The Three Chevy Volt Family


This family owns not one, not two, but three Chevrolet Volts.

“Good things happen in threes for Robert L.’s family! Do you have a family of Volt drivers?”

Asks Chevrolet via its Chevrolet Volt Facebook page.

We’re wondering if anyone out there can top three Chevy Volts?  Can you match it?  How many of you are two Volt families?

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A person a town over from me also owned/leased a total of three Chevrolet Volts, one for him, his wife, and his son.

Although now I think they’re down to two, as they traded one for a nice shiny red Cadillac ELR.

I have a Volt and a Prius. Does that count?

No George.

the Prius is one of those odd-looking cars (that costs a lot less than a BMW i3), but it is a great choice if you are driving over 100 miles a day because it is a very efficient ICE. that’s probably why you see so many cab drivers driving them.

Actually, if you do the math, a Volt will only use about 1.5 gallons to do 100 miles, while @50MPG a Prius uses 2 gallons.
Like this: Prii 100 miles/50MPG = 2 gallons.
Volt 100 miles – 40 miles on battery = 60 miles/40MPG = 1.5 gallons (using real world numbers).

Using EPA #’s its 62 miles/38MPG = 1.6 gallons.

We are on our second Volt but only “one at a time,” since we turned in our 2011 (VIN #679) at the end of that lease and got a 2014 to replace it. Our “second car” is a Tesla Model S, so only one Volt at a time.

nice best car combo

Well that Norwegian guy with 7 Teslas tops it.

But why 3 Volts? Why not get a pure EV for one of the cars and they can trade when they need to go long distances?

Trading requires a certain level of maturity beyond “your car” and “my car”. Many people I talk to are surprised that my wife and I swap cars to best suit our needs.

You are also assuming that they never need to go beyond the range of an EV in more than two directions at a time.

The Volt is mine and the Prius is hers. We’ve been married forever and this is the first time I’ve had my own car. No more cluttered up mess on the inside….and the RV mirror is always adjusted correctly. Try it. You’ll like it. 🙂

I assume they backed the cars in for the photo and that is not their usual parking style.

the charge port is on the driver’s side, so backing the car in will most likely put the charge port closer to the outlet or EVSE in that house.

Are you aware that the Volt power plug is closer to the front of the car?

it looks to me like we are making different assumptions. it looks to me that the house is to the right of the garage; so i am assuming that the outlet would be on the right wall of the garage. so by backing in, the charge port is facing the outlet. it looks like you are assuming that the outlet is on the back wall of the garage; in which case the charge port would be closer to the outlet if you drive in.

in any event, that is a really wide garage to have a single garage door…

Are you aware that we are dealing with three cars here, not only one? I ask because your comments refer to a singular car …

How you going to have 3 Volts but not have red or diamond white?

The best color choices for today would be one each of red, white and blue.

i’d buy 3 Volts if i needed them: you can get 3 Volts for the price of 1 Tesla. i suppose one could say that you might want to put a BEV in the mix but my attitude about it is that the Volt works for most of my driving needs in charge depletion mode. while i tend to use gasoline during the colder months, i would be getting less range in a BEV, so i would probably shy away from driving one at that time of the year anyway. if i were to buy a BEV, it would be a Tesla Model S, but in the Model S you end up paying a big price for a car that isn’t really practical for long distance driving, so you end up with a car with plenty of capacity for metropolitan driving but you also end up paying a big price for battery capacity that you probably won’t use that often. one of my gripes about the EV press is that it has such short-attention-span tendencies, where they drool over the latest “toy” and show little willingness or ability to think practically; they seem too interested in promoting the latest techno-bauble… Read more »

2 Volts here. We only had our Volt a couple months when I saw the value of having two. It helps that we have a seasonal home and use our Tahoe Hybrid and tow one of the Volts to the northern home. And yes, it is easy to see why no BEVs, yet. One home has relatives (and common drives) 100 miles away and the other 120 miles away. Until the Tesla Model X is here, there were no real options other than the Volts. But when the Model X comes along, one Volt will remain permanently at the northern home and the Tesla will journey back and forth AFTER the supercharging network is more advanced. We love our two Volts, but there are two drivers. No reason to have three without an equal number of drivers. More power to these folks.

“Towing a Volt with the 2 Mode Tahoe.

I love it. (I’m a 2 mode fan AND a Volt fan)

My in-laws are on their 3rd new Volt, I have one, and my grandfather-in-law is on his second one!

I drive a 2011 Crystal Red Volt, and my wife drives a 2011 White Diamond Volt. So two in my family.

There’s a guy on the gm-volt forums that has three. From his signature:

2012 Volt – Summit White – (Wife and I)
2012 Volt – Veridian Joule – (Daughter)
2013 Volt – Cyber Grey – (Son)

Only 1 red Volt here. Almost bought a Blue Volt for my Wife since I have to re-adjust the seat and mirror every time…

But we needed a SUV… Can’t wait for a plugin SUV. So far the only confirmed ones are Volvo XC90 PHEV and Outlander PHEV coming in 2015….