Thunder Power EV Debuts In Frankfurt – 400 Miles Of Range

SEP 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 40

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV

Thunder Power EV From Above

Thunder Power EV From Above

Taiwanese company Thunder Power, once specializing in power tools, presented it all-electric sport car at the Frankfurt Motor Show

The car will actually come in two trim levels.  A base sedan with 308 hp/230 kW and a 428 hp/320 kW model.

Total range is stated at 650 km (403 miles), 0 to 60 mph in the top of the line version comes in at “under 5 seconds” – we think that performance number is fairly conservative estimate looking at the specs.

Why the new “Thunder Power” name?  CEO Wellen Sham tells Top Gear:

“Why the name? Because it’s electric….We are developing a new technology that is able to blend carbon fibre, aluminium and steel.”

Fair Enough.

Pricing for the new “transport power tool” is very interesting with the base model starting at  400,000 yuan (nearly $63,000).

The battery in side the Thunder Power EV is a “microprocessor-controlled” 125 kWh unit, so that range estimate looks more than realistic.

Top Of The Line Premium Thunder Power EV

In Addition To The Sedan, Thunder Power Also Debuted A “Race” Version EV

Thunder Power EV eventually will appear on the market in 2017, according to the company.  And by market we mean Europe.  Plans to rollout the car in China and the US happen in 2018.

It certainly would be nice if this ended up being a reality, but we still have some serious doubts at this point.

Thunder Power EV Interior

Thunder Power EV Interior

Another Look At The Thunder Power EV

Another Look At The Thunder Power EV

At The Controls Of The Thunder Power EV

At The Controls Of The Thunder Power EV

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The perfect car for Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

We “have” some serious doubts.
Me too, sort of. When it comes to doubts the announcement of anything electric is already suspect, combine that with something coming out of China in the automotive regard, and that elevates that level of doubt, but only to mundane or casual doubt, as I don’t consider it serious in the least.

Taiwan is not china, and IMO 400 miles should be the normal range for any EV.

InsideEV needs to really stop posting these fabricated nonsense unless A) its in prototype stage already or B) has plans to be released with said specs.

This car with NEVER hit the roads plain and simple.

Would be weird if they wouldn’t post this. It’s all over the Internet…

Well, not that I think this thunder car is more than vaporware, but there was once a small Californian company, with big plans to sell EVs with more than 200 miles of range. An American(not a byword for innovation, or eco friendliness) car company, nobody ever heard of before, wanted to build something, every big OEM thought would be impossible.

This. Internal combustion engines are hard. Electric vehicles are easy.

And that very same company now provides the benchmark by which to judge claims of others.

That benchmark was not there when said company revealed its plans because they were the first.

The benchmark before, was around 100 miles of range.
Benchmarks are made to be broken.

“400,000 juan”

Ehehe Mexican currency.

“Thunder!..thunder!…Thunderpower! Hoooo!”

I like it! Far more interesting than BYD’s cars.


125 kWh?

That’s a lot.

Yes, but not enough for 403 miles, I think.

Tesla 85kWh battery pack is already over 1000lb. This could be heavier by about 500lb. Which will cut down performance a lot, and also reduce range.

Depends on the chemistry.

Sure, pixie dust is a better chemistry, except that it does not exist.

Good luck finding a better chemistry than Tesla that can be produced cheaply, in bulk, in 2015.

“Why the name? Because it’s electric…”

Uh . . . thunder is just the noise that accompanies lighting (the electricity). Perhaps that name applies but it is not a compliment.

“Taiwanese company Thunder Power, once specializing in power tools, presented it [sic] all-electric sport car at the Frankfurt Motor Show”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there was not actually any car “presented” at the show. The only thing that was “presented” was some sort of slide show or video using CGI images, right?

The InsideEVs editors don’t like it when we call something “click bait”. Well, I don’t like it when both the headline and the article describe something as real when it’s just vaporware. This is very misleading.

Well then you will like this then – it actually is actually at the show as promised (race version too).

Thunder Power just released the official specs and pictures first…they do seem to have the resources to actually come to market if they choose:

These pictures look better than the ones above.

The more I see it the more I like the design. It looks far better than the model S! I really hope it will reach the market.

I hate the grill.
Just something no EV need.
At least Tesla S come pretty close with the nose cone, but still with opening that I don’t see any use in EV.

Model S needs air for cooling and people inside the car need air for breathing.

“Looks FAR better than the Model S”


No door handles?

There are door handles. Look at the top-down view at full size.

I noticed the dash is just one giant touchscreen. Interesting, but they will need some vents (also some ppl like knobs).

Is it just me or do these EV car manufacturers have troubles with a nice design of the front of the car?

Model S, needs help.
Model X, wreaks of desperation.
Leaf, needs help.

Exaggerations! Actually the Model X front is quite a success IMO.

The front reminds me of either a Lamprey, or “Nancy” The Salt-Monster, from the original Star Trek series. 😉

Ha – now that you say it, I can’t get it out of my head.

I like the all-screen console and the cars shape from the side. Some Star Trek, some Tesla and I think some Aston Martin 80s style shapes in there (maybe 1980 Vantage?). Perfect mix.

125kWh sticks out to me. Using the scaling of 265 miles for 85kWh, the number is at least plausible.

Wonder what chemistry they are using though (pack might be extremely heavy / bulky).

They use a new chemistry, the cathode is made from Unobtainium.

Jokes aside … You cannot just linearly scale the range. For example Tesla 90kWh has 29% more energy than 70kWh, but only 21% more range (278 vs 230)

While I hope that we soon have better batteries choices, 125kWh with today’s technology will be very heavy.

Good looking car. 4 door practicality. 400 mi range per charge. Reasonable price for 400 mile range. Bring it to the States. We are in desperate need of long range EVs.

stylewise, it reminds me of Chinese calligraphy, particularly the lights. So it is a very Chinese car to me.

sizewise, it appears more like LEAF 2 (smaller than Tesla Gen 3 – let alone a Tesla S) so its Sentra/Corolla size.

Somehow, eastern car design always tend to look ‘fishy’

Oops, who is calling me?

I like the interior better than the Model S, but can it compete? For the price, will it have the performance, the control, the safety rating? Do these things even move? Pretty pictures of a nice body and interior are a good starting point – but is there anything “under the hood”? Is the estimated mileage based on test mules, or is it purely empirical?