This Happened At The VIA Booth During The NAIAS This Year

JAN 16 2014 BY JAY COLE 12

Some Days It Is Tough To Be An Automotive Journalist!

Some Days It Is Tough To Be An Automotive Journalist!

Auto Shows are known for their random acts of…uh, showmanship – and dancing.

The Detroit Auto Show NAIAS is second only in this regard to a certain international show that happens in China each year.

Looking to put the USA back on top, the Bob Lutz fronted VIA Motors employed the services of “renowned silk aerialist” Marina Luna to do her thing above the VIA booth for the humble media in attendance on press days earlier this week.  (January 13th and 14th)

…because nothing says 800 hp extended range trucks like a “silk aerialist”

Nice try Bob, but we still remember what you did in 2009 at the LA Auto Show:


But if you really love those awkward 1950s inappropriate moments…nothing compares to the BYD booth at the Shenzhen Auto Show every year:

Hat tip to offib on the video evidence find!

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I would definitely go and see VIA show room!!!

O’ God! I was hoping you’ll include the Chevy Volt Dance! I actually find that one more embarrassing than BYD’s performance. It’s so damn unnerving, even after four years.

Oy. If GM really wants to start selling lots of Volts, market them like… a NORMAL car commercial. You don’t have to market it in a strange way, just highlight the breakthrough features.

The original draft of this story also featured a video of BYD ‘ramping up the uneasiness’ at the SIA of late ( which I am sure is immediately identifiable to everyone as the Kyiv, UkraineAuto Show) …but I thought maybe ‘too colorful’ for the main story.

…but we are all tight down here in the comments

Haha! Colorful indeed. 😉

It’s perfectly fine if at the end of the day as a compensation for all of the embarrassment those dancers are given an EV to drive home.

Also if the engineers who made the EVs are given the dancers to drive home too! 😉

Jay Cole, I think some reporters get confused at the sight of these things:

When people in the audience throw THEIR keys toward the stage after these performances, its not usually an indication that they want to test drive the car. Especially if the hotel penthouse nearby is nice.

Uh, yes, erm, uh, this has to do with VIA because she is a cluster of Lithium ions intercalating among carbon ribbons hanging from the anode ceiling!

These dances are not very good. Even the guy headspinning in the volt video obviously doesn’t grasp choreo. The dances look rushed, and not thought out. I imagine they were signed to the gig maybe a week/month ahead of time. If they want a largely improvisational dance, they need improvisational dancers. Like Frank here:

The Volt dance is epic. I remember watching that in awe when it first came out and sitting there staring at the computer screen after it was over for at least a minute with my jaw wide open. I honestly couldn’t believe it was real.

What the trux was that?

A pretty girl wont change VIA’s fate.
They are stupid and they will die.