Tiffany-Inspired Tesla Model X Up For Auction on eBay


Just in time for Valentine’s Day…whoops, no. That’s too far away.

TSportline has put up for auction its Tiffany-inspired Tesla Model X. No, this is not an official Tiffany product, nor has it been endorsed by the famed jewelry maker, but it does sport the trademarked Tiffany color.

Tiffany-Inspired Tesla Model X

Tiffany-Inspired Tesla Model X

As TSportline stated when it wrapped this X for a customer back in June 2016:

“Behind the build with a modified Tesla Model X – T Sportline Tifany X”

“We wanted to share of one of current builds that we are in the process of accessorizing. One of our customer’s brand new P90D Ludicrous that was originally Pearl White with Ultra White Interior 6 seat option has decided to do something special.”

“She wanted something unique and obviously had an affinity toward the Tiffany color. Vinyl printing technology has come a long way. Certain machines can color match paint and color samples within 80% accuracy. We provided our customer 5 sample printed colors on vinyl wrap and here are pics below of the final choice that we coined Tifany X. The customer also obtained the matching CA license plate, Tifany X.”

Apparently, she has grown tired of this one-of-a-kind Model X, as it’s now up for auction on eBay with a buy-it-now price of $188,000.

You can check out the auction here.

More info on Tiffany-inspired Tesla Model X here from TSportline.

Matching Brake Calipers

Matching Brake Calipers

Source: eBay Via Electrek

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17 Comments on "Tiffany-Inspired Tesla Model X Up For Auction on eBay"

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Why did she get “tired” of it? Could it have been the ridicule?

80% color accuracy is horrible! No wonder the owner is selling.

Only has 2018 miles. :/


Thanks for reminding me why teal is on the list of colors I don’t care for.

IMHO, that’s not even Teal… yuck.

Yeah, I think it is more of a turquoise. Better in jewelry than on a car.

Too monochromatic for such a harsh color.

Why not make it two-tone with some creme to help balance it out? It worked with 50’s era cars.

What is your favorite color? Not teal.

I bleed Teal. (But not Tiffany teal.)

Tiffany? The 80’s mall pop singer?

No, as in Tiffany lamps. And jewelry. “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” I’ve never understood it myself. It is a fashion, a label. Did you know Donald Trump had his own line of dress shirts?

Is it my monitor’s calibration not getting that 80% accuracy or this car is just plain ugly?

$188,000!?! That’s quite the markup for a teal vinyl wrap and teal painted calipers. And what’s up with the black wheels on passenger-side of the car and silver wheels on the driver-side of the car?

I’m going to have to pass on this one. Maybe Pushmi-Pullyu will bite and finally buy an EV. 😉

What good would it do him? He doesn’t drive anymore.

Not true. He drives me crazy! 😉

That is NOT teal. Teal is blue with green.

Tiffany blue is a medium Robins egg blue

If you can’t see any green in the color of that car, then you need to get your monitor adjusted.

Perhaps “teal” isn’t precisely the shade of that uglified Model S, but the color certainly is some shade of blue-green.

I’ve seen actual robin’s eggs, and the color of the ones I saw was breathtakingly beautiful.

However, I see that the actual color varies quite a bit: