Three Dozen Zero Motorcycles Recalled For Most Ironic Reason


Is irony dead? “I don’t recall.”

Recalls are a fact of life for vehicle manufacturers, and a very important mechanism for consumer protection. Still, sometimes it seems like the system can err on the side of caution. This is especially noticeable when that caution is standing waist high in a golden field of irony. This latest recall — NHTSA Campaign Number: 17V762000 — affecting some three dozen electric bikes from Zero Motorcycles, for example.

Example Emission Label for Some 2007 and Earlier Model Year Vehicles

According to NHTSA, as many as thirty-six machines from the new 2018 lineup have the wrong year printed on their VECI label. What is a VECI label? So glad you asked. The acronym stands for Vehicle Emission Control Information, and on an assortment of machines that include the 2018 S ZF13.0, S ZF7.2, SR ZF14.4, DS ZF13.0, DSR ZF14.4, FX ZF7.2, and FXS ZF7.2, it incorrectly says 2017 and not 2018 as it should.

If you have one of the affected bikes, first, lucky you. Second, Zero should be giving you a call this month so you can get in touch with your dealer, who will happily install a brand new corrected sticker for you free of charge. Because without that, who would be able to tell if your zero emission motorcycle is in compliance with emissions law.

This sort of confusion could possibly lead to a disaster of biblical proportions. We’re talking fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria! But, we digress.

All kidding aside, owners are invited to contact Zero customer service at 1-888-841-8085. Zero’s number for this recall is SV-ZMC-017-380. If you’re not an owner, we suggest you check out the video below of the California company’s 2018 lineup.

Source: Asphalt & Rubber, NHTSA

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I would welcome this recall. Why accept an erroneous sticker that suggests 1 additional year of depreciation? That said, yes I recognize the irony of requiring an emissions sticker.

How much you want to bet that in 40 years when NO vehicle has emissions, we’ll still have those damn stickers?

The 2015 VW e-Golf also had a recall which only entailed replacing a sticker under the hood.

Our tax dollars at work.

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

Real wrath-of-God type stuff.

Those bike owners had better get their machine down to the dealer promptly to get the sticker replaced. If they don’t, the VECI Label Police will come and arrest them! 😀

Hat tip to everyone who got the Ghostbuters reference in the article 😉

Funny story, but that’s some sloppy work Zero.

Would that they mean by having zero recall?

Makes me wonder what their production numbers are if they “only” had 36 bikes in the recall? Was the production only 36 that day or 36 of 72 or 108 or 144 or 288 or you get the idea! The only place I see them is at a bike show I’ve never seen one out in real traffic! The thing I wished I’d never ever seen are the NOT LICENSED, NOT INSURED e-bikes as they are a public menace! I believe by the way they drive them they are driven by three groups of drivers 1 those that have lost their G(or higher) or M because of DUI. Had their license pulled because of bad habits(speeding or other bad habits)! OR just too stupid(or lazy) to go out and get one by the numbers!! We’ve all seen one of them going road sidewalk road sidewalk or the one I love go out a driveway turn left and drive the wrong way until the decided highway ends!!!! Please bring ZERO’s to Toronto, Ontario, Canada and let’s get rid of the dangerous e-toys! Rant Over!

I own an e-bike.

I LOVE to bicycle places, but no longer can due to knee issues.
The e-bike allows me to pedal as much as I can, while still being able to get back home if the pain becomes too great.

I obey all traffic laws, lights, signs, lanes, ect. I use hand signals, wear a helmet, and carefully watch out for pedestrians, animals, vehicles, including other cyclists.

How am I a menace?

Please do not advocate to take away the joy, exercise, and fresh air I experience on my e-bike.

Instead, treat them like bicycles and require operators to respect others and obey the law.

Ignore the ignorance. It tend to get thick when people don’t understand anything but their own experiences. You ride that bike.

P.S. I’d gladly pay for registration, inspections, safety training, and an operators license.