This Tesla Model X Prank Makes Us Chuckle


Wait for it…wait for it….

Being married to a comedian would be fun, right? Well, what if the funny guy in question is also a practical jokester?  While we do have sympathy for Marna Haugen, the spouse of Norwegian comedian Ørjan Burøe, we kind of love watching his shenanigans as well. And her reactions.

Check out this this short clip to see what we mean. Roll tape!

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While we realize this clip is only tangentially related to electric vehicles — a Tesla Model X provides both the setting and the acceleration — we thought that, with so much not-so-fun stuff happening the world over, a little levity is might be appreciated. And, since no feelings or upholstery were harmed in the making of this video, why not?

If you got a chuckle from that, you’re in luck. We’ve embedded another not-so-dissimilar clip of the couple for your enjoyment below. You’re welcome!

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Finally, a word of warning. Not every spouse is as accommodating as Miss Haugen here, and so a warning: do not, we repeat, DO NOT try this at home.


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Dr. Miguelito Loveless

Ummm, if I were his wife, he would have to sleep with one eye open the rest of his life.

Let’s see her do it to him

I think some people need to calm down a bit. I don’t think it is staged, but it is probably not the first joke. He is a comedian, working in TV, radio and his own shows, and she has her own blog with a name translated to something like “comedianwife”. Jokes are probably what paid for their house and that Tesla.

With that said the warning don’t try this at home is probably a good advice for most husbands 🙂

It’s not clear to me why people who think it looks staged need to calm down, while you, on the other hand, don’t, and tell us you “don’t think it’s staged”. Seems a little bit like a double standard..?

Personally I think the average, run of the mill YouTube pranking video is usually funnier than this, but there are no Teslas involved, so obviously it won’t appeal as much to the cult members.

she is hot and all good having a bit of fun.

And the fact that you think she is hot is vital because..? How sexually attractive do you think HE is, and why isn’t it necessary to comment on that? #me2?

Quite odd that they are still a couple. My wife would have thrown me out on my butt after the first water dousing.

This Guy Needs a Hard swift Kick In the Balls . We’ll See if he Thinks That’s Funny …

That would be…”a Ludicrous kick”, I suppose! Pretty sure this was a Ludicrous instigated drink dowsing!

“Plaid Mode” like the New Roadster….(I don’t Drink or do Drugs, Smoke that!)……lol

I’ve never heard of him, or his wife.. had to use Google .
In the first clip, you can learn to swear in Norwegian (dialect).. she says: like what the f***!

She should do a Lorena Bobbit on him instead…That should be pretty funny!….lmao

Norway looks beautiful.

Looks staged … well, staged like she knows something is coming, just not when. Why would you drink water from a cup in a car instead of coffee in a cup with a cap or bottled water? Especially with a partner like that. She seems to surpress this kind of excited grin a kid has, when you are about to tickle it.

Yes indeed… Starbucks doesn’t serve water in paper coffee/tea cups, they service it in clear plastic including a lid and straw.

if he knew he was going to do this, he could have provided her the cup of water without a lid.

True that but she looks so ready and waiting.

Yea, Because she is Familiar with this goof, & his stupid Goofy Stunts ..

Uh, honey, don’t mind the camera I’m pointing at you, it’s just cause I think you’re so beautiful!

Nailed it ‼️

MAN CHILD: def. “When he goes out or spends time with friends, he becomes an adolescent again. He can’t keep adult limits with alcohol, abuses recreational drugs, participates in pranks or generally reverts to a middle-school sense of humor.”

How to end your marriage in short order.

PS I HAVE done this, not on purpose (accelerated when my wife was taking a drink). I recall it not being taken well.

The reason only bottled water is allowed in my car.

Regardless, my wife doesn’t take it well with or without 💦 water.

Has to be staged unless the guy is a total Jerk. If it is not staged, then what is funny about a guy being a jackass? So let us hope it was staged.

You could pull this stunt with any EV, but you wouldn’t get the water as far up her nostrils as with a Model X.

Anyway, enjoy all the celibacy, Orange Hat Guy.

Try it in a BMW M5 and the water would pour out of her ears hehe…

Hopefully she gets the X in the divorce.

Divorce The Goof! I See No Humor in his Bull Crap !

What’s funny about this? Pathetic.

That guy ain’t long for marriage I fear..

LOL, so staged. Who hold the cup so high in between drinking?

for me…he is an idiot

I smell a sense of being staged, due to her facial expression before the spillover. But nevertheless, the man must be a sadist, not a comedian. Non-consensual sadism is abuse imo.

And we have no idea if it’s consensual or not so take a chill pill.

Whether staged or not I see nothing funny about casual abuse.

My only problem with this is it’s not funny.

Soo staged – he’s a comedian and she’s a blogger with a blog named “comedian’s wife”.
– first she complains about him driving too fast over the speed bumps, and then……
….”what a f..k is this….” 🙂

He will pay ten times over! (or more)

Am I the only one who noticed that in the second video, he had a water sprinkler head right there, all ready to go that he could have turned on?

Would have been funnier, and gave her a fighting chance to stay dry if she heard it coming on….

i dont think my home could accelerate that fast.