Tiff’s Riffs: “Do Electric Vehicle Owners Do It Better?”


Do Electric Vehicle Owners Do It Better?

Let’s call a spade a spade shall we? A Nissan LEAF doesn’t scream sexy; and even the beloved Tesla Model S sedan is just that…a sedan. However, after recently dating this particular person with a love for well…himself. (In all fairness at least he had a sense of humor).

Lover Of Himself

Lover Of Himself

I thought it’s time to look into how EV drivers treat their significant others. Below are my TOP 10 findings:

10) They are healthier!

Electric vehicle owners are conscientious people in general. Chances are you will both be taking care of yourselves inside and out. I Have yet to hear about someone who simply “let themselves go”. This is a good start.

Tiffany Raim Kicking Gas


9) They love those road trips

Who doesn’t like a good weekend trip? Heck, why wait for the weekend? You can find this group hiking, biking, rock climbing, sight seeing, e.t.c. any day of the week.

8) They keep their cars immaculate

When you have such a cool vehicle of course you are going to keep it clean. In most cases can be reasonably assured the car won’t smell like two week old takeout and
body odor. Definite plus.

7) Embrace charging time.

I for one can think of several things to do with 20-30 min of free time. Get creative. 🙂

6) They save thousands in gas money!

Which from what I’ve been told many times results in thoughtful gestures, simply because they were thinking of you…now who doesn’t like that? (Extra points for thoughtful gestures that come in “little blue boxes”.)

5) This simply wouldn’t happen

Asking their significant other get out of the car in sub zero temperatures (-14 to be exact) to pump gas. This insulting request came to me last January, and I’m still not even a little sorry for responding with, “Hell no!”

4) Remote control start alone is not impressive.

This Tech savvy bunch wasn’t about to get behind the wheel of something that didn’t have an app to keep loved ones comfortable at all times. Not only can they start the car with their phone; they can turn the air conditioning on so that shower you just took wasn’t in vain. Also, the heat can also be cranked. This is almost equally as important to anyone who dealt with winter last year.

3) Kids think EVs are the $#!T

C’mon, it’s always fun when those little eyes light up with fascination, and you’re with the one who has the most exciting car in the after school pick up line.

2) They have a J.O.B.

Typically the only “scrubs” in this demographic are the ones they wear while performing surgery.

1) They are so darn nice!

Aside from the guy who opted to announce his divorce on Twitter a few years ago; (it’s cool we’ve all had social media fail) it’s evident that electric vehicle owners are a more thoughtful, dedicated, supportive, and caring to their family and friends.

So, do electric vehicle owners do it better…I think they just may.

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LOL, I’ve actually had quite a few kids oohh and ahh at my car when picking up my daughter at elementary carpool. They always say “listen, you can’t hear any noise!”

Pretty soon it will be the other way around, and we’ll be explaining to the kids how all the old cars we used to drive constantly needed this weird, smelly liquid poured into them to make them go. And, when they did go, they smoked, vibrated, and poisoned the air around them.

Yeah.. And they tend to have good credit if they can get a lease for an EV. They also tend to have their own home to charge it.

I now have several friends in Silicon valley that have Teslas. I asked one if he thought the Tesla was a babe magnet, and he replied “its a babe electromagnet”.

However, to rain on this party, judging by the guys I know who have one, that slick Tesla that pulls up to the curb is most likely to let out a driver with flood pants, a pocket protector and thick glasses who wants to have sexy conversations about the joys of chrooting Linux.


That comment had me laughing out loud. Well done.

You also seem like you would have gotten the twitter reference at the end.


Sorry, I’m English. What are flood pants and pocket protectors?

Reference to a super geek or uber nerd.
the stereotypical nerd wears thick glasses.
He wears his pants hiked up to his belly button which leads the leg cuffs to be 3-4 inches above his ankles. Thus his pants would stay dry in a flood. So people say “hey where’s the flood?” Hence flood pants.
a pocket protector is a plastic contraption you stick in your shirt pocket so that you don’t ruin it with pen ink. Science nerds wore them in the 70s and 80s.

Google “revenge of the nerds” for pictures.

With a picture like that who cares where the EV is?

Great article. We could all use a little humor in these posts and some truth as well!

Please tell me this will be a regular thing!

OK Tiffany, there’s this longstanding idea that chicks date guys because of their cars ( ugh! ). How many times have I seen every dork from an over-the-hill divorcee to a kid who’ll work three fast-food jobs at once just to buy a car he feels will “get the chicks”?!

I would think if a woman liked a man enough to date him, AND he just so happened to own a Prius, or even better, a LEAF, she’d hold him in an even better regard, as he either cares about the planet, is frugal, or has his geo-political/patriotic head on straight. But you’re NOT gonna date some nerd just because he’s got a Tesla, right???

And I’ll up it a notch – Do you date the guy with the Model S or the Tesla Roadster over the guy with the LEAF, or even better, the LEAF? If so, that’d make a girl just as shallow, but maybe a GREEN GOLDIDDGER?! L 🙂 L !

Did you truly date the narcissistic “C STDNT”? Or is that photo just for effect?

– No edit feature – *the LEAF or even better, the iMiev?!

Ha ha. This leads to another question: She’s into green, she thinks BEVs are sexy, and then he shows up in an iMiev!

And while I’m at it, another thing – if he shows up at your door, longstanding EV Club member that he is – in his 1969 VW Beetle converted into an EV with 37 stinky lead-acid batteries in the front trunk and where the back seat used to be, replete with four primered fenders and one rusty one, would you still think he does it better? 🙂

– No edit feature – * GREEN GOLDIGGER?!!

I would say he was creative and ingenious. I am sure that the VW is not his only car. 🙂

So far, no answers from Tiff. 🙂

She’s likely too busy taking a swim in her new boyfriend’s pool.

My daughter is 9. She and I will have many talks about these issues in upcoming years, I’m sure. A couple months ago, she comes home and says, “DAD! I saw a Tesla and it was all crusty, muddy and dirty!” Perhaps the stereotypes re: EV owners are only just that: stereotypes.

I’d date a guy with a roadster. And no, I’m not gay.

If he drives a Tesla, at least you know he has a few bob…

This is great Saturday afternoon faire, especially good reading during halftime of the Washington Husky vs. Stanford game.

Cover photo a tad too gratuitous, if you ask me though – I’d read the humorous article even if the photo of a topless ( losing her string top ) mermaid in a pool with no semblance of any electric car reference in sight – wasn’t there.

Most women don’t even notice what you drive. I have dated women who say about me: “He drives a blue car” or “He drives a clean car”.

The only thing I have noticed consistently is that driving a Corvette or Porsche gets you either “cool points” from some women, but mostly guesses that your d!ck is small. I don’t like those odds, so I will stick with my Volt.

“7) Embrace charging time.

I for one can think of several things to do with 20-30 min of free time. Get creative. ”

BTW, yes, I have, once on the Nissan factory DC charger (nice and dark there).

Well done my friend 🙂

You think that’s impressive, next time I may not even be alone!

Good article, nice to read something funny and creative. In my experience most EV and plug-in owners are a great group.

Scott Franco is winning this thread. Hands down.


Lighten up Francis. (And before you post, that is a movie quote)

RIP Harold Ramis. . .

That was a pretty funny use of your “gas can”.

There are a few exceptions but in general cars (electric or otherwise) are guy magnets. This is a constant mistake made by middle aged men who’s wives leave them.

If you want to attract a redneck guy get a really big pickup you want to date his sister get a puppy.

So what if a guy owns a very large pick up and an EV? Apparently he swings both ways, so what kind magnet would he create?? :)