Thorough 2016 Chevrolet Volt Test Drive And Child Seat Check – Video


2016 Chevrolet Volt - Rear Facing Child Seat In The Middle Good, But How About Front Ways, Or 3 Across?

2016 Chevrolet Volt – Rear Facing Child Seat In The Middle Good, But How About Front Ways, Or 3 Across?

A few days ago, Alex on Autos posted an intense walk through of the new 2016 Chevrolet Volt’s e-drivetrain (watch here), and promised us at the time a follow-up review on the overall car.

Now today,  that test drive has been published.  And just like the earlier walk-through on the Voltec platform itself, Alex doesn’t disappoint.

Apparently once done with the test drive and recap, the reviewer had a little extra time to demo the backseats when used with a car seat (video below):

“GM added a center seat belt to the 2016 Volt but because the Volt is still a compact car things are still tight in the back.

Can you fit 3 child seats back there?  Go watch the video lazy pants.

About the new Chevy Volt:  Despite it only being the 2nd month of a new year, GM just started production on the 2017 model year edition of the 53-mile AER car last week.

We expect first copies to begin to show up the first of March.   However more important than the arrival of 2017 itself, is the fact that national deliveries also commence at the same time.

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17 responses to "Thorough 2016 Chevrolet Volt Test Drive And Child Seat Check – Video"
  1. Assaf says:

    Yup, if you’re a car seat user you must test your own specific car seat with the car you think of buying.

    Back in 2006 we had a brand-new baby, plus two tweens, and our 1996 Taurus clunker had died. We thought of getting a used Subaru Forester – good car, good price, reasonable gas mileage – but once the baby seat got in the middle, there was no room for our tweens, even before they turned into teens. So we ended up with that Santa Fe that’s now rotting of disuse out front

    1. ModernMarvelFan says:

      “but once the baby seat got in the middle, there was no room for our tweens, even before they turned into teens”

      That is the case for most compact size sedan/hatchback.

      Even Prius or LEAF would have problem fitting people if you install a Britax child seat.

      This weekend at the Oakland Zoo, I saw a Prius with 2 Britax child seat facing rear installed in the 2015 Prius. Guess what? No human being would fit between them… So, 5 seats sometimes are “over rated”.

      But having 5th position is important if you want to install 1 child seat. The center rear position is still the safest position for a child seat.

      1. sven says:

        It’s mind boggling that Tesla didn’t install child seat anchors on the second-row middle seat on the Model X. If the Model X driver has only one child that needs a baby seat, an outboard seat must be used instead of the safest seat in the car.

        1. Dennis says:

          You don’t need LATCH anchors to install a child seat, you just need a seat belt.

          LATCH isn’t any safer, it just makes it easier to install.

  2. kdawg says:

    He forgot to mention the BMW i3 costs $10K more than the Volt.

    1. Stimpy says:

      At MSRP yes, but I bet they lease a lot closer than you think. Especially right now.

  3. ModernMarvelFan says:

    I find it impossible to safely fit 3 child seat across today’s compact or midsize cars, certainly not a Britax or Graco seat for sure.

    I actually took our seats during our shopping trips. I tried on the Highlander, Pilot, Traverse, Explorer, CX-9… None of them worked. Only the Minivans such as Sienna and Odyessey somehow fitted the seats.

    Then again, I have Britax seats which are extra wide with side protection. I think a booster seat might fit 3 across in those Crossover/SUVs.

    You can forget about them in a compact or midsize sedan for sure.

    1. bro1999 says:

      Probably don’t want to use this on a road trip, but for driving around 3 kids in the rear around town, it works great in the middle of 2 huge car seats!

      1. ModernMarvelFan says:

        Yeah, that is a booster seat, not those infant seat or Britax or Graco with side protections which is the problem.

    2. David S. says:

      I fit 3 child seats in my LEAF. I chose the narrowest possible seats (Diono Radian).

      1. ModernMarvelFan says:

        I imagine that would fit if you find the narrowest possible seat. But it won’t work with existing Britax that my wife insist on. (based on safety rating for the side protection).

        1. Nate says:

          Haha my wife likes the Britax too. They seem to be easy to use for install, and tighten harness. She made me take the last seat back because it wasnt as easy and get another Britax instead.

          I like those Diono Radian RXT for 3 across. I’ve read good reviews on them. One time hauling a bunch if kids of various ages our 8 passenger Sienna became 6 passenger due to car seat width. Wanted one an RXT in the mix ever sense. That is when I picked up a Bubble Bum because the stupid armrest/cupholders took up width preventing 3 across for the booster kids too.

          Bubble Bum is great for rotating car pools, if the kids you are hauling are old enough for booster stage. Also useful for taking on flight/drive vacations.

  4. ffbj says:

    A pretty positive review. The 2016 Volt is
    certainly an improved vehicle.

  5. Forever green says:

    The details and clarity of Alex’s reviews are among the best I have seen. Thanks Alex.

    1. Josh says:

      Agreed. What he lacks in flair (like most other auto reviewers) is completely overshadowed by the thorough, unbiased, well articulated descriptions of the vehicles.

  6. PVH says:

    This review is extremely well done, I must say that car reviews made in Europe are most of the time sad jokes compared to that.

  7. Alpha777 says:

    Now tall is this guy. He fits in the back…