This Nissan E-NV 200 Is The Electric Camper Van Of The Future – Video

AUG 16 2017 BY MARK KANE 26

Here is a very special Nissan e-NV200 – converted to a camper van by Kevin and Elaine Smith in UK.

Nissan e-NV200 Camper Van

Earlier we noted the possibility to utilize the electric NV200 as camper van about two years ago by Hillside Leisure.

Now, the bespoke version is equipped with 250 W solar panels on the roof, which combine with the vehicle’s 24 kWh battery.   The review gives us a great look at the conversion – both inside and out.

Kevin Smith (not the famous director) states in the presentation that a bigger battery and more solar output would be appreciated – perhaps in a future version?

A Bespoke Nissan E-NV 200 Camper Van

Today I have had the opportunity to look around this amazing, bespoke, electric campervan. I can honestly say, this is by far one of the best electric vehicles I’ve had the pleasure of driving. A real complement to the owners, Kevin and Elaine Smith.

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Neat! They are preempting a safari version of the I.D. Buzz.

+! That was my thought when I saw the video.

Pretty cool. The solar panel also likely makes a lot of sense in this case too 😀

It’s for creating shade. Seriously, why only 250w? With what we have today on the market he could have probably fit 400w. Maybe this was built some time ago.

Thin semiflexible panels? I don’t think so. I am curious what specific panel they are using though.

Why semiflex? A regular panel has enough flex for that low angle anyway…

65-100 miles of range. This is a great camper van if you live on an island. It is clear in the interview that the range discussion hit a nerve with the Mrs., but she put a livable spin on it. It’s clear they love each other very much. Very talented builder!

CHAdeMO charging would make the range not an issue on many trips. More range is always better but at least you would have someplace to sleep or watch during slow charge sessions.

Stay at a reasonable campsite and you can recharge while you sleep. Most RV sites have 240v. though a 200+ mile range would make travel a lot easier.

Re-Releasing the eNV200 with a 40 kWh Battery would be a great start, for the 2018 Model Year, but bumping it up to the Bolt EV Levels 60 kWh, before 2019, would begin to make it a Solid 180-200+ miles Range potential, and expand the overall usability quite a bit!

If Nissan wanted to, they could open talks with Tesla, for Accessing their Superchargers, while they assist Tesla in locating, funding, and actually getting more contractors trained, to expand Supercharger Development, since the Writing is On The Wall, that it will be pervasive, quite soon!

And they could trade Tesla the current ‘No Charge To Charge’ Access, initially, to share what they have negitiated already, too!

A 60 kWh version of the eNV200, should be a reasonable Camper Van option! Adding 120V or 230V outlets, would add some interest, as well!

The new Ford/DHL EV Van, with 90 kWh, could also make an interesting play in the Camper Van World, too!

Well they live on an island so that got that going for them, which is nice.

So when are going to start seeing RVs built on those big BYD and Pandera EV bus frames?

Very well done. They can move 50 miles, stay a week, move 50 miles again, stay a week again, and repeat indefinitely. They only need to get food from time to time. If they want, they can travel forever, endlessly circling the planet.

There are a few places like the Bering Strait and the Daren Gap that would like it a little difficult to circle the planet in this thing

Yes indeed. Well perhaps it is time to put a ferry there if there isn’t yet one. That would allow to travel from Cape town to Ushuaia.

…and build a key west type road over the Daren gap.

I have seen a NOVA show, or something, that said there were plans to build a large bridge on that route, based on lessons learned from the Confederation Bridge, in Nova Scotia, Canada! So it might just happen, in 20-50 years!

Problem is, there are no paved roads after Bering strait in Russia.

And lemme guess they use the kids as replacement parts to keep it going right?

It is cool but quite ridiculous until they increase the battery size.

I’m not sure but I think there was a van in that video. Hard to tell because she hypnotized me. Must be a witch. Burn her!

Putting that equipment into a Model X 100D would be really nice and get rid of the Falcon doors to allow for a raised ceiling.

Falcon Wing Door Opening Mechanisms, could be used to raise the roof!

This might be a stupid question, but can’t they just buy a Tesla Powerwall and lay the thing in back and charge it up and if their camper dies from lack of battery just charge it back up via the Powerwall? If you are going to spend that much converting a van, the extra weight of that battery can’t be that big of a deal and for a few grand they add what…30 miles perhaps? I wonder how hard it would be to just plain mod the battery pack to tie in a powerwall. A good electrician perhaps.

Oh, God! What a master piece. Truly remarkable. I want one, but if possible with a hybrid engine. I want to drive it all over the United States. Someone help me with this. Is it possible you will make and sell this vehicle ? RSVP

I have a Nissan E-NV200 and I am so upset that the new version has a bigger range and the company Nissan does not offer an up grate to their existing customers. So I am looking into where I could find a garage that helps me to either change the battery, add a battery, or and put solar panels on. Please help with advice if you can.