Very Thorough Tesla Model X Video Review From Autoblog

MAR 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 18

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Autoblog’s Sebastian Blanco recently had chance to put its hands on the Model X P90D and publish interesting review of the latest Tesla.

First of all, Model X is impressive and the “instant torque is real”.

“A ludicrous acceleration run, even only up to 45 mph, turns everyone else at the stop light a small dot in your rearview mirror.”

From the driver’s perspective Model X is similar to the Model S, so no one will be lost swtiching from S to X.

A bonus new feature in the Tesla Model X is the remote door control and automatic door open/close, while approaching/recede, are presented on the videos below.

The most important part of many reviews are sometimes not the pros, but the cons. Model X owner Randy Hansen revealed to Autoblog his opinion on the six-seat version:

“Since the X is an SUV, it’s about more than the driving experience. There’s a U in there, and the X does offer a lot of utility. You can order it with up to seven seats (ours had six, with the middle two on special Tesla-designed posts. Hansen’s biggest complaint with his X after just over 5,000 miles is that these post seats are overkill. He said a simple three-seat bench in the middle would give you tons of optional cargo space while still providing plenty of places for people to sit.”

Confident In The Knowledge That $2,500 Will Be (Theoretically) There For You....Go Ahead And Buy That Tesla!

Confident In The Knowledge That $2,500 Will Be (Theoretically) There For You….Go Ahead And Buy That Tesla!

There are some quirks here and there – in navigation for example.

Falcon Wings doors are another big question for most people – whether they withstand the long use:

“Those Falcon Wings have a tendency to not open because they sense something in their way, even when the coast was clear. They don’t always close 100 percent correct, either, jutting out maybe 1/8th inch from the body sometimes.”

Some problems noted in the first few months:

  • replaced the actuators in the doors
  • brake warning lights sometimes come on that need to be reset by turning the car off and on
  • navigation system gets stuck (need to press the two dials on the steering wheel for a few seconds to fix)


Tesla Model X Falcon Wing Doors Remote Control

Opening the Falcon Wing doors on a Tesla Model X is cool. Doing it from they key fob is even cooler.

Tesla Model X Automatic Opening Doors

Tesla Model X has a feature where it will open the doors automatically when you approach. This is what that looks like.

Tesla Model X Autopilot Sensing

The dashboard of the Tesla Model X scans the road ahead and displays little car icons when it detects other vehicles. It’s crazy cool.

Tesla Model X with Windshield Tint

The giant glass panel that is the windshield in the Tesla Model X comes with some tinting, but this aftermarket tint job does the trick.

Tesla Model X Touchscreen Door Control

You can open all of the doors, including the Falcon Wing doors, from the center touch screen. This is how you do that.

source: Autoblog

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Even the sun visors are unecessarily complex and like the Falcon doors they fail to work reliably. This car is going to have yuuge reliability problems.

[citation needed]

Apparently you didn’t bother to watch the videos and read the text of the above story.

A convertible hard top is more complex

It’s too bad Caroline can’t help with these yuuge problems. Perhaps a shot from half court will ease the pain.

Well, I was concerned about the falcon wing doors being overly complex and having mechanical (and sensor) problems from the first time I read about them. Unfortunately, I see my concern wasn’t misplaced.

Too bad that Tesla decided to make the FW doors standard, rather than an option. I realize that putting standard minivan sliding doors on the X would mean designing a different vehicle, but it used to be commonplace for auto makers to make a station wagon version of their sedans, and this wouldn’t be any more of a redesign.

So, I hope Tesla will bite the bullet and produce a version of the “X” without FW doors, for those who would prefer to use technology that has been around long enough to have the bugs worked out of it.

The flip side to your POV is: If no one ever tried to innovate, we’d all still be driving coal / wood powered Steam vehicles. 😛

I’m personally glad SOMEONE is trying to innovate and take some daring design risks.

As they say, “The same food served every day, gets pretty damn boring”.

The issue is they are not innovative or beneficial. Regardless of how tight of a parking space you’re able to get in because of the Falcon wing doors you’re still limited by the drivers/front passengers door. And as far as access to the third row most SUVs and minivans have just simple slide forward seats that solve the issue. And you’re only inconvenienced when you need the third row, not every time you get into the 2nd row.

I have to laugh at the very idea of parking a $100K car in a tight spot so it can be dinged by the doors of neighboring cars. Additionally it’s downright rude since how are people going to get into the neighboring cars? They will be angry at getting blocked out and thus may even intentionally ding the offending Model X!

Falcon doors: a solution in search of a problem.

I still love Tesla and if I had the money I’d buy a Model S in a New York minute. As a longtime Mac user I also reserve the right to bash Apple for all their boneheaded decisions. I pledge fealty to no corporation!

Innovation always carries risks. Since the entire propulsion system of the Model X is radically innovative it’s important to use tried and true technology in the rest of the car. Focus on the reliability and performance of the new invention first.

Millions of people use regular car doors with great success. Virtually without exception they last the life of a car without leaks or mechanical problems. It makes little sense a new car company still building it’s reputation to reinvent the car door.

“I hope Tesla will bite the bullet and produce a version of the “X” without FW doors”
That’s not really un-doable without in effect redesigning the entire car. Unlike other options, the doors affect the entire “architecture” of the car: Chassis, body, seat location, ingress/egress, cargo space, active safety systems… Only cars produced in the high six figures+ tend to have multiple door options, and it’s not common even there.

Most of us have been in dense fog situations while driving. The feature that shows cars around the vehicle is a yuuge feature that would be a lifesaver and therefore should some day become standard on all vehicles.

Did Donald Trump take over comments? If so, it’s a yuuge deal.

You obviously didn’t get the ‘Caroline’ reference in the previous comment. Long before Donald Trump (mildly, imo) made the reference, many people have had Billy Fuccillo in their faces with HUUUUG-AH car commercials. He is always joined by ‘Caroline’.

GAWD…so annoying. I can’t get away from him. I get Rochester and Syracuse channels and have relatives in Buffalo. THEN…his success with Kia got them to ask him to open up a dealership in Cape Coral, near my FL home. Since then, he is also up in the Tampa area. No one does HUGE like Fuccillo…his private jet even has the word written on it. I have not seen it, but the local news article mentioned it. Visual and aural assault.

…I found a picture of the ‘HUGE’ jet. Note the tail.

Could The Donald operate a Tesla with his cute little hands?

There is a reason the X ramp up was slow, and everyone knows it was to get quality control issues under control- by dealing with dozens or hundreds of vehicle quirks instead of thousands. I for one am glad to read about things like the door actuator replacement. People who had to have Founders and Signature editions were probably prepared for these things. I hope and expect that issues should significantly recede as more X’s are built.

I’ve yet to see a Model X with a front number plate.
Just wanted to see what it would look like.