Three Country Tour on an Electric Motorcycle – Charging

JUN 13 2015 BY BEN RICH 3

Riding an electric motorcycle 250 miles in one day requires a couple of stops for charging. How do I find the charging stations? What do I do while charging for an hour?

This video addresses these questions, and also takes you behind the handlebars of one of the most powerful production electric motorcycle available worldwide today!

Today was very hot with temperatures in the upper 80’s and 90’s throughout the ride. I stopped twice to charge, once at a person’s house and once at a public charging station. The only hitch in my ride was that I added 8 miles to the 2nd leg of my ride by going into Philadelphia by accident. This was already a long leg, so I watched my speed extra carefully to ensure I had the range to make it to the charging station near Baltimore.

Otherwise there was some traffic surrounding Washington, DC, but overall it was a very smooth day on the bike.

ben 2

Lincoln Financial Field near Philadelphia is covered in solar panels!

ben 3

Screenshot of the Plugshare screen that helped me find the first charging station of the day.

ben 4

Charging my electric motorcycle at an EV driver’s house.

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Ben R,

Great meeting you today! Thanks for showing me your bike and sharing the above video. Good stuff. I’ll be following your adventure with interest.

The link ( is to a bike that I worked on with the friend I mentioned who also has the Zero bike.

If you have time, stop on by for a drink. (House on end by where we met.) I’d love to hear more stories.

-Ben P.

Nice video! Stop by anytime Ben. Good luck on your trip!

That’s a great trip, Ben! I am glad you posted your charge points, too. Ken is awesome!