Third-Generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive Begins US Rollout; US’ Cheapest EV has Officially Arrived


Third-Gen Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Rolls Out in US

Third-Gen Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Rolls Out in US

Mercedes-Benz USA has officially announced that the US cheapest electric vehicle, the third-generation Smart Fortwo Electric Drive, is now rolling out to Smart dealers across the country.

I Start at $28,000

I Start at $28,000

With a MSRP of only $25,000 (before the $7,500 federal tax credit) the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive undercuts all of the electric competition.  Even the cabriolet version, which is priced at $28,000 (prior to incentives) is cheap compared to other electrics out there.

It’s been known for some time that the 3rd gen Fortwo ED would arrive at US dealer in May (Smart stated May 15 a few days back), but now it’s officially here.

Below we’ll highlight a few of the Fortwo Electric Drive details released in the past:

Purchase Process:

  • Purchase and rent the battery: Smart USA values the battery pack inside the car at $5,010, so if you are purchasing the car, the base net is now $19,990.  Vehicle owners are then required to pay $80/per month on a 5 year/60 month term.  Smart has a renewal program entering month 61 that lets you extend the deal for another 5 years, at the same $80/month rate.
  • Lease and rent the battery: similar to the lease deal, except in this case you are looking at $119 lease and a $80 battery rental
  • Purchase outright: Prices listed above

Smart ED specs:

  • EPA range rating of 68 miles, with the car getting 76 miles in the city and 59 on the highway

    I'm Only $25,000

    I’m Only $25,000

  • MPGe: 122 city, 93 hwy and 107 combined
  • 17.6 kWh lithium battery made by Deutsche ACCUmotive
  • 55kW (74 hp) electric motors that puts out 130 Nm (96 lb-ft of torque)
  • top speed: 78 mph
  • 0 – 62 mph in 11.5 seconds
  • 100% charge (240V) in 6 hours
  • 80% charge (240V) from 20% to 100% in 4.5 hours, 20% to 80% in 3.5 hours
  • all season tires – 155/60R15 on 4.5Jx15 (front), 175/55R15 on 5.5Jx15 (rear)
  • length – 106.1 inches (8.8 feet), width – 61.4 inches, (5.1 feet), height – 60.7 inches (5.1 feet)
  • US Curb Weight: 2,094 lbs (coupe)  2138 lbs (cabrio)

Check out our recent in-depth Fortwo Electric Drive post (it’s an informational overload) for full details on the unique purchase process offered on the electric Smart and for additional options available.

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Well, it has to be the cheapest – being the smallest EV on the market with the least amount of range.

After all, look at how well the iMiEV has hold despite having 4 seats and similar range. Ever after lowering the price of the iMiEV by $10,000 Mitsubishi is having a hard time selling the remainder of their 2012 stock.

How many iMieV are still in stock?

I have seen a couple in San Diego starting for $19,800 before incentives.

So what happened to the Tesla based Smart-EV?

Daimler started up their own JV (w/Evonik) called Deutsche ACCUmotive and did it in house.

That is also one of the reasons it is now $25,000 on a $199 month lease ($2,000 down)…and not the $599+ 48-lease with $2,500 down that we saw for the 2,000 odd Tesla gen IIs, (=

From what I heard, the Tesla-Packs hadn’t the amount of power, at least in such small packs, to support the sporty acceleration the 3gen has now. Even Tesla canceled his 40kw Model S probably because of this reason amongst others.

Indeed you are right, the 2nd gen was not the “zippiest” of cars. 40 kW peak/89 lb-ft from Tesla’s 16.5 kWh pack. Almost 7 seconds to get to 37 mph, low top speed, etc., etc.

Without the QC offered in other countries it is a deal-breaker for me. I live in a condo in Honolulu and there are four QC’s on this island positioned perfectly to be able to drive anywhere. I’m not willing to leave my car on the L2 chargers at the malls and other places for numerous hours. I certainly would consider the car otherwise. There are a ton of Leaf’s out here by the way.

“0 – 62 mph in 11.5 seconds”

It doesn’t beat the LEAF. I’m very surprised given the high power/weight ratio. There goes one of the points in its favor for me. Hearing about the jumpy Spark EV and having test drove a LEAF and discovered that it’s way more zippy than my current car, get-up-and-go has become an important factor in my inevitable EV decision.

it goes 0-40 in 5 seconds (40-45 is typical street speed limits) so its fast, and i test drove it it is really quick, and the spark and leaf are two of the ugliest cars i’ve ever seen, i laugh when i see them on the road, they are pollution to the road with their ugliness

That convertible cabriolet is cute though, If I didn’t already have an EV convertible I’d consider it.

What do you have? Is it a conversion?

So for $3,300 more (on $300 more than the Cabriolet) you get a bigger car, bigger battery, faster top speed, and faster 0-60 time. Not sure who will buy this over a Leaf.

Maybe not everyone wants it bigger…In crowdy citycenters I’d prefer the Smart over a Leaf big time

LOL the leaf is by far one of the most ugliest cars ever designed, leaf owners have bad taste in cars driving around such an ugly car, and if your a commuter you only need 1 seat, fuck the leaf

If you love to drive, smaller is what you want. If you love to ride, bigger is better.

there are many people that are getting 80+ miles of range one guy in canada got 91 miles before he had to charge and he still had a few miles left but didnt want to push it, you will get in the high 70’s and 80’s if the majority of your driving is in the city, i test drove it and loved it, it is very quick, fast acceleration and the ride is very smooth compared to a ice smart i test drove, its the perfect city car, there are more than 280,000,000 million empty seats being driven around every day, 2 seats is all you need, the car is very safe, designed by the FINEST Mercedes-Benz Engineers in the world, if the car wasnt safe it wouldnt be on the road or in prodction so all you ignorant people that are worried about safety because its a small car but know nothing about it know you know, hope smart does well with this.