Three More Tesla Superchargers Go On-line

JUL 12 2013 BY MARK KANE 8

Tesle Supercharger

Tesle Supercharger

Tesla Motors recently opened three additional Supercharger stations – two in California and one in Connecticut.  This is in addition to the one that recently went live in Normal, IL.

Detailed location of these new stations in Atascadero and Buellton, CA and Darien, CT can be seen on Tesla’s list.

The total number of Supercharging stations is now at 13 and should double later this summer.

The interesting thing here is that all these stations are so far a success. At the end of May Tesla said that the Supercharger network has enabled an estimated 1 million miles of driving since going live in October 2012. If we assume energy consumption at 20-25 kWh/60 miles, then this would correspond to between 320 and 400 MWh of electricity.  Add in the assumption that the average charge takes about 50 kWh and we see that the number of sessions likely ranges from 6.4 to 8 thousand.

This is huge level for only the 6 first stations in California and three on the east coast and a few thousands Model S sedans. On average, it seems each station (equipped with 4 to 10 charging spots) was used by at least a few Teslas per day and there have been cases when the stations were fully loaded.

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Oh it’s just about $40k in company spendings for the electricity using retail value of $0.11 per kwh. Never thought it will be so cheap for them. As I remember supercharging option for “cheapest” Tesla would be $2k so they need to sold only 20 pcs. of them for that time to pay the bills. It’s great that electricity is so cheap comparing to gasoline!

The new CT charging station is super close (~30 miles) to the existing CT station. Thats surprising. A reaction to the NYT article?

Go Tesle! I just hope that Tesle supercharger pictured is compatible with Tesla’s car’s 😉

It’s kind of odd that there are so many super charging stations in CT but not really in any other places. The only thing I’m guessing is that there must be a lot of the model S cars in that state to the put that they are filling up the existing super chargers. I really think they should start putting in some on the New Jersey Turnpike at every rest area and make sure when they install them they should at least have at least 10 to 12 ports each on them for the future flood of EV’s.

It could have to do with how difficult it is to get permits to do them in other states.

I would say it would have to do with Connecticut being at the center of the whole DC to Boston area and Tesla wants to have a Supercharger available to a driver no matter which route through the area a driver may choose.

I kind of wounder what Tesla might be doing in that I thought they where going to use the super chargers to expand their cars range by going further south and north and east and west of the current supercharger system. But at the time I have heard stories that the existing Tesla super chargers are starting to overflow in a lot of places. So I wounder should Tesla try to beef up it’s existing superchargers to at least get the overflowing under control.

But as for Connecticut shouldn’t Tesla try putting some of them in the Baltimore or several in Maryland too before adding two or three in Connecticut? I don’t picture Maryland or even Northern Virginia giving them a hard time to put them in that those places would be at the edge of the range of the existing superchargers.

Now you’ll have to take a detour through Manhattan and out to Long Island and back up to CT to brick the Tesla… no, the Charger is in Darien because that’s a very wealthy town here thus probably many owners…