Thief Makes Off With Nissan LEAF Charging Cable Even After Brawl With Security Guard – Video


Believe it or not, charging cable theft is actually quite common abroad where owners supply their own cables.

Fight Follows Cable Theft

This security video captures a man in Moscow Kyiv who steals the charging cable from a Nissan LEAF. When the thief attempts to flee, he’s met by a security guard. A fight ensues, but the thief manages to beat down the guard and escape the scene with the charging cable.

Moral of the story, besides being aware that your EV’s charging cable has a real-world value…don’t try to stop a robbery in progress (especially for a couple hundred bucks of property), it isn’t worth it!

Video description (via Google Translate):


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Today in the parking lot that is on Voskresenskaya Street, 14, an unknown man decided to steal the charging cable for the car #Nissan #Leaf.

He notices the guard, but alas, after the fight, the thief still manages to escape.

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“don’t try to stop a robbery in progress, it isn’t worth it!”
Yeah – that’s one of the problems with today’s society – criminals run free with little fear of punishment while the rest of us pay for it.

Criminals always eventually get caught. Take pictures, take notes, even follow them if possible, and get as much information as you can. Physically trying to stop them for property crimes is not worth the risk.

That’s the cas for US where guns are everywhere. That guard would be dead here.

You got it backwards. The thief would be dead. In fact in many states, it is legal to defend your property with Lethal force if necessary. That is why you don’t see as much crime here as in Russia

“That is why you don’t see as much crime here as in Russia”
LOL…we have the biggest incarceration percentage here in US but yet delusional Americans talk about how low the crime rate is. You can’t make his stuff up!

Yeah, it’s funny. USA has the most ironic and delusional people in the world.

“The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave” has the biggest prison population and needs guns to feel safe. Furthermore, they talk a lot about democracy, yet they are the biggest sponsor of dictatorships around the world to protect their corporation greed.

Sure, but you need to understand that all that is done by the big corporations and not with the will of the people. Americans are decent, peace loving peace…it’s a handful of scumbags that lead us that are making all look bad.

Well, I can’t speak for other places (other than the UK where it appears society now accepts that decent people have to expect to lose a certain amount of their hard-earned possessions in their lifetimes because locking the crims up ‘isn’t nice’), but in China, one reason for the low prison population is due to the numbers of criminals ‘put to death’ every year. It is a state secret exactly how many people are executed in China but from the figures we do have, the prison populations would be about 100k more without capital punishment. So, not the best example to use to make your point!

China also is x4 populated compared to US so we need to talk per capita numbers.

In practice the opposite is more likely. You will be dead before you get your gun out. The side that is prepared to shoot first always has advantage.

Try South America some time, they have plenty on guns on streets, should be safe by the “logic” of NRA nuts :/

On the pure math, statistically, owning a gun and carrying a gun both increase your odds of you or a family member dying of a gun shot…

On the pure math, statistically, owning a car and driving a car both increase your odds of you or a family member dying of a car crashes. This means nothing, just as your statement about guns mean nothing.

All of Latin American countries have strict gun laws like Europe, yet their crime is many times that of US. If you look at gun crime stat, much of gun crimes in US (drugs, gangs) are similar to crimes in Latin America and different from Europe. Making gun laws like Latin America will probably increase gun deaths like Latin America.

Rather than crime, guns are more used in suicides in US (about 2X as much as crime). If you look at suicide rate of Chinese females in China, the argument of guns elevating suicide is not true. Some say it’ll stop “suicide of passion”, perhaps true. But the flip side is that other methods are far more painful, and botched attempt can lead to lot more pain, many in lifetime of pain.

I remember seeing recently a report on Australia that said the gun murder rate dropped considerably after banning them some 20 years ago. Stay cool!

It’s the opposite in the US. Google defensive gun use (DGUs) and dig through the data. You’ll find a number of studies showing firearms used in self-defense outweighs firearms use in acts of aggression. That’s likely because there are so many more decent people carrying than aggressors.

Then look how many people carry for self-defense in the US (14.5 million concealed carry permits in the US, and not all states require permits). Conservative estimates show as many lawfully owned firearms as people in the US.

Lawfully owned vs. Awfully owned…

Yep, we’re awash with guns, and we don’t care if criminals have them. In Russia, if this guy had a gun and was pulled over for any reason, he’d be in jail.

In the states, the cop would give him a ride to the garage if he asked and tell him to be safe (assuming he’s white). Then the guard would be dead along with whoever was unlucky enough to be in the cross fire.

Oh well, “can’t be prevented” says only nation where this sort of thing regularly happens.


(I’m not from the US, but am a former gun owner).
As most militaries know, maintaining good proficiency with gun requires continual range training (once to twice a month).
If most US gun advocates were serious about defensive use, they’d support measures making training mandatory with serious repercussion for owners who don’t do it (confiscation).

I’m curious why you’re a former gun owner?

In US, the antigunner rhetoric is about taking guns away if you follow their arguments to their logical conclusions. This is why after every shooting in media, they propose laws that wouldn’t have prevented such shooting. For example, all they talked about was background checks and silencers after Las Vegas when the killer passed all background checks and did not use a silencer. Ban bump stocks as if guy who owned dozen guns couldn’t prevent him from 3D printing one.

Frankly, I’d like to see people more proficient with guns (ie. taking active interest in shooting). But in this climate of taking guns away for irrational reasons, like the recent CA law confiscating “scary looking guns”, we are right to fear mandated anything that will lead to registration.

I know, we made front page news all over the world when showcasing the “defensive” gun laws a few years back in Florida.

“…in the US… studies showing firearms used in self-defense outweighs firearms use in acts of aggression. That’s likely because there are so many more decent people carrying than aggressors.”

So, your argument is that the reason gun deaths in the U.S. are five to ten times as high, per capita, as they are in any other highly industrialized country, is because so many “decent” people are carrying firearms. Right?

Figures don’t lie, but liars do figure.

The U.S. is the only developed country which has this problem. It’s clear as day that the reason the U.S. is alone in this, is that it’s far too easy for the average (or sub-average) person to get his hands on guns in the USA — often times, lots of guns.

Anyone who claims that’s not true is in very serious denial of reality.

“highly industrialized country”

Apparently, you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “cherry picking data”. Instead of comparing countries that have very different demographics, look at countries with similar crime patterns (Americas). Then US is one of the safest place despite having many times more guns per capita.

That’s nothing compared to people vandalizing foreclosed houses, yanking out copper wires to sell to scrapyard. That type of damage would cost 10 to 20 thousand dollars. I see that in US all the time. People are worse than I thought.

I am very glad my Mennekes cable is locked in the car. I know of one instance where the cable was forcefully pulled out of the car, but only just that one. It’s a design flaw of this plug and socket in my opinion.

It’s trivial to unhook that. You can do it with a butter knife.

The value in locking it is so that casual jerks don’t interrupt your charge.

A thief is still going to get that cable easily.

“don’t try to stop a robbery in progress, it isn’t worth it!”

What should we do. Walk away, run, clap?

Definitely don’t shoot him (almost always a he), because you will end up going to jail and/or getting sued by the thief. Best is to call the insurance company, because even if the thief is caught, you probably won’t see the item. You can’t squeeze blood from turnip.

… ever wonder why cops don’t just shoot once?

-source; was almost a cop

Once you start shooting, you will be trained to put the perp down to prevent retaliation on the officer. Shooting someone in the leg is an invitation for the perp to kill you.

Is your handle the sound of you shooting your sidearm?

“Pew Pew!” Pew! Pew!”…( sound of bullets ricocheting )…


I think taking photos of the robber is probably as far as I would go at my age. And calling 911 of course. Might not get a policeman in time but it is worth doing.


Just shoot full magazine around like mo.. in closed concrete space. You will certainly have holes in cars or people around from ricochet bullets, way more damage, and some cheap cable will be the last thing anybody would want to worry about :/

“This security video captures a man in Moscow”. This security video has “Kyiv” geotitle on all the places.

Kiev is a suburb of Moscow, right? 😛

(Pushy ducks…)

I lock mine to the plug housing and to the car with a small padlock.

I had a crazy neighbor throw mine in the trash a few years back. Good thing I checked the dumpster because there it was I guess she figured nobody would look.

“Crazy neighbor.” Is there any other kind?

Curious what you did after that.

Did you confront her? Have proof it was her – such as dash camera…security cam?

If so, what did she say?

Can you inform a community association?…Or police?

I said nothing just happy to have found it and then I bought a lock and parked my car elsewhere while she was being evicted because of her crazy antics.

I just know it was her because she had placed crazy notes on my car and those were turned in to management. I am low keyed and she had problems with everybody.

She still lives in the area, and I am blessed to have a normal neighbor now that replaced her. Bless her heart.

Did the thief flee the fleas?

Ya’ beat me to it …


I can see where this will lead to wireless charging becoming more common.

All we need is a single standard for wireless charging…..

Just one, damn it!!

My thoughts exactly.

Wireless charging tech is improving vastly. Why not install in public places?

Only in covered parking since snow or silt buildup could effect efficacy?

Carry a brush or broom to sweep off inductive pad?

In-ground seems to be the future.

Wireless charging tech is improving vastly. Why not install in public places?

Because as yet, very few EVs roll off the assembly line equipped with wireless chargers.

That’s almost certainly going to change over the next several years, assuming wireless charging can be upgraded to handle the much higher power we’ll need for ultra-fast charging.

Hmmmm… I have often complained about our L2 stations here in the USA because the cables are always left in a mess, or chopped off to be sold for scrap copper. But now I see the European method isn’t without its problems as well.

I disagree with the recommendations by the author of the article, though. We need to make life as difficult as possible for thieves and criminals. Our “give in” mentality is what allows them to flourish in our society.

And David, you’re in Texas..Isn’t it legal in Texas to shoot culprits in many situations?

Here in Washington State, the criminal has to be inside your home or building…and now they’ve upped the ante, so you have to prove this person who broke into your home had malicious intent to your safety!…”Gee – he broke in, and I was there with my wife and kids all sleeping away…I guess he wanted to play cards?”

In Texas, I hear you can shoot someone who is traspassing upon your property! God bless Texas!

In many states – you punch or hit a robber INSIDE YOUR HOME with a baseball bat, you get sued for assault and battery!

When did governments get so screwed up?!

There are people in the UK that will be behind bars for years for defending themselves against thieves or crazy druggies that have broken into their homes.
Then there are American idiots that shoot Japanese exchange students knocking on their door on Halloween.

Interesting reading, I am with you and how unfortunate for a lawyer to bear that name… Thankfully he did not made a reference to the intruder as “he who has no name”.

Is it just me or anyone else thinks we should have an IQ test and psych evaluation in order to grant gun ownership.

I think it is literally insane that in the USA you need a license to drive a car and registration for every car that’s driven on public roads, but neither a license nor registration are required to buy or own a gun.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution begins “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

A bunch of random guys owning guns with no supervision or regulation of any kind — not even registration of firearms — is very, very far from “a well regulated militia”! In fact, the the (Federal) Firearm Owners’ Protection Act of 1986 specifically prohibits any general Federal firearms registry.


We should have an IQ test and psych evaluation in order to carry on living!

100 years of PB poisoning through gasoline and other methods by corporations and you want to punish the people for not being smart enough?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

In CA, even if you owned a Gun, you would have to go get the key to the box, open it get the gun out then go to another place to get the bullets.

Nanny BS laws here. By the time you get the bullets, you’re dead.

Yep, better to get a good slingshot because you ain’t firing that gun in time anyway.

Yes, I’m in Texas. Since the car is part of our castle doctrine, I would think most of the same laws for the home would apply. So yes, I would be legally allowed to chase down the thief and attempt to get back my stolen property. I even have the right to shoot him to retrieve the property, if I can prove there was no other way for me to retrieve it. And since I carry a gun everywhere I go, I would have that option. However, I’m not sure I would shoot somebody over a charging cable. But I wouldn’t mind giving them a bloody nose over it.

Come on! Always escalate!

That’s the American way. Stolen $500 cable? Prepare to be gunned down in the street!

Welcome to America!

I think Sharia law might be better in this case. You’d only lose your hand.

That’s a joke OK? Texas cities’ building lots are so small, you can shoot your neighbor without getting out of the house.

Wireless charging FTW! 🙂

Good Grief, Stop the Leaf Thief!

Why not lock the EVSE inside your own car?

The EVSE is on the wall. The cable is outside the car connecting the EVSE to the outside port on the car.

Russia strikes again.

Mods, the Humira ad is autoplaying and centering the image. Get rid of this pls!

Thanks for the note… you knock one ad down, another pops up. /sigh

Thank you, Jay!

Guys, it should be from Kyiv (not even close to Moscow)

Kiev isThe capitol of Ukraine.

Sadly common in my neighbourhood in the UK, They’ve progressed from stealing the copper signaling wire from the rail network to stealing EV charging cables from carparks.

Yep. I can tell this video was not from around here even without the text overlay. The security guards around here would not engage the thief like that…