Thor Trucks To Develop Heavy-Duty E-Powertrain System With AxleTech

OCT 19 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

AxleTech to offer a heavy-duty e-powertrain system

Thor Trucks, which works on all-electric semi-trailers and vans, engaged in a new project with AxleTech to develop a heavy-duty e-powertrain system.

The idea is to combine AxleTech’s e-axles with Thor’s proprietary battery packs, which as we understand would enable it to offer complete systems for vehicle manufacturers.

The joint e-powertrain offering is to be launched in 2019.

“AxleTech provides integrated solutions for on-highway electric vehicles, including Class 6, 7, and 8 trucks, as well as transit applications. The company has established many other strategic partnerships with industry leaders to develop groundbreaking customized, fully-integrated electric powertrain systems.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled its next-generation electric independent suspension concept for high-mobility applications. AxleTech’s 5000 Series eISAS™ concept enhances performance and has the ability to improve stealth characteristics, lower heat signatures, and improve fuel savings to logistics vehicles, tactical vehicles, and armored personnel carriers.”

Bill Gryzenia, CEO, AxleTech said:

“Electric powertrains for on-highway use are rapidly advancing at a global scale, and AxleTech’s technology has kept pace with this evolution. Due to the acute market need for these solutions, we are proud to work alongside Thor Trucks to build the most advanced integrated powertrain components for driveline electrification. Our team takes this role seriously and is relentless in identifying and developing the next generation of electric powertrain systems.”

Giordano Sordoni, co-founder and COO of Thor Trucks said:

“Thor Tucks will benefit tremendously from AxleTech’s industry-leading powertrain expertise as we work to meet the market’s increasing demand for electrification. This partnership is a significant stride forward in our pursuit to transform the commercial transportation industry.”

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There is a company putting powered axles on semi trailers.

If I understand this correctly, This is for the tractor, not the trailer.
Personally, I would target the trailers.

I did not say this was for trailers.

Doesn’t make economic sense — currently there are many trailers per tractor, and some of them spend weeks or more just sitting. Except for shorter-range rigs owned by a manufacturer (say, Coca Cola) that do fixed plant-to-distribution center runs, with other rigs the tractors are not owned by the same people/companies as the trailers.

the smart item to develop is an axle that goes onto semi-trailers. they should just about swap in for the current axles, replacing the hydraulic brakes, with regen motor/electric brakes. In addition, include a SMALL battery, or better yet, combined battery/capacitor, pack, with ability to plug in hydralic to this and have it sense the hydralic pressure. This way, the regen motors will create electricity for use by the motor / pack. If running normal tractor, then small assist for acceleration. If an EV tractor, then full assist on acceleration.

That is on the market all ready by at least 2 companies.

Have never seen hydraulic brakes on a modern semi trailer.

As Jon Doe said, there are companies already doing that.

But so long as trucking companies are buying 6-7 semi trailers for each semi tractor, it’s not going to make economic sense for most of them to upgrade the trailers with an EV powertrain. Trucking companies are going to invest that kind of money in tractors, not trailers.

Semi trailers with an EV powertrain will remain a niche market, probably forever.

I wonder how much weight that axle is rated for with offset coil springs. It looks like an architecture often found in light duty vehicles. Most heavy duty suspension uses leaf springs centered at the axle.

Yeah, you’re right.