This April, Tesla Will Begin Major Expansion Efforts In Fremont


Will be moving on up to the West side. Of Fremont.

A few months back, we told you that Tesla had leased a couple office buildings in the Ardenwood district of Fremont. Well, now those plans have come into a little finer focus. In April, workers will begin the process of moving in and getting settled into their new digs at 6800 Dumbarton Circle and 6900 Dumbarton Circle, which are located 16 miles from the company’s headquarters in Palo Alto and 11 miles from its Fremont factory.


Aerial View Of Tesla Fremont Factory

Once settled, approximately 1,500 workers from energy, sales, service, solar, and administrative departments will resume their mission to accelerate the advent of sustainable transport. For now, though, they’ll have to do that chip away at that goal from their current desks, as the 230,000 square feet worth of new office space is currently undergoing major renovations to get ready for the new occupants.

At last count, in 2016, Tesla had around 30,000 employees worldwide. No doubt that number has, and will continue to increase significantly as the company expands its product lineup and creates the facilities needed to build them. Right now, it has about 10,000 workers in the Fremont area, mostly at the factory.

Source: The Mercury News

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It makes sense to get them out of the factory. The factory needs space for expanding lines of production.


Not only that but parking is a nightmare at the plant, however that’s not to say that if vacant parking spaces appear, those who take public trans may elect to drive instead…

Last count crested at 33k employees.

It’s also a straight 1/2 Mile from Lucid Motors. So who plans on poaching who?

All that solar potential in those huuuuge parking lots.

That a huuuuge solar potential in those huuuuge parking all across the country for Tesla solar to engage, hopefully someone at Tesla takes notice!

Why hasn’t Tesla re roofed the Giga factory and the Fremont factory with solar roofing?

Because it’s not finished being built

It has got discount for fossil fuel electricity from local generator. Who cares about intermittent electricity from PV panels then.

Fanboys may still look at PV covered roof in computer renderings and visualize bright future. Just keep believing! GO TESLA!!!