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Today is a big Saturday as my favorite team Notre Dame takes on my alma mater Arizona State, for two weeks I have been in New York where, paradoxically, it was nearly impossible to watch a game where I was staying. During my travels I test drove a few vehicles, potentially the next Bond car, more to come on that. After my last article I wanted to see what Elon’s…Model S could do. In past articles I have talked about Tesla’s incredible employees at their headquarters. I was curious to see if this would hold up in New York, a locale not known for its warm and fuzzy demeanor. I called my one time almost step brother (true story) and cajoled him into a road trip to Tesla.

10. After hearing a million times about “the rush” you get when accelerating former future almost step brother Richie tested that theory with alacrity. I also thoroughly enjoyed flooring it when it was my turn at the wheel. The ride was smooth as expected, but this is something of a “duh”. At that price range isn’t it supposed to be a smooth ride? All in all I enjoyed the rollercoaster rush which leads me to my next point…


Richie and Steve before takeoff


No caption needed

9. Where are my grab handles? WTF? As I sat in the back seat and Richie opted to take off like a rocket I reached up and looked for my usual safety blanket which was nowhere to be found. Perhaps in the Model SP85″Don’t say it”, some will be added.

8. I am going to call shenanigans here. I was shocked to discover there are no or minimal student, cash, or employee pricing. Which is a damn shame because Tesla employees are hands down the most knowledgeable and kind people I’ve ever come across in any car dealership. If ever an employee of a car company deserved that type of break it would be them.

7. Steve, the awesome specialist, allowed us to test out the sound system (Mozart would have been preferred as anyone who has tested speakers can attest) and to be honest it was anemic. A Bose, Harmon Kardon, or Bang and Olufsen wouldn’t hurt as standard for the price range. Perhaps in the audio upgrade option they did a little better.

6. This is, admittedly, a matter of taste but the interior didn’t “wow” me. When you know how to parallel park the backup camera and enormous screen becomes distracting. The lighting was good. The design feature I thought was most inspired was the plain center console. Apparently Elon designed the bare center console with his wife in mind, she wanted a place to put her purse. If this rumor is accurate then well done Elon.


Steering wheel design was a win


Thank you Mrs. Elon.

5. I have a quirk that only a few people know about, I name my possessions. Anything from purse, to plants, and electronics all have names. I feel like Spike the cactus enjoys his name. After a test drive you sit down and design your Tesla, the kicker for me was that you get to name it. Anyone want to help with potential names? It’s a good thing they do this too because designing my ideal Tesla the base price jacked up to 100k pretty quickly. At least naming it made that jump a little more palatable.


This was the reaction when Richie said he wanted Green.

4. Richie was so impressed by the drive that he has made it his goal to get his company, Hoodz of Nassau County, to use Tesla for their fleet vehicles.

3. Holy moly does that car have some storage space! For years its been a battle between the trunk and my golf clubs. Anyone who has had ever tried to stuff two sets of clubs into this space knows my pain. Therefore the storage space on the Model S gets a tremendous amount of thank you’s from me.

2. Here’s the deal. While it is hands down the best electric vehicle on the market, when something costs over $100k you should be able take it home that day. Yes, I know the reasons why they don’t have same day delivery. That doesn’t change my feeling that for that amount of money I shouldn’t have to wait. On the other hand I didn’t walk away empty handed. For my intrepid test drive crew I dropped some Benjamins and got the awesome Tesla North Face jackets which everyone loves including me. The Tesla merchandising team should be congratulated on a job well done.


Loved the Tesla bags. Again snaps and claps to the merchandising department



1. From the minute I called to schedule the appointment all the way until we left, Steve at the Syosset, NY location delivered the perfect car purchasing experience. He was respectful, patient, knowledgeable, and set a standard that every car dealership could take a lesson from.

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Life is short, buy a Tesla.
Nice article and it speaks to something I dote on quite a bit and that is, the dedication of the employees of Tesla. They, like many who own their products, really have an emotional connection to those products.
Love conquers all.

You could name it TIF, which is the ticker symbol for Tiffany, a name synonymous with quality.

sounds like an honest review.

Great article. Tesla employees are great and has been the best experience of anyplace when looking to buy a car. Each tesla showroom I visited in NY from Syosset, Westchester, and Mount Kisco were exceptional, knowledgeable staff, relaxed no pressure atmosphere. Just the way it should be. I would never want to buy a car from a traditional dealership again. I have never had a good experience with a traditional dealership. I have met Steve in Syosset he was great and added to the whole positive vibe. An added note, I am also proud to say that one of my former automotive college students now works for Tesla.

As a friend of Tiffany’s, I can tell you I agree with her thoughts on the car. As I’ve test driven cars for over a year now, I realize price for product. I get the tesla build time and lighten the load on the car but the details man like the OS bars or magazine holders in the back. I wrote this in my review on I’ll get the post. Tiffany nailed this article. Hands down folks.

Here’s the post I did on Answers that we were talking about.

Would it really have been so difficult to write the piece well? Beginning with the run-on first sentence, through the excessive parenthetical comments, to the numerous sentence fragments, I was distracted enough to not care that much what she was saying, because of how poorly it was written. There is far too much of this on the Web these days.

In my opinion, what there is far too much of on the internet is news sites doing a verbatim reposting of press releases, other sites’ articles, and click bait. Original content is rare and for that this should be supported.

Grammar wise. Her writing style is clearly vernacular/conversational style. We don’t speak with our friends and neighbors in the Queen’s English. This is an accepted practice in writing. I mean, would you really type a post like this to Samuel Clemens?

“That doesn’t change my feeling that for that amount of money I shouldn’t have to wait.”

I guess it’s a mercy when people don’t even realize how embarrassingly whiny and entitled they make themselves appear.

There is a maxim in sales that the customer is always right. Tesla is asking the equivalent of a house for their cars and, in some instances, asking people to wait longer than it takes to construct one.

The author acknowledges that they are aware of the reasons for wait times. The Tesla S is in the same price range as luxury products for the 1%. Time is money after all. That isn’t the whining of an entitled embarassment. It is an honest assessment that, in the playground that the Model S plays in, the wait times don’t stack up with other luxury models.

Electric Car Guest Drive

Tiffany, if you don’t want to wait six months for your Model S to arrive from the factory in exactly the configuration you specified, you can rent mine until yours is delivered.

or order an X for extra laffs.. paraphrasing George Carlin:
‘X has no time limit… we don’t know When it’s gonna end..”

fwiw, I Like the conversational gist..

I think we should not attack a person bc they know what $100k car gets. I wish I could afford a Tesla but I can’t. So everyone like Michael and the guy who commented before think this article stinks bc of run on sentences get a vowel or a clue here. This article flows like a conversation. It also takes Chutzpah to write for this site and say what you really feel about a Tesla.

Actually, Seth, I think the article “stinks” because (notice how I actually typed the word “because”?) it is both poorly written and isn’t interesting or informative. It reads like a caffeine or weed-driven monologue, not a “conversation.” As someone who has written original material for the Web for as long as it’s existed, I think it’s easily possible to do better. It’s sad that cell phones (and before them instant messaging) have reduced the level of discourse to this level, but it still isn’t the norm for journalistic pieces…yet.


Your parenthetical comments and personal attacks read like a literature professor’s attempts at an intelligent riposte and falls sadly flat.

On the other hand, as you have apparently been posting for publication since the beginning of the Web you must be personally satisfied that your work has been made available again.

I think Michael needs an anger management course. Typed from an iPhone.

Electric Car Guest Drive

If Bose, Harmon Kardon, or Bang and Olufsen is the offered reference standard for quality audio, may I kindly suggest raising the bar.

i.e., since we’re reinventing the car, how’s about we re-invent what is acceptable car audio performance. first term is ‘air’, aka output and accurate response above 10kHz.

Perfectly flat audio response at 70mph is seemingly doable through correction is ‘such a quiet car’

“IN” such a quiet car

I am appalled at the people each week who bash new and fresh writing. This site needs new writing that is funny and innovative and Tiffany brings that. I’m tired of the same old BS stuff. These people are a disgrace and embarrassment to the EV community and it is easy for cowards to post anonyms.

Furthermore, Michael how about putting your efforts to better use and leaving your issues at the door. Well actually LeftieBiker at okcupid has quite the read and sure to “Swoon” anyone. Michael, do not even challenge me.

People, if you don’t have something nice to write then don’t. Your negative posts are deterring new younger readers from this site.

( James M. )

Is Tiff the only contributor to that comes with an entourage? LOL 🙂 Same ole suspects – “Hey Richie!? Yo! ‘Sup, Holmes?”

After – “…something of a “duh”…”, and “WTF” – She totally lost me.

While a woman’s perspective in the highly male overpopulated world of auto journalism is needed and welcome ( after all women buy more new cars than men do ), this article – again – falls below the line of quality previously found here before “Tiffany’s Top 10” debuted a few weeks ago.

I remember being 19 and test driving all sorts of new cars I could never afford. Not sure if readers here benefit from hearing someone with a decidedly hipster ‘tude tell us all who’re quite familiar with Model S by now how a purse will fit between the seats or that there is no student price or employee pricing.

Just sayin’…

Statik, I hope you guys aren’t paying for this stuff.


Like your little bon mots dripping with wisdom and wit are enriching this site? While I too know “static” from the GM-Volt days (I probably remember you too but frankly Static was the only one there I found halfway interesting) re-posting and rehashing articles from other news sites is not necessarily a mark of quality.

Female writer and younger. The only one here and you have done nothing but rip her from the get go. To the point where you hunt down an article of hers when its on page three just to smear your crap all over the floor.

Here is a little tidbit for you oh fount of unrestrained class, wisdom, and EV knowledge. I guarantee Tiffany has done more to educate people about EVs and has reached more people in the last year than you have in three.


Sorry folks, I wasn’t aware that this is one of those ‘positive comments only’ sites. I do believe that people can improve their prose with a little effort, and criticizing poor efforts isn’t trolling or sour grapes – it can actually be helpful, believe it or not. Likewise, praising weak, lazy prose isn’t necessarily helpful if it arrests the development of a writer’s skill. I wasn’t angry when I wrote any of the above posts, just a little sad. It makes me even more sad to read that because I don’t write posts that read like text messages I’m apparently trying to adopt the persona of a ‘literature professor’. I’m actually a longtime EV owner and driver, as well as someone who took the time and effort to write reasonably well. Is asking for real sentences and decent grammar and punctuation really that unreasonable? If so I’ll just stop bothering to read here.