.Nissan Z Car From the early 1990’s. It’s More Like a A “B M” some one Had when They Designed ….It can’t make up its Mind If Its a Gas or Or an EV Car.. Like the 0ld Saying Goes…,.Jack Of All Trades “MASTER OF NONE”….I wouldn’t Pay a Dime for one of Those Hiddious Contraptions …

Thats probably a good thing, because it will leave the vehicle to be purchased by those who appreciate it and really want it. After all,they are selling all they can make at outrageous markups. Wonder how many US Telsas have fetched $50000 over MSRP?? The numbers speak for themselves.

It”s a well known Fact That……..Bull ****…Baffles…..Brains ….That is all I have to say …..Peace Out ….

Yup, I’m sure you are right that the kind of people paying $150k for this car, are the type of people that have no brains at all.

I saw my first one on the road last week. Looks great. Is it worth the money? Not for me but I’m practical.

BMW is a huge advertiser. The media works hard to keep those millions flowing their way.

Please, “2 Engines”?…. How about a Motor and an Engine. Electric cars don’t have engines, they have Motors. Really doesn’t sound like you know what you are talking about when you can’t distinguish one from another.