This Is How Rimac Automobili Tests Its 200 MPH+ Electric Supercar – Videos

AUG 10 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

One thing we know for sure…Rimac Automobili doesn’t build slow cars.

As such, producing the 800 kW Concept_One or the 1018 kW (1 MW) Concept_S also requires special test treatment, as every track quickly becomes too short when your top speed is more than 350 km/h top speed (around 220 mph).

Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Concept_One

One of the rare opportunities to test the monster is by using military runways:

“We would like to thank the Croatian Ministry of Defence and Croatian Armed Forces for the support in the research, development and testing of our vehicles. We can use military runways for high speed and handling tests. How cool is that!?”

More conventional testing would of course happen on race track (wrapping the car seems to be obligatory in Croatia):

Testing the Concept_One on Grobnik Racetrack with Juraj Šebalj

Miroslav Zrnčević (aka Mrgud) has one of the world’s best jobs – he is a full-time test-driver at Rimac Automobili. He works very closely with our Vehicle Development, Vehicle Dynamics and Control Algorithm Development teams. As we are developing technologies and systems for a wide range of vehicles that have to work with various drivers in millions of different scenarios, we can’t rely on the feedback of our employees only. That’s why sometimes, we have guest test-drivers to give us their thoughts and opinion.

Juraj Šebalj is one of Croatia’s most successful racing drivers – he is a 10 times rally champion and has won many hill climb and circuit races in his career. He was involved in the Torque Vectoring development for the last year and tried various Concept_One prototypes many times on different tracks. The Grobnik Racetrack is still quite something different – extremely rough surface, very fast, lots of tricky high-speed corners and sections with hard, tricky braking. But we love it, and love the astonishing scenery in the background.
Take a look at Juraj’s experience.”

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Awesome. Would love to know his thoughts on the 2nd day, and loved his observation that there are noise cues… it’s the air (and tires).

A super car nobody but the .001% can afford…….meh.

Yeah, well that’s often the case with super cars.?


Cool. All started when Mate’s BMW blew an engine years ago. 🙂 Soon, all that cool tech will make its way down to even the cheapest cars like much of the racing tech of the past is in cars today.

Heck, for the price of one of these you could buy Croatia

Rimac….This extremely talented young man is Grossly Overlooked & highly Under estimated …He has some wicked technolgy technology that works! BTW….he builds more than just one super car., He has many Irons in the fire! …He is sticking with it because he refused to sell out to the Arab nation.I predict he will be a household name in time to come.

Hey, they forgot to take the shipping wrap off!

Whether they cost $1,000,000 apiece or not – Whether they sell 4 per year or not – whether anyone in the U.S. can own one or not – The Rimac is a compelling story. It is fast as lightning to be sure. It contains some rather fascinating technology to be sure. If Rimac’s claims to speed and quickness are accurate – or not – these videos always show the thing is fast. Really fast! Can it do laps of a race course like this and not burn up? We don’t know. Do they really sell 4 of these per year? Also – we don’t know… They show up, that we DO know. They are at the top car shows in Europe, and even show up as a halo car at Formula E events. The video where he is explaining and describing what to expect when you drive one is exciting. Listen to him, and he is basically describing the joy, surprise and delight one experiences when they drive a fast electric car – “point and shoot”, basically. He says all that fiddling and fussing with double clutching, revving a gas engine and determining rev band are just gone. It’s a… Read more »

Well, the only data i got was the km on the screen, from 4326km to 4366km. This doesn’t mean they made 40km on one charge, but could be. This is like 8 to 10 laps on a racecourse, and also it doesn’t feel like the driver is pushing it to the limit.
Mate, Nurburgring is quite close to Croatia. Please, give it a try…

The Rimac is what I expect an electric super car to be: better than the gas-powered equivalent.