This Tesla Model 3 Wrap Represents Climate Change


The wrap represents the 1850-2017 Global temperature change of 1.35 Celsius or 2.43 Fahrenheit

For many, words won’t ever be enough to exemplify just how important a subject at hand really is. Hence, visualization is the best tool we could ever have to actually push people not only to take notice, but also, to grasp the magnitude of some of the most pressing topics we, as a humankind have. For the most part, one of those topics is definitely global warming.

Some time ago, a news story about a group of meteorologists who all wore the same ties on the summer solstice was published. It showed the change in overall Earth temperature through several centuries – a showcase that gives you a good idea of the severity of this situation – worn by the people who are most educated about the matter. And now, the move by this select group of scientists have pushed Mark Bloomquist – an owner of a pristine new Tesla Model 3 – to make a similar, rather interesting way to put people on notice on about the same issue.

While the global average temperature between the last ice age and the beginning of the industrial revolution is only about 5 degrees Celsius, everything after that is startlingly higher. Globally, the temperature rise since the industrial revolution in 1850 towards 2017 rose by a staggering 1.35 degrees Celsius, or 2.43 degrees Fahrenheit. This was all neatly showcased in a wonderful visualization by Professor Ed Hawkins at the University of Reading in Great Britain.

1850-2017 Global temperature change of 1.35 Celsius or 2.43 Fahrenheit.

1850-2017 Global temperature change of 1.35 Celsius or 2.43 Fahrenheit.

What this Model 3 owner did, is simply genius. He contacted his local car shop in order to turn these graphics by Professor Hawkings, into a rather cool wrap for his Model 3. In turn, Mark now has a rather fetching way to raise awareness for the global climate change. The wrap not only looks really good, but its pushing people to take notice.

I have had more conversations in the last 10 days than I have in a very long time.  At one of the events, I heard a woman using the ‘warming stripes’ design to show her daughter how the earth’s temperature has been changing. Besides events such as the above, I have had conversations in parking lots,  while eating lunch, and almost anywhere.  Some of them about the Tesla Model 3, some about the car wrap and many about both!

Mark really did an outstanding job. Hopefully, we can all raise awareness over this critical item in a better way going forward. Mark’s example serves to show us how simple ideas can be turned into something great. You can grab a look at this Tesla Model 3 with its cool temperature increase wrap in the media gallery right below.

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Talk about sending an extra message. Looks interesting.


Climate Change is Very Real and Very Ugly …..Making The “Earth” and the “People” Very Sick !

There’s why better way to present your message then defacing a great looking car

Kudos to him* for taking a Very Real Issue Seriously and has taken action against it !

What action. Paint a $60k is nothing in the grand scheme of global warming how about be as political as you can be on the issue

Did you even read the article? He is more political than the vast majority of people — the wrap is just a conversation starter.

Who’s gonna know this is to do with climate change unless explained? That’s even worse than my plan to put 137 on the car, because some Physics nerds will know the fine structure constant.

It is exceptionally hard to photograph, but there’s a data sheet in gloss/matte on the hood. Trust me, the car tells the whole story.

Seems pretty obvious that his intent is to attract attention by having a very unusual finish on the car. When people ask him about it, that gives the driver/owner an opening to preach about his cause.

Seems very odd to me that anyone would complain about that. If he thinks the “green” cause is more important than his car having a nice “sexy” appearance, then kudos to him for getting his priorities right! People should be following his lead, rather than complaining about his personal choice.

How often do you go up to someone and ask him about a funky paint job? He should’ve just put “Climate Change SUCKS” on the hood, “400ppm+” on the sides, “Tesla is an American car company” in rear.

Well, you’re entitled to your opinion, just as much as I am.

But it seems to me that wouldn’t be a way to invite discussion of the issue. Such blatant displays of “Green talking points” would merely be “preaching to the choir”, likely motivating responses only from those already converted to the cause.

The whole green message is preaching to the choir. I’m still surrounded by solo drivers in trucks and suv, yet the polls show majority say they care about climate change. People just don’t care even when they know.

However, “Tesla is an American car company” will come as a shock to many who devote their lives to faux news.

This sort of thing engages emotions, and thus makes people care a tiny little bit more. Way more effective than arguing on internet forums 😉

Apparently very often, according to his own experience.

Triet @Tint Pros did a great job on this wrap. You’ve come a long way since your first Tesla Roadster, so long ago! The owner has a heart of gold, and when you toss “ugly” like that, bear in mind that most of the ugliness that is in the world is on the inside of man, not the outside of a car.

When will local news stations begin to publish daily co2 ppm? It will fit in with record breaking heat wave the planet is going through. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR AND CLEAN WATER WAKE-UP FOLKS THANKS CO2.EARTH

FYI – His name is Mark Hanson, not Mark Bloomquist. I know as I’m Marc Bloomquist, and I have talked to Mark Hanson so we are in fact different people.