This Year Tesla Will Expand Supercharging Network To Central & Eastern Europe

JAN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 51

Tesla Supercharging stations in Europe - Today (early January 2016)

Tesla Supercharging stations in Europe – Today (early January 2016)

Tesla Model S In Norway

Tesla Model S In Norway

Tesla Motors is expanding its dedicated Supercharging network on several continents and in many different markets all at once.

The expansion usually begins in the markets with highest sales potential, and then spreads to smaller markets and main routes.

As of early January 2016, there were 585 Supercharger stations with 3,397 Superchargers

2016 seems to be big year for the Central and Eastern Europe – in the east from Germany and Austria, where the Supercharging network already operates.

Countries like Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia are already in the process of getting their first Supercharging stations online any time now – some three years behind the key markets like Norway.

The reason behind the delay is pretty simple – sales in places like countries in Scandinavia typically are three digits every month, while in Central and Eastern Europe, most countries there struggle to register 5 or 10 Teslas in a month.

Anyways, in the 2016 Tesla hopes to cover most of the ‘fringe sales’ countries in this part of the world (the map of new installations can be found here).

Of course the progress is also on other fronts like Spain and Portugal in the west, and Italy in the south. It will be interesting to see whether one can drive a Tesla using only Superchargers from places like Portugal to Russia or Turkey by the end of this year.

Tesla Supercharging stations in Europe - plan for 2016 (as of early January 2016)

Tesla Supercharging stations in Europe – plan for 2016 (as of early January 2016)

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The odd thing is that sales shouldn’t matter in those countries because the supercharger network is meant for long distance travel. Most owners who are not all over the country travelling salesmen or taxidrivers would prefer a better coverage of all of Europe over some extra chargers next to their homes. No charging network in eastern Europe might still be a deal breaker for me in the future. I frequently travel by plane to the baltic states and I’d like to change that to driving their in an autonomous tesla (this is my dream so to say). Some chargers near my home are not going to help with that.

Are You insane?
First You would need to live through our (Polish) so called roads. No way Tesla could make artificial intelligence brilliant enough to navigate that maze and various traps in time for opening those stations.

We we even had court ruling that our biggest highway is not a highway, but highway-like contraption and thus tolls can’t be collected by their administrator…

“I frequently travel by plane to the baltic states and I’d like to change that to driving their in an autonomous tesla (this is my dream so to say).”

Oh wow. That brings up a very interesting point about autonomous travel . . . slow-speed long-distance night time travel. Instead of catching a miserable red-eye flight and having to put up with the TSA, airline noise, car rental, etc. . . . why not hope in your autonomous electric car at night and have it drive you to your destination that is 10 hours away by car. You’ll wake up at your new location with a car you can use locally.

The vehicle will have to be outfitted so you can sleep in it. And they’ll have to figure out how to have it recharge itself automatically.

Another autonomous driving joke? Instead of your destination, you might just wake up in a hospital, or worse a morgue. Read this link on Teslas sliding under trucks on autopilot.

Autopilots are improving all the time. And whether or not you like it, they are already better than humans. And when that has been a fact a few years, you will be charged when you try to drive manually as you are a danger to your fellow citizens….

The Slovakian Supercharger is open.

Yes indeed. From what I hear, some people used it even before the SC was officially open. They just took off the plastic wrap off of the SC stand and did their thing…:)

Awesome. Self-service supercharging.

I find it very surprising (no matter the previous legal requirements, now cleared by Tesla) that in a country as big and populated as Spain (no matter the crisis; it’s the third most visited country in the world by tourists, including northern europeans) has the same number of supercharger stations than Slovenia (with all my due respect to Slovenians).

Also, I remember Elon’s tweet about red-dotting with superchargers Spain and Portugal by 2015. He didn’t say “soon”. He clearly said 2015.

Very sad indeed…

Come one, have some patience. A lot of Germans and other Central Europeans have to pass through Slovenia to get to Croatian coast in summer.

Sure, but still much, much less that the ones coming to Spain coasts.

Yes, it’s a real when you have to use GM’s Superchargers because Tesla are doing such a poor job…

“real” = “real nuisance”

I am pretty sure Tesla updates the SuperCharger expansion plans weekly/monthly, based on what makes the most sense for the business.

If every European potential buyer was saying, “I am not buying this car until I can drive in on vacation to Spain”, there would be more SpCs there.

And Musk is also well known for setting “stretch” targets for the Tesla team. You will see even the biggest Tesla fans add a “Musk factor” on timelines for delivering things.

Spain and portugal are compliocated from regulation point of view. The paper work alone is ponderous. The same goes for france. Span also have the problem of a very poor electrical infrastructure making it hard to find places where a sc can be erected. Hence they has a requirement that tesla onlyput up stations with battery backup. And these stations takes time to build and takes batteries from the production line of cars…

According to what I have read Tesla have had a lot of problem with getting permit to built the superchargers in Spain.

Indeed, the Spanish Government was trying to force Tesa to install a CCS Combo in every Supercharger but the situation was solved thanks to a permit to install superchargers as usual within two years. After that, the law will force them again to install the European Standard alongside every new supercharger.

The representative for Supercharger Infraestructure for Southern Europe stated that there will be a major push in the installation of SC in Spain in the coming months so we’ll have to stay tuned.

“force Tesla to install a CCS Combo in every Supercharger”

What a strange idea, that’s like forcing a pizza house to sell Thai food as well.

Right. I hinted at it in my first comment and Ivan explained it very well but, to be honest, locations should have been already selected time ago and deployment could have been faster after they got the green light (actually, after it, they even eliminated one of the “coming soon” stations :-O). Of course, it’s all IMHO. I’m indeed a demanding customer but not that much when it comes to my most beloved brand (as of today).

I see they plan to build one in Istanbul. I recall gas was very expensive when I was there, like $10/gal. I did a quick check online, and it’s still $5.75/gal today. I can see people buying Teslas and using the SC to save a lot of lira.

That means that a regular bev or plugin vehicle would also save a ton of money when charging at home or at a regular public charger.

In Cozumel Mexico I did see $5.00 US a gallon gas. So I think Tesla might get a lot of heavy use of their superchargers when they start building there.

I am not sure. A well equippted Audi A6 V6 diesel AWD costs 45K after some heavy negotiations. Compared with at least 75K for a Model S. That’s a lot of money left over…

all in Euros…

But then you’d be stuck driving an Audi diesel.

You can buy a 2012-3 certified Mercedes E class for $30,000 and save $45,000. I would drive the Mercedes instead of a Tesla.

Mercedes gasser? Ew. from BMW is gathering pace in Turkey with it’s CCS rollout. Tesla will have a battle on its hands if comparable long range CCS vehicles come to fruition – like the Audi Q6 e-Tron.

no not really. bmw defines fast as 24kw.

The thing is, Tesla is like $200k after taxes in Turkey, and that’s TRY600k, so if someone can afford that in Turkey, that means he doesn’t care if the gas is $10/gal or $100/gal 🙂

They also planned to build out the rest of the Southern USA from Tucson to San Antonio. This works with their Northern and middle USA routes that are fine in the Summer but not nice in the winter.
I hope to see them grow in 2016 on this USA Route. By the end of 2016 there should be about 300 in the USA.

Here in the UK even with gas prices at decade lows it’s still $7 a gallon ! This is due to the near 70% tax on it.

Even with my Outlander PHEV which is not the most economical in terms of EV mpge, it still makes a lot of sense to go electric.

Once a 200 mile EV becomes available here, the take up (which around 2.7% overall for alternatively fuelled vehicles last year) should be quite substantial and Tesla will pretty much have the country covered by the end of this year !

Yikes, with gas hovering in the U.S. around 1.80 on average, that’s crazy. I wonder when evs start taking over what those countries will do about declining tax revenues.

The problem is that there is 70% tax on electricity as well amongst other in the form of outrageous over rated distribution costs that is far exceeding the electricity price. Add other extra taxes and vat of 21% on it all and you get 22 cent per KWh in €.
So the good idea is like the i3 +solar system presented by Peder Norby here on Insideevs. If interesting in the US it becomes super interesting in Europe because you bypass the 70% tax on gas and the 70 % tax on electricity as well.
Nevertheless, once a car like the Model 3 or the Bolt with at least 200 miles it the shores, it will indeed be a big hit. Change from gas to ev will be steep once it start.

And then countries like Spain would then tax your solar PV system.

I wonder if people will start building stealth camouflaged PV systems. Actually, guerilla PV is already a thing in Germany.

Spreading to Croatia Tesla had made some serious errors leaving out of the supercharger map places like Smiljan (birth place of Nikola Tesla), as well as a charging point at Plitvice Lakes National Park (recognised world-wide). Tesla has enough time to ponder about it and amend the mistake. In total Croatia is to receive around 10 supercharger stations, and not meager three faulty envisioned by some mid-level clerk in Tesla Motors.

Why are there no Tesla ‘Destination Chargers’ in Europe?

Simply cause Europe is bigger and have bigger population, going a bit longer distances on vocation also get You way way richer experiences too! Not just different landscape and a bit different accent 😉 So people travel long distances.

Also we have L2 chargers EVERYWHERE. Our grid is 230v by standard! So there is less pressure on “destination” level chargers.

But I do not work for Tesla. It’s just my speculation 😉

I know Tesla offered free chargers to businesses in the US. Just had to make sure it was out front & available 24/7. I don’t know if they made this same offer in Europe and that’s the reasoning behind it.

Easternmost supercharger is currently open in the Slovak Republic in the complex of hotel and spa resort KASKÁDY, Zvolen, Sliač, Slovakia. Supercharger is located in a beautiful landscape surrounded by forests and mountains – the Low Tatras. It is the fastest supercharger version. Supply current can be supplied both from the public utility grid and from its own gas plant. Inauguration is scheduled for January 23, 2016. For more freshest information go to slovak Tesla club.

Read more at:

Hilarious. Ridiculous. Crazy.

Poor Poland will have more Superchargers then all other “fast” chargers combined!

So, finally some Tesla love for Mother Russia this year?

Does Fearless Leader know?

They’re still ignoring most of Canada.

I guess they think we’re just a bunch of buck-toothed hicks who don’t deserve Tesla vehicles.

Look again 17 already and they are connecting the dots.

Just looked again. There is no 2017 map

Oh, you mean 17 in total. I suggest you look again at the map. MOST OF CANADA IS NOT COVERED BY SUPERCHARGERS.

Saskatchewan, Manitoba, most of Ontario, most of Quebec, the Maritimes are NOT covered.

You can’t travel coast to coast in Canada. We’re the forgotten ugly stepchild of Tesla.

Australia going from 6 to 11.
Japan going from 4 to 22.
Portugal and Ireland going from 0 to 3 each.

The super cool thing is that it is going to be possible to go to Vilamoura in Algarve Portugal passing al the way through France and Spain. That’s great.

Nice that they are putting any in Japan because they could just sell a Chademo converter to every Japanese Tesla owner.

But the Superchargers are much faster.

Isabel Tallysha-Soares

And how about spain and Portugal?