Thunder Power EV At The Frankfurt Motor Show – Photos & Videos

SEP 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 13

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV concept strike in Frankfurt with its 650 km (over 400 miles) of range on the 125 kWh battery.

In top spec version, 320 kW motor will enable to accelerate by 62 mph (100 kmh) in less than 5 seconds.

Replenish around half of the battery capacity will take just half hour according to the Thunder Power, until they will provide fast chargers.

Plan for market introduction is 2017 (Europe) and 2018 (China) followed by US.

Here are photos and vidoes from the show:

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV


Racing version:

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I predict we’ll see a lot of “me too” electric vehicles now that battery technology has become mainstream. Making an internal combustion engine is hard, but wiring a motor to a battery is not. Tesla will continue to make the best versions of these cars, but many consumers may not care. In total, the plethora of copycats may eat into Tesla sales, especially of the 3. The Gigafactory may end up being the ultimate loser here, as LG Chem may end up quite competitive by aggravating the volumes of all other manufacturers. In the same way that auto manufacturers don’t make their own tires, they may also not manufacture their own batteries–another commodity.

Doubt it.

Aggregate Tesla volume in kWh plus Tesla Energy in kWh will supercede LG Chem’s aggregate compliance BEV business.

24-30 kWh city BEVs and 8-15 kWh PHEVs don’t add up vs 70-90 kWh long range BEVs.

Tesla/Panasonic is the 800 lbs gorilla in this space.

If gigafactory is ultimate loser due to competition will be a great thing because that would indicate more BEVS on the road displacing ICE vehicles. And I think Elon Musk would be elated to see gasoline consumption decrease.

lights need to be fixed. they looked randomly placed

also the body looks like a Ghibli

A Tesla nose cone would improve the range.

Great looking car, bring it on.

Get the thing out the door and on the road. There will be buyer’s. The more EV’S the better !

It looks like a catfish.

And the front head-on angle looks like a sad catfish.

I’m sure the backlights are too small for European requirements.

Tesla isn’t worried, it’s the conventional automakers and the oil industry that should worry.

The front end reminds me of shaqnosis basketball shoes!

The car looks like a spaceship. The front reminds me of the deflector dish. I’d buy it just for my love of Star Trek

It looks smaller than the Tesla Model S which would be a good thing.
The Model S is too big and wide for most markets outside the USA.